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Heath Ledger & The Five Points of Rennes le Chateau Part 2

Heathcliff draws the sign of the goddess Venus on the floor of a stable in The Brothers Grimm

We left off with a compelling set of synchs that lead me to believe that Heathcliff resonates very strongly with the symbolism associated in general and specifically with "The Goddess". I would like to continue in that vein and begin by drawing your attention to these videos written and narrated by Andrew Rutajit. The two part vid is called "Dancing with the Devil" and at approx 3 min into the first part he gives a wonderful description of Venus Goddess worship and its origins.

In particular there is a simulation which demonstrates the path that is mapped out by Venus in its orbit around the sun. If you choose not to watch all the vid at least go to the 3min mark and see the simulation as it is illuminating when taken in context of our current investigation. He also describes the mechanism by which Lucifer became Satan.

Andrew Rutajit correctly points out that this pentagram symbol has many associations but I would like to stick to the main two for the moment and discuss the Morning and Evening star. In order to do this I am going to quote directly from "The Secret History of Lucifer" by the Luciferously Lucid Goddess Lynn Picknett. I have referred to this book in the past and have found it to be an invaluable guide in these matters. Lynn has the following to say about Lucifer.

"Plato and countless others in the ancient world knew that the Morning Star had another incarnation as the Evening star, or Venus. In his classic The Golden Bough, J.G. Frazier wrote:


Sirius was the star of Isis, just as the Babylonians deemed the planet Venus the star of Astarte. To both peoples apparently the brilliant luminary in the morning sky seemed the Goddess of life and love come to mourn her departed lover or spouse and wake him from the dead.

"Like the lesser known Astraea or "Starry One", the Libyan Goddess of the law who dispensed the fates of man, the beauty and truth of the deity Venus was believed to be visible in the Evening star, the opposite and equal to the Morning Star, Lucifer. however this distinction was too subtle for the Pagans new enemies "The Christians" and a great blurring between the femiine principal and the "Evil One" soon took place, eased in its passage by the Romans who refer to Venus as "Lucifera" the enlightener. "

"Venus the archetypal of the arts of love and womens secrets, an unashamedly sexual deity, gave her name not only to "venereal disease" and "venery", but perhaps, some claim, also more courteously to Venice, the city of her element as "Stella Maris" ("Star of the Sea" a title she shared with Isis and much later the Virgin Mary). Originally like Diana Venus was a huntress a "Lady of Animals" whose horned consort was Adonis both the Hunter and Sacrificial Stag which became "Venison" or "Venus's Son". Once again the line becomes blurred between horned gods and their consorts and once again the Goddess is associated with animality, sexual secrets, lust and Lucifer. (Any bold print is my emphasis on Lynn's words)."
OK so lets strip this back down to its basic elements. I am looking for symbolism within Heathcliff Ledgers films and life that confirm and complement my previous observations which link Heathcliff to Rennes le Chateau and its associated mysteries/puzzles or whatever you want to call them. This isnt fucking rocket science is it, but nevertheless we can still use equations to help us see through the veil so to speak.
Heathcliff = Venus = Rennes Le Chateau = Berenger Sauniere = Merovingian Bloodline = the returning Goddess Mary = Isis = Stella Maris = Pentagram or five points = The Hunter

Also we could make another similar equation which gives the other side of the coin:

Heathcliff = Pentagram = Lucifer as light bringer = the returning Beast = John the Baptist or Jesus Christ.( I feel that the more likely Archetype for Ledger is John the Baptist and not Jesus Christ but as I will try to explain in a later post, telling the difference between JTB and JC isn't all that easy.

In order to substantiate these two equations I need "Evidence or Proof". No problemo! Lets see what we can learn by looking at a series of still frames taken from just three of Heath Ledger films. The three films in question are The Brothers Grimm Ned Kelly and A Knight's Tale

If we look at this next picture below taken from The Brothers GriMM which was directed by Terry Gilliam who incidentally was directing the film that Heath was about to shoot for 40 Days and KNights when he died i.e The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus we can see many more synchs and links.

Heathcliff who has just drawn the pentagram on the ground with chalk now proceeds to bless it with a fake sacred sword.

This still is from the opening sequence and we can see the entangled serpent nailed to the timber mantle directly above the logo of the film company. The logo they choose to use is of course the Pentagram with the severed head of the Goddess. Also the date is 1796 which is 20 years after the formation of the Bavarian Illuminati. The area described in the film is that of Bavaria. There is currently a French occupation and the German people are thought of as backward superstitious peasants.
The Brothers Grimm logo is a large G which is also one of the main symbols for Freemasonry although not conclusive we are in Illuminati territory.

Now we come to the first of many pictures which I for one feel are disconcerting at best and damned prophetic at worst. The shot below is not something I tried to achieve by waiting for the exact moment that ledger on the left just happened to position his head. This is the way the scene was composed by the director. The men where standing still on the horses and we end up with a shot which depicts Ledger as the hanging man.

