Thursday, November 15, 2007

McCanns change Portuguese Secrecy Laws!!!!

At this stage I have seriously begun considering the theory that the world is a computer generated holographic programme and is in fact controled by GEORGE ORWELL (nee Blair). How surreal can you get....They get Christened the Tapas Nine a secretive group and it's the Portuguese who change THEIR Laws to suit the McCanns. I did say as much in the two pieces I have written about them.....An anagram of Madeleine McCann is Men land in Mecca...I have mentioned this as a comment on the Daily Behemoth's pages in the same comment I also linked in British/Portuguese law changes to do with Admiralty Law....this is beginning to unfold I think....

Here is a link to a video interview with the McCanns I would like you to note the following...

Methods for lie detection and recognition of truth telling.

By studying verbal and non verbal patterns it is possible to discern lies with an 80% success rate. In order to do this you need to be aware of certain mental processes that go on during lying. Derren Brown the mentalist/hypnotist/magician uses these principles in his stage show and they draw from a number of sources to give fairly accurate results...

The Three process to bear in mind are

Nr 1 Emotional processes
Nr 2 Content complexity processes
Nr 3 Controlling processes

Emotional processes refers to the emotions which can leak out during deception. the most common emotions experienced by a liar are GUILT, FEAR and EXCITEMENT.

Content Complexity processes come from the fact that lying can be cognitively quite an involved task: for example it may become more and more difficult to maintain a convincing lie if you are questioned more and more on the same subject. Equally if you are taken by surprise it is often quite difficult to lie.

Controlling processes are those which we carry out to try to hide the signs we are telling a lie. In other words we try to behave NORMALLY and this act in itself gives away the lie as it involves unnatural or incongruent behavior which can be spotted.

In order to discern these traits it is important to have a base line for a persons other words to have them in a situation where they will not feel inclined to lie and behave as they normally do....we are missing this in this case but I feel there are many clues in this interview.

These tiny movements (presuming that the person does not need glasses) seem to corelate to the amount of mental stress we are experiencing, the speed of our blink indicates the speed with which we are processing information. this is a sign of content complexity processes. In the interview it is obvious that the McCanns are blinking far in excess of what would be considered normal....Wiki, Blinking,

"Women and men do not differ in their rates of spontaneous blinking,[3] averaging around 10 blinks per minute in a laboratory setting." It is not easy to get a read on this but by my reckoning both Kate and Gerry are blinking at approx 1 Blink per second which is a clear sign of complex mental processing and a good indicator of lie telling."

Hand Movement:

Hands and hand movement can often be a significant one point near the start Kate says "if people know something if someone knows something" she then in the one and only time in the interview raises her own hand to touch her face. This is an instinctive reaction and goes back to school protocol the act of raising the hand to answer a question and also she touches her own face indicating to me that it is Kate that knows something she is not telling.

Feet and Legs:

People often give away their feelings with body position...These two have obviously received extensive media training but the cracks in the plaster are still visible I'm afraid. Kate spends most of the interview with her feet crossed inwards to form a point...this is the same as crossing your legs when you feel uncomfortable and is generally a sign of deceit in a situation like this...

I'm being Honest:

Worried that they may not be believed, liars often overcompensate by qualifying the lie with an unnecessary "Honestly....or you won't believe this but" and so on. In the interview Kate was asked the following question

" do you think you will be cleared of any involvement in Madeleine's disappearance"

Kates response should have been. "Yes I do....we were in no way involved"

What she said was:

"You know we know the truth, I know i'm innocent, Gerry knows he's innocent, we know each other are innocent and that to me was actually quite calming as i thought we're innocent, totally innocent and we know that and"

"she doth protest too much"At this point she was going to keep going but Gerry squeezes her hand and takes over by changing the subject.....

EYES again:

Kate is blinking at a massively increased rate but that is not all that gives her away as a liar...By using the principles of NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programing we can discern that Kate is lieing practically everytime she opens her mouth. It is a cliche but looking down and to the left is a sure fire indicator of lying in an average right handed person. Count for yourself how many times she looks down and to her left before giving her answer.

Gerry on the other hand has decided to go with Blinking like a man possessed and staring blankly ahead. This act of staring blankly ahead is also a sure fire indicator of lieing when combined with the increased blink rate....Gerry is trying as hard as he can in this piece to be poker faced but the simple fact is, it is unnatural behavior when under questioning to stare unless a concerted effort is being made to deceive the interviewer....

This is not a fool proof system but I am no fool....I think they were both lieing through their teeth but Kate was honest about one thing. She does know the TRUTH she just didnt tell us.

Get well soon Derren. (He had a nasty car crash)


AstroSphinx said...

When people started saying anything in critque concerning the parenting skills of this pair.. to leave sleeping children in a room alone so far away (they could have gotten sick and choked on their own vomit.. they could have fallen out of bed or gotten out and walked out to the pool and drownd.. anything could have happened to these children..) they cried.. "you are blaming the victim".. boo hoo and then sued everyone.. the media could have made stories and said.. "keep your children safe, and freaking look after them.. after all they are not CATS or DOGS these are children.."

When the people, mothers in Portigual thought Kate wasn't very sad and seemingly not very motherly, Kate McCann spouted out more emotion at them then she did when her daughter was "missing".. claiming they were mearly fat housewives and not a "proffessional" like she was after all she was a doctor.. that they were jealous of her good looks and slender figure...(in other words Mrs McCann classified all the mothers in the world who dare speak out about her as "ugly and useless underclasslings"....this attack against all mothers (and fathers) who had questioned anything at all about how this family were handling themselves in front of this 3 ring circus of media drummed up for them.

They have only said bad things about the police (mind you its easy but in any investigation of a child missing, it is key to eliminate the parents as suspects and they have only been offended by the line of questioning)

The police have investigated this very dearly wrong in some places because they should have evacuated the room that the McCanns were staying in as soon as there was an investigation on the way.. they should have been moved, safely to another room. The crime scene was a nightmare and was never processed correctly due to that fact, and it seems it is because the police were bribed..(by who?)

There has only been crap about the whole story from the start.. had a child down any given street disappeared there would not be this kind of attention I assure you, unless it was someone who knew the pope.. ;)

Everyday children "dissapear" and every day, in the false disapearance of children The parents are the first ones to be charged. This is just statistic, as with any crime it is rarely a stranger but in fact someone who knows the family or IS family.

What's weird is, maybe Madalene was a hyperactive child.. a child constantly given drugs to make her sleep.. has anyone investigated that?

Never mind, it really touches a nerve how these SOB's who are lying are still pulling the wool over the public's eyes.

Atlantean Times said...

Thats it let it all

nice one miss sphinx..& i thought I didn't like them..a woman scorned...

AstroSphinx said...

LOL! I don't like lies... and thats all they have spun! Thanks for your feedback and adressing it.. I see you have made another post! You've kept up..I try to avoid that lot when ever possible.