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M is for Murat.....Madeline..Messiah..Mason..Motive..Magdalene oh & Murder Mystery Maybe.....

Before you read this I would like to direct your attention to the following articles by Ben Fairhall over at his blog... These articles got me thinking on the subject I am about to discuss....

What I will describe now for you is what i feel syncronicities are all about.

I had read Ben's articles when he first posted them but I return to them on a regular basis for names, places things that pop up you know...

I had never heard of the name "Robert Murat" or more importantly to my tale "MURAT" before the Madeline McCann episode on Sky News. I had never before heard of or to the best of my knowledge saw the word Murat written down. If you follow the link below it brings you to the Times online article that i am about to quote liberally from.


So the other day I was reading. I had read from a few sections of books I have. I saw The Messianic Legacy by Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln so flipped it open on a random page. I had also been on the web at you tube and reading Ben's new articles...i also had a look to see if there was any new comments on the articles I had read. The first sync that happened was that Ben's new story was about genetics and Nazi's... I flipped open the Messianic legacy on page 203... were it says...

" It is interesting that none of the Occult aspects of NAZI Germany found it's way to the copious evidence and documentation of the NUREMBERG TRIALS. Why?"

Ben's article included the following "At the end of the war, the Allies protected from prosecution the very Nazi scientists who had tortured thousands of people to death. The Nazi brand of eugenics had embarrassed the elites, but they had no intention of stopping their plans... "

So that was a bit weird. I then reread some of the MM stories. Something about the whole Murat thing stank a bit but I didn't dwell on it too much.

The bits that stank are these: from the times article:

Nr 1 - He has only 1 EYE I quote:
"Mr Murat, who lost an eye in a motorbike accident as a teenager when he crashed into the wall of a railway station"

Nr 2 - He has a Previous involvement with UK police as a Translator:
"But he also earned £150 a time as a translator for Norfolk police, using his language skills to help their inquiries among the large Portuguese community in the county."

Nr 3 - He was known as a Good Samaritan:
"Mr Murat had a reputation, not only in the car trade but in Hockering, as something of a Good Samaritan."

Nr's 4 & 5 - He works in property yet spent years as a car salesman.. just like that... no problems... except his wife and child bugger off ...I wonder did he ever work for Mason Estate agents.....maybe that's how he stepped so easily in to his current job that he was willing to lose his wife and child for,that apparently he loves ssoooooooo much.

"Mr Murat, 33, whose father is Portuguese, carried on as a self-employed property consultant on the Algarve."
"The former car salesman “lost” her when his wife, Dawn, returned to her native Norfolk with their daughter four months after the family had emigrated to Portugal because she was homesick and he stayed behind. "
"Inchcape Autoparc used car dealership in Norwich, where Mr Murat had worked for four years."
So as you can see Mr Murat seems to be a bit of a dodgy character who it seems is not behaving consistently with his claims of loving his Wife and child. So from here I must tell you what happened next: I am about to quote liberally from The Messianic Legacy.....
I lit a dubious cigarette and picked up the Messianic Legacy again this time on page 386... and read...
"Not long after we had meet him M. Plantard had sent us a deposition dated the 11/May/1955 and made in Paris by one Poirer Murat who described himself as a Chevalier of the Legion of Honneur, a holder of the Medaille Militaire (MM) and a former officer in the french resistance."

This was a bit strange and sent a shudder down my spine. There I was reading about a Mr Murat a name I had never before heard and there it is twice in the same day within an hour of each other and within an hour of the other syncronicity to do with Genetics and Nazi's.

So Madeline McCann or MM disappears on the 3/May/2007 and Mr Murat or MM becomes a suspect on the 15/May/2007. It was MM's 4th birthday on the 12/May/2007 9 days after vanishing and it was 52 (4*13) years plus 4 days from the time MM or Mr Murat gave his deposition in Paris. Mr Murat or MM also gave a Deposition not in Paris but this year and to the police in Portugal the same Police he worked for on the MM case offering his services again as a translator. MM or Madeline McCann Was profected on to the Royal Masonic Arch in Paris.


From Messianic Legacy I quote:

"According to M.Murat's statement, he had known M. Plantard since 1941. M Murat further stated that M.Plantard, between 1941 and 1943 had edited a "Resistance Journal"called Vaincre.( Vaincre is a french verb which means "To Convince"). The Deposition also declared that M.Plantard had been intered by the Gestapo in the prison of Fresnes from October 1943 until February 1944."

"We can find no trace of M. Plantard passing through this establishment between October 1943 and February 1944. Had Poiret Murat - Chavalier of the Legion of Honneur holder of the Medaille Militaire and former officer of the french resistance - been lying during his deposition?If so, why? If not why was there no record of M.Plantard's incarceration at Fresnes? Had the record been removed? Or had there, for some unspecified reason, never been a record made."

