Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NWO employee eats heart of Syrian victim.

This is just another example of what the NWO wants for you. We are not up against an ordinary fighting force we are up against PSYCHOPATIC NWO rejects who want to eat your heart out. This fake muslim is nothing but a druid in disguise.

Please see my previous posts where i discuss why events like this happen. I have discussed the heart symbolism at length.

If the elites dont put a stop to this we will have no choice but to kill them all. DRUIDS AND PREISTS AND MASONS BE WARNED>>NEVER CROSS MY PATH I WILL DESTROY YOU. It's time for these people to DIE. The batman movie results in the people killing the elites..if thats what they want then lets go..i vote we eat obamas heart 1st.

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unit said...

i think you're probably right on this.. trauma trauma trauma

i didn't watch the video :)