Thursday, October 4, 2007

Something Is Going On

"We are emphatically not competing for the True Believer Market"
"We hope to show, with objective and documented evidence,
that Something Is Going On."

Robert Anton Wilson Cosmic Trigger Vol 1 1977.

These words sum up RAW. He was never one to get too carried away with any one way of thinking.
He spoke many times about using E Prime the form of a language that removes the word IS and replaces it with less definite expressions, like "seems to be" or even god forbid the use of the word "Maybe".

Nothing IS as it SEEMS to mayBE anymore.

It's time to use different tactics to figure out what the hell Seems to mayBe going on.

Terrorism/UFO's/Royal Bloodlines/Egypt/Mayan 2012 Countdown/911/Ritual Sacrafice/Stargate Opening Mega Rituals/Sacred Plants/Pharmacratic Inquisition.

Anyone who looks in to any of these subjects finds out the same thing.
All IS Not as IT SEEMS to mayBe.

So far I have yet to come across any one person who has all the answers and it is true that some of the possible answers that I have come across are pretty scary in their implications for humankind. Lets not fret though because all we can safely say with any certainty is that SOMETHING SEEMS possibly/maybe to be going on. I think!!

I have a fair idea where I want to go with this blog and it will be apparent to you that I see no line of thinking as off limits. We go where the rabbit hole takes us and listen to all the strange creatures that are encountered along the way.

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