Saturday, November 17, 2007

Three cheers for Captain Jonathan & Crew Hip Hip

I have just been watching The Deadliest Catch....a crew member was on the side of another Boat tying down the crab pots in rough seas...too rough it turned out...a Captain on another boat Captain Jonathan Hillstrand noticed the dangerous situation from a fair distance away so he moved his boat closer just in case the man lost his grip and went overboard. A wise and Lifesaving move.

The man lost his grip. Captain Hillstrand noticed this with the quickest reaction time possible....he rung the alarm...forced his crew to respond with an urgency that reflected his own determination to not let that man die....a man he didn't even know...9 years previous he lost another man in similar circumstances......he gave CPR for 2 and half hours but could not save that man...WELL YOU AND YOUR CREW SAVED THIS ONE..hip hip hooray...

It was truly inspiring to watch men lay down their lives for each other inspired solely by the knowledge that if it was them in the water other's would be laying down their lives to help.

It reminds me of a Sea Shepard video I saw recently except that the sea Shepard crew were wrongly described by the dim witted majority as heroes......Sea Shepard rams boats in the Arctic that are fishing for whales....we may view fishing and eating whales as wrong and it may be illegal, but ramming a ship that could have caused it to sink killing 20 people to save 1 whale is so far wrong you're off the planet....They roam the seas with a young pepped up crew that appear to get off on intimidating other boats....Sea Shepard you are not above the law, no more than the whalers are above the law...they fly the pirate flag and are a New World Order promotion outfit for the Green brigade.

Three Cheers for Captain Hillstrand and Crew of the Time Bandit.....................

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