Thursday, October 11, 2007

14yr Old Teen Goes On School Gun Rampage

"A 14-year-old who went on a gun rampage in a US school has killed himself after shooting fellow students.He shot himself after first gunning down and injuring two fellow students and two teachers."

"Reports say he stormed into the SuccessTech Academy in Cleveland and began shooting at students with two guns.Five people have been taken to hospital.One student said the gunman had been suspended from the college for fighting".

Quotes from full story @,,70131-1287898,00.html

Video Link @,,31200-1287900,00.html

At this stage of the game you have to seriously start looking at mind control when it comes to cases like this. We have all had crap times at school, this story couldn't be more dramatic if it tried. What way will this be played by the massmedia. Taking into account all the tasering of students that goes on these days. Will this just strengthen the divide between young and old. It smells likes a Chinese plot for total communism.

Separate the young from the old in any way you can so that children will grow to hate their own parents and parents will grow to fear their own children. Little Red Book. Little red Book.

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