"Our attempt to trace Vaincre, the resistance with which M.Plantard had been associated proved markedly more successful. We found six editions of Vaincre which appear to be all that were published. Contrary to our expectations, they were not furtive,cursorily produced broadsheets. there was nothing clandestine about them at all.. "

"They were printed on high quality paper, which was difficult to obtain in France at the time and included illustrations and photographs. The first issue was openly stated to have been published by Poirer Murats company in 1379 copies. By the 6th issue a print run of 4500 copies was claimed. On the whole , Vaincre represented a venture that could not possibly have been undertaken without some knowledge on the part of the Authorities. It also represented a venture that must have had substantial Money behind it."

So what is Vaincre about you might ask...oh well might you ask....

"From the 6 issues we obtained it was difficult to see Vaincre as
a "Resistance Journal". The articles in it, by named and sometimes well known contributors dealt primarily with a combination of esoterica, Myth and pure fantasy. There was much talk of Atlantis, for example. there was particular emphasis on the Ancient Celtic wisdom tradition and the mythic themes and images in which it had survived. There was also a kind of Neo-Zoroastrian theosophy, with Tibetan initiates and hidden cities in the Himalayas. Above all, however, Vaincre purported to be the organ of a specific organisation, or order, called Alpha Galates"
Search for Alpha Galates and you might find this:http://www.melodic.net/artistsOne.asp?artistId=11443

It's about a band called Alpha Galates they changed their name recently from THE HOLLOW. The Lead singer is one Matthew Wagner a man possessed of the upside down MM cipher. MW instead of MM. This MW cipher is often used instead of MM for example it was used in the film Alien vs Predator MW being the Initials of the Foundation belonging to Mr Weyland that was searching for the Alien Pyramid under the ice...
MW had this to say of his reasons for choosing the name of the band.

"First Gauls is the literal translation," explains Wagner. "It all ties into the Priory of Zion stuff, and apparently it´s real. I saw it in a book called Rule By Secrecy and I just liked the name. There was some resistance group in World War II in France that was helping free Jews from Paris. I mean, there´s not really any evidence that any of this stuff exists outside of Dan Brown books and a few documents, but it´s all quite interesting."

Quite interesting indeed. Mr MW. Interesting cover art too Natio meaning Birth is not far away from NATO is it.
From Wiki:

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); French: Organisation du Traité de l'Atlantique Nord (OTAN); (also called the North Atlantic Alliance, the Atlantic Alliance, or the Western Alliance) is a military alliance, established by the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty on 4 April 1949. With headquarters in Brussels, Belgium,[2] the organization established a system of collective defence whereby its member states agree to mutual defence in response to an attack by any external party.

These talks resulted in the North Atlantic Treaty, which was signed in Washington, D.C. on 4 April 1949.

The incorporation of West Germany into the organisation on 9 May 1955 was described as "a decisive turning point in the history of our continent" by Halvard Lange, Foreign Minister of Norway at the time.[4] Indeed, one of its immediate results was the creation of the Warsaw Pact, signed on 14 May 1955 by the Soviet Union and its satellite states, as a formal response to this event, thereby delineating the two opposing sides of the Cold War.

So Mr Murat becomes a suspect in the Madeline McCann case exactly 52 years after the signing of both the Warsaw Pact and the signing of a deposition which implicated M. Plantard in the writing of a Templar, Masonic, Chivalric Journal who's aim it was to covertly free Jews from the German Occupation.

"Alpha galates presented itself as a chivalric order. or a neo-chivalric order. The principles of chivalry were stressed repeatedly and most of the articles in Vaincre addressed themselves to chivalric themes"

One of the main contributors to Vaincre was one Robert AMADOU. "please don't call her Maddie" or maybe Kate McCann meant to say please don't call her aMadou.

"Robert Amadou, now a well known writer on Esoteric and Masonic subjects, A Martinist and a member of the Grand Swiss Lodge Alpina."

The Messianic Legacy goes on to outline how Vaincre, although it contained anti Jewish propaganda was in fact an under cover op basically sponsored by De Gaulle sympathisers and resistance men like M.Murat that is was in fact sending out coded messages within it's pages to aid the Jews not hinder their cause.

So Vaincre means To Convince and the McCanns have done nothing but try to convince the rest of us of many things. There is talk of things like Madelines law being brought in, in the EU and America where there are similar silly named proposals for law changes.

The Messianic Legacy states the goals of Alpha Galates as:

1... the unity of France within her geographic frontiers and the abolition of the line of demarcation between the german occupied zones and those under Vichy control.

2... the mobilisation of all french resources and energy for the defense of the nation and particularly an appeal to the young for obligatory service.

3... the creation of a NEW WESTERN ORDER a young european Chivalry whose keynote was to Solidarity within each European nation. This Organisation, known as solidarity was to be represent the first stage of the United States of the West.

Nato Wiki:

"NATO's charter—Article 5 which states that any attack on a member state will be considered an attack against the entire group of members. The invocation was confirmed on 4 October 2001 when NATO determined that the attacks were indeed eligible under the terms of the North Atlantic Treaty.[23] The eight official actions taken by NATO in response to the attacks included the first two examples of military action taken in response to an invocation of Article 5: Operation Eagle Assist and Operation Active Endeavour.

