Saturday, May 3, 2008

Madeleines Death Stars

I will begin with a reminder of some photos from a year ago.
Doesn't Gerry look HAPPY with his little sketch. But what has he drawn.

Oh look at this it's a cauldron. Perhaps its the one he sacrificed Madeleine in. It's bubbling isn't it. A very good SuMMative overview. Squares and compasses included just in case you don't fucking get it yet.
Pyramid Power of Persuasion!
Pyramid and Magdalene side by side.

Here are the pictures from the night and day that Madeleine McCann vanished in the most heinous of magick tricks. She may not be dead and at some stage will be reproduced like a rabbit from the hat. Much like the revival of the dead rabbids as they say in the film Gangs of New York. The dead Rabbids were of course the main gang of the five points the area in which Heathcliff and Sauniere died.

This first picture shows the sunset at the time and approx location of Madeleine's disappearance. Notice how close mercury is to the sun. There is a very good reason for this as shown in the pics below. Also please note that Venus is high in the sky smack in the middle of the horns of Taurus the bull.

This shot is from the reported time of Maddies vanishing act. You can clearly see Venus in the horns of Taurus but another point of note is the configuration of Saturn with respect to Leo the Sphinx. The head of Leo seems to be looking straight at Saturn the top of shot.

Now this for me is the stellar clincher. it just so happens that on the day Maddie disappeared there was a superior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun. In other words at exactly 1335 that afternoon the planet Earth, Mercury and the Sun aligned for a brief period. Where were the McCanns at 1335 that afternoon. Were they at the local Pyramid I wonder. The question needs to be asked.

Another shot below with the information panel showing the time and date of the alignment. I realise that its not the exact location but I cant seem to input Longitude and latitude correctly in to the software. I think its a small bug but it does not significantly affect the view of the stars at the time and location used.

I would like to point out that although not conclusive evidence of foul play when taken in the context of a number of other people who have been famously assassinated and or gone missing and the stars at the time and location of those events it is compelling. For instance I have noted the stars on the days of the following events.

911/77/The Paul McCartney is dead conspiracy incidentally also 9/11

John Lennon's death/JFKs death/ Heath ledgers death/ Abe Lincolns / Princess Di and Dodi/

In each of these situations the stars were configured in a way that would only be significant to people who study the stars. People like Egyptian Priests but there is none of them around these days is there?


Michael Skaggs said...

Gavin!! Yes!! Excellent!

I see Starry Nights is paying off in spades bro! I was wondering about the alignments on those such dates too!

It's their silly "As Above So Below" saying is it not? Those damn Egyptian Priests sacrificing humans for what?
Bakes the noodle!

Glad to see you writing my friend!

aferrismoon said...

Yeah Starry Knights and the patience to wait x years for 114 - great
The arrows pointing to the underside of the lowest Pyramid or badly drawn compass+square 'can' look like two 7s [ if of course one removes one line of the arrowhead]
PSEUDOCCULTMEDIA has also posted on the McCanns, yesterday or today


Michael Skaggs said...


They have been plastering Madeline all over Yahoo news today my friend...Unbelievable!

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Great stuff, mate. Did you get my e-mail/s?


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