Friday, May 30, 2008

William Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse

I have always been interested in the people who for one reason or another have wound up DEAD as a result of their investigations into the Occult. I see Bill Cooper in the same mold as i see Heath ledger. They both wound up dead at the end of the day and they both in their own ways were investigating the Occult.

Bill was shot dead by federal marshals in November 2001 just after 911 and after he had publicly announced his feelings on the event both before and after it happened. That's right i said before as Cooper had identified both Bin Laden as the scapegoat and the twin towers as probable targets months before it actually happened.

What really interests me about Bill is that even though he himself saw huge UFO's he was never entirely sure whether they were Alien controlled or if they were in fact operated by The US and other governments. I have taken a very similar approach to Bill. I have seen UFOS but i still am not prepared to abandon all thinking on this subject simply so I can FIT IN and be a believer like a huge proportion of the so called Truth Seekers out there.

Everyone wants to belong but no me. I have lost all urge to belong to any group. I cant even stand being referred to as a synchromystic as that just bundles me in with another group. I'm not any sort of mystic I'm an investigator in to EVERYTHING...leave no stone unturned is my motto. What I really like about him is that he freely admits that he may just be a pawn to pass on false information. You can download his book Behold a Pale Horse on pirate bay.


Michael Skaggs said...

Thanks for the Info on Bill Gav!

I agree...I don't like being lumped in with "Conspiracy Theorists" but hey, I know I investigate everything before I latch on any "belief" which I don't even like to call it that, more like "educated thought".

Anywho, lead on Truth!

Peace Bro!

AstroSphinx said...
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AstroSphinx said...

There was a group of videos as I was seaching for the INSLAW case history on YOUTUBE-- I found what little I had and added it to a playlist I keep on my channel. (these things are the last of it and probably have dissapeared by now).. anyway Bill was collecting information with the guy who suddenly died when he stumbled into the whole mess..

I didn't know he was killed directly AFTER 9-11.. I didn't even know he was dead. :( He wrote a very important book and now days.. as information is becoming more and more dominated by consoladated media.. the importance of the message is becoming more and more pushed out.

With this in mind, I can not agree he is/was a part of the disinformational scheme.. he may have been used later on for it.. but as the track of things go.. I regonize history and the cases surrounding all of this.. and this is very important and many many people WERE killed before him in just stumbing in the information which was much more than any of us really know..

Atlantean Times said...

indeed astro...indeed..

and inslaw is to promis what cyberdyne was to the terminator...

it may take people who read this a while to get that last remark..

people who say conspiracies dont exist need a heavy slap of the inslaw case to wake them the fuck up..

Inslaw may have come up with the first AI..


Michael Skaggs said...

Gav, that series of vids was awesome!

Thank you so much, it really does take you on an emotional ride.

Bill was a great man, I cannot believe how they attempted to discredit him and label him, especially the new media, but that was not a surprise at all...just disgusted me.

Unbelievable story!

Anonymous said...

When I first began my "awakening" / conspiracy research / whatever ... I started by reading only books by those who had died mysteriously. Bill being one of the first.

It may be of significance that Bill was exposing the alternative media before his demise.