Despite this early show of Solidarity, NATO faced a crisis little more than a year later, when on 10 February 2003, France and Belgium vetoed the procedure of silent approval concerning the timing of protective measures for Turkey in case of a possible war with Iraq. Germany did not use its right to break the procedure but said it supported the veto.
On the issue of Afghanistan on the other hand, the alliance showed greater unity: On 16 April 2003 NATO agreed to take command of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan. The decision came at the request of Germany and the Netherlands, the two nations leading ISAF at the time of the agreement, and all 19 NATO ambassadors approved it unanimously. The handover of control to NATO took place on 11 August 2004, and marked the first time in NATO’s history that it took charge of a mission outside the north Atlantic area. Canada had originally been slated to take over ISAF by itself on that date."

On the 11/August/2007 or day 100(10 *10) after MM disappears there is Talk of Solidarity, this quote is the only mention of the word Solidarity on the McCann weblog and it just so happens to be talked about on day 100 and exactly 3 years to the Day that NATO or the wet dream organisation envisioned by Alpha Galates takes over in Afganistan after inital unpresidented display of Solidarity followed by doubts and Veto's then they go back to Solidarity.

"We spoke to our family about the events in Glasgow and Liverpool. There was warm response at both venues and clearly many people are very happy to show support. Unfortunately we did not see any of the coverage on television. We did see highlights of the English premier league last night and note many of the clubs chose to wear Madeleine t-shirts and wristbands as well as playing the Don’t You Forget About Me video. There was also events at the rugby internationals and Ascot racecourse with 12 international jockeys wearing Madeleine t-shirts. The fact that so many people are prepared to show Solidarity with us in our search for our daughter does help restore our faith in humanity."

Now I didnt think that this tale could get any more convoluted there was syncronicities slapping the crap out of my face everytime I read something. I am still bewildered by the implication of the syncs that I had alreadt found.

Then I went out and bought Lynn Picknett's book "The Secret History of Lucifer" and this is what I read........on page 5....

"Many Jewish and early christian chroniclers pursued a fruitless task of trying to locate the Four Rivers of Paradise. These are named in the bible as the Euphrates and the Tigris - both of which are real and important features of the near east - togerher with the apparently mythical Gihon and Pison, although the first century jewish historian Flavius Josephus believed that one of the laterwas actually the Nile, placing Eden in north Africa. Indeed, some early church fathers and late classical writers placed Eden in Ethopia, Mongolia or even India. Others have Located the early Paradise in eastern Turkey, where it would have been served by the Euphrates, Tigress and the River MURAT, the north folk of the Euphrates provided the identy of the Mysterious North River."

From Wiki, River Murat:
Murat River (Turkish: Murat Nehri). The Murat is the major headstream of the Euphrates. It was also called Arsanias in antiquity. The river rises near Mount Ararat north of Lake Van, in eastern Turkey, and flows westward for 722 km (449 miles) through a mountainous region. There it unites with the Karasu Çayi and forms the Upper Euphrates near Malatya.

So the R Murat was the Missing River and it just happens to be located in the area addressed by the concerns of the european countries in the invasion of Iraq. Would it be too far a stretch to say that if you are looking for the mythical garden of Eden that Iraq would be a good place to start.

I am not finished with this yet, there is more to this story........to be continued........


BTB said...

Hi Gavin, great article.

When I finally get to completing writing about the occult aspects of the Madeleine case, do you mind if I quote some of the research here? Excellent work.


P.S Thanks for the 'Extermination' link too. I have written a short article about it here.

Atlantean Times said...

Hello there...

thanks for the compliment it is through reading blogs like your own that I have been inspired to write my own...

quote away my good man " it will be a bit weird! I dont think I have ever been actually quoted before I think I would be honoured"

I really wish though that it had been Kay Burley and not Julie Etchingham.....

BTB said...

Or, even better, Natasha Kaplinsky... Who, personally, I would love to see 'exterminated.'

Atlantean Times said...

that would be a Brucie Bonus bigtime....

Anonymous said...

Hi, a good article. Here are two more synchronicities, Matthew Wagner has the same surname as the German composer, who was Hitler's idol. There were posters of Hitler in 1936 dressed as a Grail Knight, these were withdraw which brings me on to Vaincre. An illustration in issue 1 shows a grail knight riding on a road towards a United States of the West, the EU. So, we have Grail Knights and the search for the Superman/mouse and a bit of eugenics thrown in along with the NWO plan for the EU.

Atlantean Times said...

ah yogot there before me...

The hitler wagner sync was to come...but anything you van add is very much appreciated......

Please contact me at the email above. I would appreciate your input as I have stalled on the article due to a mental block kinda....this could be what i need to get it running again...

thanks gav

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm not sure if my previous message was received am having computer probs,can't find your email.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. The Alpha Galates site is new! I note a lot of familiar symbolism and have discovered a secret section that requires Masonic Images! to access! http://www.alphagalates.com