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MM Time Warp!!

I have been looking in to the Madeline McCann case from when it first hit the news with the force of a 9.0 earthquake. Never before had I seen such a thing. The facts of the case when it first hit the news appeared to be that of a simple abduction, but straight away you could see that case was getting far more attention than any normal abduction scenario.

I live in Dublin, Ireland and because of this I have to put up with a lot of British propaganda on the news and TV in general. I choose to watch very little TV but when I do it is usually the news or another topical or factual type of documentary programme that I watch. I also am a great sci-fi fan and have consumed my fair share of Star trek, Star Gate and the likes.

What struck me straight away was that the Irish broadcasters i.e RTE and TV3 had taken up Madeleine's cause just as vehemently as the outrageous SKY NEWS, ITV and MI5/6 controlled BBC. This is not the norm at least for our main broadcaster RTE. They have always tended to give far less time to such things in favour of covering more home based news.

What also struck me was that Madeleine had the look of what is called an
Indigo Child: Indigo video.

"Indigo children is a term used within the New Age movement to refer to children who are alleged to possess paranormal attributes such as the ability to read minds."

This picture is labelled as a "Typical Indigo Children" on Google images and reflects the general appearance of Indigo Children in western society. In other words Blond with Blue Eyes. (This is not always the case but in my experience Indigo Children tend to have an almost anemic look to their skin.)

So my occult spidey sensors were tingling from the start. They were tingling even more when on the way to work one sunny morning I noticed a poster appealing for anyone with information on Madeleine's vanishing act to please come forward...The same posters also appealed for donations and had been put up by the 6 banks in the area. What the hell is this I thought. This child disappeared in Portugal it is outrageous to think that someone in this area could by chance have information on the alleged abduction. I later posted this on Ben Fairhalls blog as a comment.

So here we are months on from the incident and none the wiser but with a hell of a lot of questions. If you have read my article you can get a feel for some of the strangeness involved...I have had some time to think and read since then and a few things have kept popping back in to my mind about the case. I have also uncovered some more high strangeness that I will try to explain as best I can. This case is and was no simple abduction and there are many syncronicities leaking out in to the collective unconscious...I will try to outline the syncs I have come across and why I feel they are important. I will also be pointing out certain facts of the case that strike me as odd or just too unlikely to have occurred without there having been some hidden force that made them occur.

I will be referring to many newspaper articles and web pages in order to guide you through the labyrinth...I will include small quotations, but this is a long article so I will be keeping the quotes to a minimum, thus requiring the reader to visit the links in order to fully appreciate the depth this rabbit hole goes.....

I shall begin with the syncronicity that has hit me the hardest so far. It comes from a news article in last weeks Times dated 29/oct/2007

McCann friends deny pact over Madeleine:

"The friends of Kate and Gerry McCann who were on holiday with the couple when their daughter Madeleine vanished have denied allegations that they had made a “pact of silence” to protect the couple."
"Reports have suggested that Portuguese police believe the “Tapas Nine” are hiding damaging facts that could implicate the McCanns in the disappearance of their daughter"

Multiple news stories about The Tapas Nine:
From the Wiki we can see that the original meaning of the word Tapa was "to cover" the tapa was the piece of bread used to cover the sherry drink and we have the McCanns being referred to as a secretive group and called The Tapas Nine and the term tapa means to cover but in this case I think we can take it to mean cover up.

Now in order to explain the significance of this we need to take a detour away from McCann land for a minute.

I am currently reading Lynn Picknetts The Stargate Conspiracy. It is a cracking book and in many respects mirrors the way I have been thinking recently. One of the main themes of the book is that most if not all the stories that abound about the Egyptian Pyramids/Aliens/Mars (pyramids and face) have all been F for FAKED. I am very sympathetic to this view. I have always been interested in Cons and the principles behind a good con and well most of these people like Hoagland/Hancock and those associated with this ever more popular theory, namely that we were genetically engineered by Aliens who came to Earth and built the Pyramids seem to me, when it comes down to it, full of shit.

They place things out of context so often that more often than not they cant remember their own lies so in each interview try not to talk about the things they have said before. They have an agenda which has been permeating out from the US for many decades now. They are involved with some very dodgy organisations (Stanford Research Institute / and make claims that are simply not backed up by the evidence available. At the same time, the mysteries they investigate are still unsolved in my mind and I reserve judgement except to say that most conclusions they have reached so far are extremely dubious.

So what you may ask has this got to do with Madeline McCann. Well you may remember that the McCanns were interviewed in front of a Pyramid. A Pyramid which just happened to have a statue of the Magdalene or Madeleine not 20 yards away. But more importantly they have now been labeled as being part of a group described by the Portuguese police as "The Tapas Nine". a group of people they describe as having a "pact of silence" and "hiding damaging evidence".

Be prepared this is one fucking deep rabbit hole.....

Enter the Nine

"The Council of Nine are not some recent channeling fad. The story Began almost 50 years ago thanks entirely to the work of one man Dr Andrija Puharich, Uri Gellers mentor and the ultimate eminence gris, who's disturbing talent for creating belief systems has - we were to discover - helped to shape events in the last years of the twentieth century, and may well even mould the way we think after the millennium"

A man named Dr D.G. Vinod was the main conduit for channeling the NINE. These channeling sessions took place under the guidance of Puharich who is the sole source of information about this mystical mythical guiding omnipotent powers that are THE NINE.

"We are the Nine Principles and Forces. One of the Nine who identified himself only as M, a second communicator known as R appeared over the next few months and furnished some extremely detailed scientific information concerning a variant of the Lorentz Einstein Transformation."

"As far as outsiders can ascertain The Nine never identified themselves as Aliens, but that was to change."

