Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh to have NASA's Imagination..now there's Moths in space.

It would seem that the people in charge on naming things at NASA need a slap or something to wake them from fantasy land. During the week we have already had the release of an image that appears to show a woman or mermaid sitting on a rock on Mars. At least that photo which I believe is probably a fake looks like something. I feel that NASA is playing games. Apparently the Image above looks like a Moth I'm surprised they didn't go all the way and call it MOTHMAN.

"These near-infrared images, taken with the Near-Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS) aboard NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, show the wing- shaped dust disk surrounding the young, nearby star HD 61005. Astronomers have dubbed the star system."

"The Moth" because the dust disk resembles the wings of the flying insect.
The Moth's wingspan extends about 22 billion miles from the star. The black disk in the center of the images represents the coronagraphic hole in the NICMOS camera that blocks most of the starlight so that astronomers can see details in the surrounding dust disk."

Link to Ben Fairhalls for image of woman/mermaid


AstroSphinx said...

this idea of mothmen.. and I did see that film and it brought chills down my confused spine.. which doesn't know which chills to ignore or take seriously these days ;)

what comes to mind when I saw the idea of this winged creature of the space, with fresh new eyes, Is.. "Space Bats".. as mentioned on The Fast Show... weird huh?

(a silly thing is that I was going to create a blogg for my whole family and every member would have a name bat related...my husband: Space Bat, my son: Fruit Bat..

as for me.. I was confounded if I should be Flying Fox or Silly Old Bat.. so kindly doubed me by my significant other :P )

Hej Gav, hope you are well and keeping your eyes open for Nasa space bats ;)

Atlantean Times said...

alrighty there astro

hows sweden..my tea tastes like coffee..anyway..It's weird symbolism even for Nasa..hope you are well...


AstroSphinx said...

Today the weather is clear, cold, sunny, my tea doesn't taste of coffee- thank goodness!!!

I have a good friend in Northern Ireland who told me once that Ireland is a Tea country.. just being random about that.. Sweden is supposed to be a coffee country.. but when I moved here I think the tea consumption per capita has risen astronomically!!! :) Suddenly tea shops emerged with a revenge..

My son insists on mopping the floor today he's forcing me to sit here.. maybe this is a good thing!