Saturday, October 6, 2007

70,000 Chinese Babies Stolen Every Year, Looks Like If your name is not McCann TOUGH.

Dispatches on Monday @9.00pm focuses on the plight of thousands of children that are stolen and traded every year in China. It would seem that if your name is not McCann nobody gives a damn about you. If your name is not McCann there will be no international appeal, no Pope encounters, no millions from the stupid Public dumb enough to give ya money, no PR company,no slick web sites, no famous children's writers offering thousands and no Master of Virgins rushing to your side Prime Minister in tow.

Oh and if you go to Sky News & look at the main page you will see that Madeline is apparently it's own entire news section on a par with little insignificant topics like global politics. Sky news list it's priorities as

UK News

Everything else just doesn't count or apparently is less important.
Dispatches @9.00pm Monday 8th Oct.

"China's Stolen Children. "
"In China, the One Child Policy has created the horrific side-effect of a boom in stolen children. It is estimated that 70,000 children are kidnapped in China every year and traded on the black market. This special Dispatches programme features extraordinary access to those directly involved, including devastated parents desperately searching for their stolen son and a man who brokers the deals and has sold his own offspring. "

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Mother said...

Your words make clear how the media causes a dissociative state in the reader's or viewer's conscience/conscious. Everybody focus on the featured sad event, pay no attention to the worldwide tragedies of this nature occuring daily. As a bonus, there is an enormous pool of trauma based emotional energy to feed off of.