Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Satanism in Rome on the Rise

Folks. I don't' know how many people still read this blog but i can tell you this Satan exists. There was a time when i refused to believe this but I'm much wiser now and have begun to accept this new reality. On the plus side the proof of the existence of Satan does quiet something for renewing ones faith in God. Now all must be taken with a pinch of salt but take it from me when i pray i pray to God and these days I've found myself praying that much more often than i you'st to back in the days of i think I'm an atheist or hey maybe I'm agnostic.

It's only when you watch a video like the one below about the Vatican Astronomers who i have been keeping an eye one for years incidentally, that you begin to realise the significance of the alignments. Watch the video and then maybe download the starry night software so you can check out the stars over new york at the exact moment the planes hit on 911. You will only understand when you do this for yourself. And if you couldn't be bothered to check it, I would suggest keeping your trap shut. But if you do check you will be richly rewarded with knowledge very few people possess. Learn how to use the astro software. Learn the significance of the Meridian and it's relation to eclipses and celestial alignment's then you will understand the Illuminati and satanism all in one fell swoop. I say all this of course in relation to my post below Back With a Bang...

As examples I cite the forcible removal of Prince William from Diana's womb during an Eclipse and the Birth of Pope John Paul the recent pope on the day of an Eclipse followed by his entombment during an eclipse. On this subject maybe you should check out the predictions made by St Malachi regarding 111 popes before the END.

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