Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sky News Promotes All Seeing Eye Toy (no joke)

Well when I saw this on the SKY NEWS website I was not surprised one bit to tell you the truth.

SKY NEWS is the MASS MARKETING MACHINE of THE NEW WORLD ORDER. It is no surprise to see them promoting something that looks like this. The ALL SEEING EYE is as always ever present & looking on.

The article goes on to talk about the "fact" that all kids want for Christmas these days is the latest form of technology. This is a trend in the news towards the constant promotion of new technology so long as it's to do with entertainment or war. It is funny that in 100 years we have gone from having a hand full of songs on a vinyl a foot across to having every tune you could ever want to listen to in a device the size of a matchbox yet we are supposed to believe that in those same 100 years the laser beam is just to difficult a nut to crack. Anyway that's for another day.

I had left this article but then I saw this.Click the Technology Tab on the home page first story.
I quote: " the latest in high tech equipement for soldiers ahs been unveiled in France" "take a look at our gallery to see the developements".
What the hell are they at. On a day when a 14 year old kills people in a school Sky News are promoting new taser weapons to stun the kids and all seeing eye headgear so the the kids can watch the parents while getting tasered I presume.

"Weapons Of War Or Big Boys' Toys?
Wednesday October 10, 2007

"Some might dismiss products at this trade fair as big boy’s toys. But police forces and private security firms from some 130 countries have flocked to the Milipol global security show in Paris.
Here is a picture of a new Taser stun gun."This is serious crapola people. Total Government is on it's way. These are the tools for people suppression and domination.

If you don't know what a taser looks like in action check out what happened to this kid in a US school. Be warned this is a disturbing video and social trend. Don't ask too many question or this is what will happen to ya.

Tase Video:

Timothy Leary said "Think for Yourself , Question Authority", good advice.

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