Aleister Crowley The Beast Himself has the following to say about the Hanging Man Tarot Card:

"This card, attributed to the letter Mem, represents the element of Water. It would perhaps be better to say that it represents the spiritual function of water in the economy of initiation; it is a baptism which is also a death. In the Aeon of Osiris, this card represented the supreme formula of adeptship; for the figure of the drowned or hanged man has its own special meaning. The legs are crossed so that the right leg forms a right angle with the left leg, and the arms are stretched out at an angle of 60° so as to form an equilateral triangle; this gives the symbol of the Triangle surmounted by the Cross, which represents the descent of the light into the darkness in order to re deem it. "

"For this reason there are green disks-green, the colour of Venus, signifies Grace-at the terminations of the limbs and of the head. The air above the surface of the water is also green, infiltrated by rays of the white light of Kether. The whole figure is suspended from the Ankh, another way of figuring the formula of the Rose and Cross, while around the left foot is the Serpent, creator and destroyer, who operates all change. "

"It is notable that there is an apparent increase of darkness and solidity in proportion as the redeeming element manifests itself; but the colour of green is the colour of Venus, of the hope that lies in love. That depends upon the formulation of the Rose and Cross, of the annihilation of the self in the Beloved, the condition of progress."

"Note on the Precession of the Aeons. "The Hanged Man" is an invention of the Adepts of the I.N.R.I.-J.A.O. formula; in the Aeon previous to the Osirian,that of Isis (Water), he is "The Drowned Man". The two uprights of the gallows shewn in the Medieval packs were, in the parthenogenetic system of explaining and ruling Nature, the bottom of the Sea and the keel of the Ark. In this Aeon all birth was considered an emanation, without male intervention, of the Mother or Star-Goddess, Nuit; all death a return to Her."

"This explains the original attribution of the Atu to Water, and the sound M the return to Eternal Silence, as in the word AUM. This card is therefore specially sacred to the Mystic) and the attitude of the figure is a ritual posture in the Practice called "The Sleep of Shiloam".

"The Atu represents the sacrifice of "a male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence"-these words were chosen with the utmost care. The meaning of his attitude has already been described, and of the fact that he is hanged from an Ankh, an equivalent of the Rosy Cross; in some early cards the gallows is a Pylon, or the branch of a Tree, by shape suggesting the letter Daleth (~) Venus, Love."

Crowley as usual has some fascinating insights into the meaning of this card. He brings up associations with water and baptism, death and rebirth, Sacrifice of Innocents, Venus the Goddess and the origin of the sound of the letter M or maybe MM. All these themes we find in the films being examined. Is it still just coincidence?
I am now going to turn to a series of stills which seem to show how our two biblical resonators don't seem to have much respect for the recognised Catholic Church under Vatican control.

Ledger and Damon are back left in this shot below with the Cross and Bible directly above their heads. They are about to defraud the poor villagers out of some cash by taking advantage of old legends and myths about a witch. This would have been viewed as highly heretical behaviour by the Christian authorities and it would usually result in the perpetrators being "asked the question" i.e tortured until they confessed that they are witches. In this film though a twist is put on this usual witchcraft plot. The two con men are in fact arrested by the enlightened and illuminated french General and forced to confess that they are in fact Con Men and that there is no such thing as Witchcraft and that its all trickery. Heathcliff is then coerced in to going on a mission to find 10 missing children who have gone missing in the forest of Marbadden where the Goddess resides in the tower protected by the The Green Man or Woodwose Man from Sir Gawayne and the Grene Knyght;

Matt Damon seems to resonate with both archetype's of Jesus and JTB from his films The Bourne Identity The Good Shepherd and Ocean's Thirteen . Damon also resonates with other biblical characters for instance he plays AAron in the film Margaret and Loki in Dogma. In this shot he turns his back on the cross which divides himself and Ledger during most of the scene.

Damon again shows disrespect to the Christian cross by tapping it loudly in order to gain the crowds attention.

I will change the direction of this enquiry now by going back to the quote by Lynn Picknett. "Venus was a huntress whose horned consort was Adonis both the Hunter and the Sacrificial Stag who became venison or "Venus Son". Looking at this picture below we can see our hero fulfilling the criteria of "The Hunter" but if we switch films for a little while and examine A Knight's Tale the evidence begins to mount.

Above we have Heath resonating with the Hunter in the Brothers Grimm but the pictures below combined with the dialogue from the movie A Knights Tale provide us with a much more coherent overall view.

Heath: tell me your name woman
Goddess: and what would you do with my name Sir Hunter
Goddess: call me a fox for that is all i am to you.
Heath: well then a fox you shall be until a find your name my foxy lady
Goddess: he is a handsome Hunter I'll give him that.

In the process of his first introduction to the beautiful Goddess, Heath manages to desecrate the Christian Church by riding into it on his horse. Our Goddess Shannyn Sossamon (oh so close to Solomon) has appeared in some films whose titles would suggest that she portrays the Goddess a lot and in a biblical setting to boot. 40 Days and 40 Nights Wholey Moses Devour "Moonlight" Fleur De Lis Sleeping Beauty .
He is then made to leave by the clergy present.

 I will leave it there for now and the next installment will follow soon where I intend to talk more one the mind control/induction process.

I nearly forgot to mention this but here goes....I am interested in horses and today while browsing the runners I noticed a horse in the 3.40 at newcastle race track in England that I just had to back. The horse was of course called Heathcliff and was 12 to 1. I naturally placed 15euro each way on the beasty and it luckily finished 3rd so I doubled my money. Weirder &and Weirder!

Update: 08/10/2010
This post was written before anyone knew that Heath was actually portrayed as the Hanging Man tarot card in the film The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus. I have added this note and tidied up this post as of 08/10/2010. On a personal level when I saw the Imaginarium of Dr P I was fucking stunned I actually yelled out "holy sweet Jesus, Gilliam has made him into the Tarot card". Terry Gilliam you are an evil man of this I am in no doubt. Ledger died while working under you Mr Gilliam. How stupid do you think the public really is. You placed him under that bridge. Did you put bricks in his pocket during that scene or would that have been too obvious.

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