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Creator Gods & The Monolithic Witness.

Just as it was long ago, the Men who would be Kings are still playing around with the rest of us, like a big cat pawing at it's crippled prey. Why is it that so many years on from the time of the great human sacrifices we are still allowing these control freaks to sacrifice the many for the good of the few.

In Apocalytpto we see the Crown Chakra Illuminated Ones awaiting the eclipse atop the Sacrificial Pillarmid. The blue painted highly prized best of the best most resilient slaves are chosen to have their hearts ripped out of their chests and presented to the Sun God in order that he may return his light to us.

What the poor people of the Banner of the Sun down below don't realise is that when the Sun goes dark, due to the eclipse, it is not because the Sun God is angry with his people. It's just an eclipse. Thus control is asserted and the baying public are satiated and comforted by the return of the warming rays of the Sun.

911 was a Ritual sacrifice to the Sun God by the God Kings of today.

Just as Moses ushered in the new age with a Sacrifice of 3000 of his own people women & children so did the so called representatives of God on Earth today. When the Pillars of New York vanished into thin air the gates of a new technological age where opened.

911 was a very traumatic event. That was the idea. 911 is now a trigger or mental anchor that brings the reader back to that day in their minds every time the trigger is mentioned. 911, there i did it again, every time you hear the words it brings with it a huge symbolic reference frame.

This is exactly why the hearts of the victims were ripped out on the sacrificial alter. Ripping out the heart of a victim is a hugely traumatic event for all those watching, it tends to focus the mind to have some poor soul dismembered in front of you.

The twin towers were the heart of New York. How many times have you seen this symbol. This is it spelled out. The towers were ripped out of the heart of NY. All the people stared on in AWE & Horror, the People of the Banner were getting lazy, it was time to shake them up a bit to show them who was in control.

We are supposed to see through the thinly veiled lies of 911. You are supposed to be scared out of your wits by this horrific self inflicted act, just as the People of the Banner of the Sun looked on horrified. Just like the people of the Banner any proposed action by the God Kings was then accepted no matter how extreme. The effect is stunning. Perform a mass viewed ritual sacrifice and paralyse the entire globe. We are all ultimately thinking the same thing & that is the idea.

We all think, if they would do that to themselves what would they do to us given the inclination to do so. The act of cutting off a limb from your own body shows a determination
that most people lack. Why do you think it is that almost everyone remembers the story of the mountain climber who had his arm trapped after a fall, so he had to cut if off in order to survive.

In the final scenes of Apocalypto the Ships of the New Age approached bringing with them new technological advancements and Death. More sacrifices required.

The ships arrival is symbolically equivalent to the arrival of the Artifact in 2001, the cube in Transformers, the Ancient outpost in SG1, the City of Atlantis in SG Atlantis. The New Order is an Order defined by the NEW Technology.
The 20th Century was defined by the arrival of New Technology in Aeroplanes and Nuclear Power.
Did we see the Death knell for the Aeroplane a & Nuclear Power on 911. Do the elite's now want to show us their new toys. did we get shown how those new toys work on 911. At this stage I firmly believe that whatever it was that took down those buildings was a form of directed energy never before seen in action.

Robert Moses built the New York we know today.
See wiki:

He was the man who tore the people from their homes causing an Exodus as he built his many Towers and Expressways. Express if you had a car that is. Moses was the Bridge Builder and Master Architect holding multiple positions in New York all through the 30's, 40's, 50's 60's. Moses was the builder of bridges to the sky God, the One true God. Yahweh.Horus.
Moses laid out New York very carefully, just as the first degree tracing board of free masonry has a very specific layout. The tracing board is for use within a personal ritual where one starts on the road to becoming a high degree initiate of Freemasonry. Following the path laid down by those who carried the secret knowledge before you.

Follow the yellow brick road,

Follow the yellow brick road,

Follow the, follow the, follow the, follow the

Follow the yellow brick road.

Moses practically ran the Port Authority clearing the way for the Twin Pillarmids to be built. Robert Moses was also responsible for the UN Monolith being where it is today. Just like The Black Monolith that looked on at the 911Mega ritual so did the Monolithic UN building the seat of Global Hegemony stand over the proceedings, looking on, waiting!!

The UN represents the ultimate in Power today when the US is finally destroyed in a Phoenix type event, the UN that watched on from the sacred Monolith as the Towers were destroyed will take full control of the reins of destiny. A Stargate was opened on 911 in order to initiate contact or at least that is how it would seem. In order to open the Stargate a Ritual had to be performed. The consequences of that ritual are still being felt around the globe today.

See Jake Kotze article & Vid:

Just as the Temples of Egypt were abandoned so to where the Temples of Commerce abandoned on 911.

