Sunday, May 25, 2008

Multiple Personality Dorothy vs Eve Black

I don't know the exact origins of this piece of footage but bearing in mind some future posts on the subject of Mind Control and those who practice it I feel it deserves a watch.

Observe this young woman change personality at a moments notice. The video explains the process but I would also point out the cigarette click method for hypnosis. The lighter click is an anchor point.

Anyway its fascinating to watch and is a great example of the kind of person Springmeir talks about as MPD's. Care full now this is belief system breaking stuff and not in my opinion for the faint of heart. I know its hard to keep thinking "what if" and "maybe" but needs must and in my case I'm not prepared to accept half truths and mystical talk when there exists hard evidence of major mind fucking that can be assessed.

Form a word play perspective I note that MPD or multiple personality disorder contains the word DISORDER and from disorder we get the ordered mind or a mind that's prepared specially to accept orders. Even the name betrays its origins in the masonic hypnotic techniques for mind alteration and the acceptance into your being of other worldly spirits. These spirits or personalities or archetypes are fascinated with emotions and the behaviour of humans just like the Vulcan Mr Spook who was created by Gene Roddenberry Freemason and recipient of knowledge from Puharich and his mind controlled slaves like Uri Geller.

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Michael Skaggs said...

Nice post Gav! Your right, we've stumbled across MC baby and can start seeing in in droves!

Peace brother!