Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hero or Coward...Fate, Faith or Fix (edit)

How does a coward become a hero...simple, avoid crashing the plane you have been paid to fly..

I have no comment on this except to add that planes have a rather strange tendency to drop out of the sky on certain dates and times...The engines just turned themselves off just before landing..Both of them at exactly the same time....oh and Gordon Brown British PM just happened to be watching it all develop live in front of him at the airport..

On Jan 18 1911 this happened......1911 - The first landing of an aircraft on a ship took place as pilot Eugene B. Ely flew onto the deck of the USS Pennsylvania in San Francisco harbor.

Also check this out....Ely continued flying in exhibitions. On October 19 1911, while flying at an exhibition in Macon, Georgia, his plane crashed and Ely was killed. His body was returned to his birthplace for burial.

And on Oct 19 2007 we had in British Columbia were a plane crashes into a building and amazingly enough it doesn't fall down...

Then on 12 Oct 2006 the Cory Lidle (NewYork Yankee Pitcher I.e the guy who stands on the Mound in the middle of a square and compass) LIGHT AirCRAFT crash happened Just off York St.. The path the plane took was between 2 buildings the V on the left of pic represents the female and the phallic tower to the right is the male.

The BELAire or BELL AIR Tower Condominium/Hospital....

This is a nice shot of the Phalic Tower.

Why show pictures labeled as Earlier alongside pictures of what is supposed to be the LIVE fire.


Secret Sun said...

Macon of course is French for Mason.

Don't forget Charles Bishara.

Atlantean Times said...

Then there Was Cory Lidle..and I just happen to have the live pictures from Sky which i forgot i recorded...I will put it up and post it here..