Friday, October 26, 2007

Palin Comparison to a StarGate Pagan Monster

This is a description of the 5 part video I have recently posted on YouTube. The videos are about Michael Palin and his Travel Documentary programme that aired a couple of weeks ago on the BBC. At the time I recorded it, as I wanted to watch something else, I can't remember what.....

On reviewing the programme later I was stunned by the steady progression of stargate themes that came out one by one.
It was amazing..... Jake kotze has implied that Artists are closer to this phenomena than most, but this was just ridiculous. This one episode contained every theme to do with Stargates and Rituals that Jake and others have been banging on about for a while now. The whole thing was done as if it was just a casual trip across country, nothing wrong with that eh.We take a trip and we see who and what we meet along the way, not at all....metaphor after metaphor after god damned metaphor.

True Michael Palin is an artist but what has happened here is that in this one episode he goes a step beyond the norm. The entire stargate theory is laid out for those that can read the symbols and metaphors. He has come along way since Python but never has he been so blunt in an understated kinda way if you get my drift....

I am going to address the issues point by point putting what myself and others have been saying in picture form alongside the screen shoots from the Palin documentary.

We start off by visiting New Agers in a small community where most of the houses are Pyramids. While here apart from sitting and chatting outside the Pyramid house Michael is there to watch people fire walk. After some have done the fire walk Michael discusses the reasons why someone would want to firewalk. The main concept to take on board is the idea of defeating your fears and of facing Fears. Fear is an emotional response to a given situation. To be enlightened you must learn to use and control your fears.

This is one of the main themes of Batman Begins where Christian Bale (Christian as in follower of Christ & Bale as in Baal i.e Baal Hammon or El or just plain old Saturn if you like)goes to Tibet in order to conquer his fears and learn mastery of his physical body by control of his mind and emotional state. Christian Baal also stars in the film Equlibrium a future Earth were we all live without Emotions under the rule of a Dictator for the good of mankind.

We then move on to an art gallery where the main focus is on two paintings. One of a tiger eating a Human hand the other of the Monster being dismantled by the workers. According to Jordan Maxwell in a court of law a Human is defined as a Monster. a monster doesn't have any real rights and in fact isn't even entitled to own land only rent it. That's why we have the employment agency similar to manpower over here in Ireland. A monster really is a human to this company who trade in people for profit.

While looking at these pictures Michael experiences another emotion , one of disgust, at the picture of the tiger eating the Humans hand. This is a patern that repeats itself through this piece and many others. The idea seems to be to experience as many different emotions as you can. it's like a game for Character Actors. He who experiences the most wins????...maybe not...

    According to Valentines Law Dictionary we get the following definitions:
    Human = See Monster....
    " Monster" = "A Human - Being by birth but, but in some part resembling a LOWER animal. A ......"Monster" .....hath no inheritable blood and can not be heir to any land, albeit brought forth through marriage but, although it hath deformity in any part of it's body yet it has human shape, it may be Heir...."..
    That is the definition a Masonic court gives to a normal person...How kind of them.... What are they Hiding..... well if we were created by aliens then that would make sense....the keepers of the secret of who has the alien DNA still in their Blood would define us lesser mortals as Monsters wouldn't they....

From here we go on to a meeting where a Pillarmid has been arranged to be nicely in shot all the way through the interview. The green pipe is the pillar and it is capped with a Pyramid. This could be seen as representing the smaller pillar on the first degree tracing board with the two men representing the other two pillars. Michael then goes on to compare the city to a mini Manhattan bringing us nicely full circle from Pyramid to Fire to Fear to Monsters dismantling the machine to Pillarmids and all that contained in a place he compares to Manhattan the site of the Great 911 stargate ritual.

Michael while talking about the plight of the people who are Citizens of Nowhere Land experiences another emotion this time it is one of sadness and regret for those without a recognised nationality anymore.

Now we arrive at what I believe was one of the principle reasons for the 911 Ritual that he has just metaphorically outlined. He goes to give a Blood Sacrifice to some leeches that he gives pet Royal names to. He calls the four leeches Arthur as in King Arthur, Elizabeth as in Queen Elizabeth, Diana as in Princess Die and Frank maybe a Francis reference. He then goes on to say that they had done a good job, was he referring to the leeches or the actual Royals.

Pain is the obvious next emotion followed swiftly with relief.

Michael then goes to visit some Pagans who are performing an Autumn Harvest Ritual. On the way there he passes through the town of Ape in a not so veiled reference to Moses Heston at the burning bush to Planet of the Apes Man. Heston goes from encountering a burning bush to encountering apes and so does Michael metaphorically. He enters the town passing by the octagon stop sign between to flag poles or pillars.In the scene he wears a wreath atop his crown while a Bush is ceremonially burnt and a wheel is set alight and rolled down the hill at sunset.

He is full of happiness on the emotional rollercoaster ride that is the syncromystic starGate Journey on this leg of the trip.

He then goes on to visit the restaurant and a chef who prepared the meals for the Bush G8 Summit meeting held in the city. We go from burning bushes eating the cheese and bread to 5star food fit for a Sun King. Again he passes an Octagon.

Emotionally it's his Ego that takes it here in a rather Limp Wristed display of reverence to the MAN

From here Michael completes the syncromystic circle for us by visiting a radio telescope and going from there to a field of crosses. The telescope being metaphor for alien contact and the crosses being metaphor for the Galactic Cross that we all will have to bear.

I sincerly feel that the metaphor of the cables all being cut with no plan to reconnect them. With a team of engineers having to try every electrical pathway in order to reinstate the telescope as a metaphor of profound significance. Join the dots, take every route you can to gain the knowledge of the Ancients.

Wonder & Awe are the overpowering Emotions while in the pressence of the crosses that wont go away and while standing on the Dish taking in the Suns rays from the Heavens. The section were he expains the presence of the crosses has been radioheaded over but he does explain that these crosses have been steadily building up on this hill over centuries. The crosses have been destroyed by invading armies many times but they always reappear. Just like the Galactic Crossing the Crosses just wont go away.


Newspaceman said...

and Monsters Inc - Disney

thanks, very enlightening article.


Atlantean Times said...

I have been meaning to watch Monsters Inc, I have an article in my head on the monsters subject I just havent got round to it yet.

Thanks for commenting, Gav

Mother said...

Are you able to repost your videos, even temporarily so I could catch them before they get taken down? I would love to see the extra info you juxtaposed against Palin's images. I am downloading the series now to watch. Thanks very much.

Atlantean Times said...

sorry mother those vids were on a pc harddrive that died plus i got take down notices the usual youtue copyright crap even though its obviously fair comment on my part and i havent tried to make money from the posting of the televised show.