Saturday, October 6, 2007

More DNA Propaganda,Sky News latest(not so subtle) push for total government.

As usual leave it to Sky to keep everybody focused on the usefulness of DNA testing.
The article never hints at getting children DNA tested at birth but the implications of the story are clear.

If the parents had of had a DNA test at the time of birth, this would never have happened.

"A couple who took a DNA test to silence pub gossips who questioned the parentage of their daughter got a nasty shock.The Czech pair, from the southeastern town of Trebic, had grown sick of constant sniping from friends.Their 10-month-old baby girl had blond hair while they both had dark locks.

So, to end the rumours, they took a DNA test.",,30200-1287177,00.html

Off course the kid wasn't theirs. So even though it's not said the implications are clear.

DNA testing at birth could have prevented this.

Edited in Note:
I would like to add that one way we could ensure that this never happens again is to not remove children from their mother's side after birth. This act of removing the child soon after birth causes a separation which should not be allowed to happen in my opinion. Why in this day and age can we not accommodate mother & child together for as much as possible.

There you go problem solved. Most parents will not go home with the wrong baby if they got to spend more time with it after it was born. It is a damning indictment of the system of child removal soon after birth that a mother cant recognise the child that she just gave birth to. I know all babies look a like but they don't look THAT alike.

I doubt that the governments and medical associations of this world would agree to such a complicated solution like that which I have proposed but I just thought i would mention it.

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Mother said...

Probably you have already seen this? Great propaganda piece (from your neck of the woods) for the capture and storage of everyone's DNA. Must make sure there is no stigma of prejudice attached to the collection. Everyone agree please.