Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Maths of Overpopulation.

I have heard it said before in conspiracy circles that the overpopulation agenda was a new world order creation, a falasy designed to confuse people who are not inclined towards finding things out for themselves.
I have heard it said that the entire population of the world could not only fit in to Texas comfortably but we could have an acre each.

Lets see........

So the current global population is estimated at 6.6billion approx
We will use the 2010 projected figure of = 6 830 283 000

Area of Texas = 261,797 square miles.

Therefore our first calculation will be to convert the square miles to a number of acres.

= 1 square mile = 640 acre

= 261 797 square mile = 167 550 080 acre.

So the original estimate of an acre each looks off the mark but what does it work out at.

Well we divide 6,830,283,000 by 167,550,080 and we get 40.76

Lets say 41 people per acre if we all moved to texas. I think an Ethiopian refugee could cope with only having 40 people per acre in their camp.

So lets look for some more perspective on this.

Current globe land mass excuding Antartica = 52 million square miles

= 52 000 000 square mile = 33 280 000 000 acre

= 33,280,000,000 divided by 6,830,283,000 = 4.8 acres per person.

Any society that can actually create a butter mountain needs to worry more about it's mental health than overpopulation.....

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