Just because the God Kings of Power told you it was Planes ,Terrorists & Boxcutters/Stanley Knives doesn't mean it was. The God Kings of old told the people the Sun was angry with them. There is no difference except that of perspective over time multiplied by ignorance.

There are Rituals for all sorts of things and if you think of a ritual as a way of preparing yourself for something that you want to do then in every sense of the word it applies to 911.

See My Vid:Requiem911 TranStarFormaGate Episope 1:

A racing driver who always puts on one glove before the other is performing a ritual. 911 was a way of mentally preparing the public for some future event. Will that event be contact as predicted or will it just be the revelation of important facts to do with the human condition, who knows. Someone does or so it would at least seem they do. You cant perform the appropriate ritual if you don't know what it is, you are preparing for.

Towers fell and were replaced by pillars of light the pillars of light will be replaced by the hugely impressive Freedom Tower based on Octagonal Geometry.

If we then look at the film Alien Vs Predator we are told that the Aztecs & Egyptians had secret knowledge of the Creator Gods and that they were their emissaries on Earth. They demonstrated that they where the ones who had the power to represent God on Earth by timing their Rituals Precisely during Astronomical events that the ordinary Joe had no hope of understanding.

But we are only pawns just as the genetically engineered Alien is a pawn. The creator Gods have reached the level technologically that enables them to Create and Destroy LIFE as they see fit. The Same power the Cube or Monolithic Black Stone had and the Star Trek Genesis Device a Monolithic Missile had.

The new discovery is of course in the Antartic down a big shaft bored through the ice. This is practically identical to the scenario in Stargate Sg1 where the Sg1 team lead by Jack O'Neill, who has the secret knowledge of the ancients downloaded into his brain, bore a hole down through the ice 2 miles to discover the Ancient outpost and weapons.

Well what do they find in Alien Vs Predator. Only an Ancient Alien outpost which seems very like the Ancient Outpost in Sg1in that It also happens to be an outpost for Creator Gods with Beam Weapons, Cloaks, Shields and most importantly the ability to genetically engineer other lifeforms for themselves.

The Ancients of Stargate don't engineer slaves but they do engineer everything else. This seems to be the key to it. The ability to Engineer the World around you bestows you with GodShip.

The same theme over & over. The Creator Gods come to Earth. We are the result. The Creator Gods only have respect for you if you gain the knowledge for yourself.

One of the characters is commenting on the cultural aspects of the Pyramid builders as the intrepid humans enter the central sacrificial chamber.(WILLINGLY)

"Just like the Aztecs and the Egyptians whoever built this Pyramid believed in Ritual Sacrifice. This is where the chosen ones where offered to the gods. They gave their lives so the Hunt could begin."

"they would lie down here WILLINGLY, there was no restraints"

Interestingly the room is configured with the sacrificial chamber in the shape of an octagon, the sacred geometry is ever present. The geometric shapes represent progression and development extrapolated from the hypercube/source/creator.

911 was a test of the New Sun Kings Power to see was he worthy of the Secret knowledge of Creation. Just as the Predators watch on up in their mothership the Monolith looked on as the towers were destroyed. If we see the monolith as representing the Creator God, Source, Ultimate Technology capable of Intergalactic travel & the opening of Stargates then this all starts to make sense.

All these incredibly Public sacrifices are the same test of the the new and ever increasing number of candidates for Messiah. JFK the sacrifice of the entire Kennedy Clan in order to prove themselves worthy of the secret knowledge of creation ,as the Kennedy Empire dwindled the Bush Sun/Oil King emerged to take us into the New World.

We are in search of Atlantis an Age inspired by and epitomised by the Amonita Muscaria mushroom. In Stargate Atlantis the mushroom shaped City which houses the ultimate in technology is attacked by a beam coming from a Stargate. It's the same story told from a different point of view.

Time and time there are tests, rituals, sacrifice and creator Gods intermingled.
The All Seeing Eye is always looking on.

Articles and videos that influenced me when writing this include the following:

Jakes Vids
The Stargate 2012 cipher
Soundlessdawns Vids

A sad ending to my tale!

That's it for Now. I would just like to add that I have just found out that an old schoolfriend took his own life a few weeks back. I went out to buy some smokes while writing this and another school friend who runs the shop told me about it.

His name was Thomas Mulligan and he sat beside me for two years in Religion, of all classes. He was a good laugh with his Brillo pad hair. He played for Dublin as a Senior Gaelic footballer and was well liked by all. Thomas made the ultimate sacrifice and it saddens me deeply to think why!

This article is hereby dedicated in memory of Thomas Mulligan. A good lad if ever there was one.

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