Monday, December 3, 2007

F is For Fake

This is the original trailer for the fake documentary that was to be called F is For Fake... In the cover art to the Film the F's in F is For Fake are all highlighted in red. F is the 6th number.....FFF = 666....Spooky...but somehow I don't think Orson was a satanist in the Biblical sense and by in the Biblical sense I don't mean he had sex with a member of his own family...One thing is for certain whether he was a Fake artist or a Real artist he was without any doubt whatsoever an ARTIST. That we can say for certain as he unequivocally did not work for a living...

This is Orson Wells REAL Masterpiece A Fake Masterpiece about a Fake Faker Faking Fakery. Fucking Fantastically Fabulous Film........

If you value your own mind and want to preserve it in it's current unaltered state, PLEASE do not watch this..if on the other hand you realise that your mind is a constantly changing sea of information and are prepared to accept all forms of information be it real or fake then go ahead chance it.
Original banned trailer

F is For Fake Introduction

F is For Fake..Even more FAKERY !!!

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