It all changed when a woman called Phyllis Schlemmer was recruited by Mr Puharich. She had been channeling a being called Tom, who she believed was her long dead grandfather but under Puharich's guidance found out that it was in fact an Alien entity who identified himself as being one of The Nine. Then there was Bobby Horne who was channeling a being called Corean. These beings talked of the Nine and how they acted as guardians of mankind. Then there was an entity who called himself Ra "Who spoke of a body called The Council of Saturn, based somewhere in it's rings,which protects earth and keeps it in a kind of Quarantine. M. KULT. RA.

It shoud be noted that Puharich put all his channellers under hypnosis before channelling and all the messages were recieved under the influence of hypnosis. One his of his chosen ones killed himself and another tried to commit suicide but failed. Puharich was involved in Army Psychological operations from the begining of his career and there is no proof that he ever stoped working for that organisation. Basically Puharich has a seriuous history of messing with people's heads even to the point of taking Special Kids to a resort in Mexico in order to develope their supposed psychic powers. These kids were then abandoned when the place was mysteriously burned down and many were found to be deeply confused and mentally unstable after the experience requiring counciling.

This is all well and good you might say, but that link is a bit tenuous at best. I would disagree and implore you to read on....I will change tack momentarily in order to try to bring you to the current perspective that I hold of the McCann case.

Jake likes to say that this is where it gets a little bit strange but this thing gets stranger and stranger and stranger. You see Madeline McCann is not the first Madeleine to disappear in the world. There has been one other disappearance of another Maddie in recent times and it was a rather unusual case to boot....

The Madlyn ("Maddie") Rae Clifton Disappearance

November 9, 1998 To: Sheriff's Office Jacksonville, Florida
From: President PSI TECH, Inc.
Subject: The Madlyn ("Maddie") Rae Clifton Disappearance
Special Note: The information contained herein was obtained via Technical Remote Viewing (TRV). Pertinent information about PSI TECH's intelligence collection methods and techniques is available on the Internet at our company's web site,

Link to archive of Maddie Cliffton The Madyln Joshua Philips murdered Maddie Clifton.

So if you have checked out the links you will see that Maddie was abducted and butchered by her next door neighbour and the information that lead to the discovery was allegedly attained from Psi Tech by means of remote viewing.

Next I would like to direct you to these two characters, one Amanda Hart from St Albans and Ben Murphy from Watford. Both are psychics featured on the Channel 5 programme Britain's Psychic Challenge. These two clowns although thougherly ineffective at all things psychic announced via PR company that they were offering their services to the mcCanns in order to try to find maddie via remote viewing. See link to a description of this pair of useless twats endeavours on the psychic challenge.

This can also be confirmed at this website the rather unfortunately named (forgive my small rant about this ridiculous website)

Freek Ate McCann is how that reads to me. A website that has been set up just in case Kate McCann gets fucked up is that people...answers on a postcard please.......

Site Rules: for Basically you are not allowed to say ANYTHING bad about the McCann because they are such nice people. What bullshit these people are shysters of the highest order. Who sets up a free anybody website when they are not in prison and don't look like they are ever going to go to prison. They shook hands with the POPE for fuck sake.

NR 1. While we understand you have your own views on these unfortunate circumstances Gerry and Kate McCann have presently not been charged on any counts of any criminal activities.
NR 2. So any comments in the nature of Finger Pointing will have to be removed, speculative comments could be deemed libellous.
NR 3. You can have your “freedom of speech” but such comments could be deemed potentially libellous. And the author of the comment is responsible.
Nr 4. We have to do this to cover both you “The Poster” and Us “The Site Owners” to make sure no such criminal charges are brought against us/you. (Rant over)

Then there is the invitation of another major supposed psychic to join the fray and this time it came from within the McCann clan.“MADDIE’S PARENTS CALL FOR PSYCHIC BARBER”

“I have offered my help for free,” says Smith. “I never charge for private readings. I have already assured them I will say nothing to the press.” This was the call on clairvoyant Gordon Smith alleged 7th son of a 7th son to aid in the search.

It was not revealed to the press or anyone else how Mr Smith got on, but it was understood that he would be trying to find Madeleine using remote viewing.

So we have remote viewing and a secretive group christened The Tapas NINE. So what's going on. It seems to me that this notion of a secretive group called the NINE is becoming more and more prevalent. I have not finished The Stargate Conspiracy yet so I don't know what Lynn Picknetts conclusions are but it seems to me that these two events are connected. Those incidents being the missing Maddie in the US in 1999 and the missing Maddie in Portugal 2007, both involving groups labeled as the NINE operating in secret in the background and both using the technique of remote viewing. It is asserted that it was the remote viewing that found the first Maddie. This is not strictly true. The viewing that was given did seem to correspond with the location the child was found though, i.e under a water bed and a metal grill.

What I would like to point out is that it seems very convenient that this group would get involved in finding Maddie 1. That she then turns up as fairly accurately predicted and that the murderer is totally fucked up in the head when he did not appear to have a history of serious mental illness.

Picknett accuses the remote viewing crowd of using the whole NINE thing as a mental psychological experiment to see how people will react to the existence of ET's and that those ET's may have been our creators, except for the poor black people who evolved here.

These people seem intent on telling us that we all have special powers inside us and that all we need is training to bring those wonderful magical powers to fruition. They are also deeply linked to the Freemasons and to other religious groups. The entire New Age movement is based around this close knit group who all stem from CIA (M KULT RA) Mr Puharich and the Stanford Research Institute a primary defense research contractor in the area of psychological warfare.

There was a recent bad TV show called THE NINE in the US it got pulled for bad ratings. The main theme of the show was interconnectedness and sycronicity.

Interestingly the ordeal goes on for 52 hours (4 * 13) and the connections I made in M is for Murat involved 52 years. The Nine was also shown in conjuction with another show that was also dropped called the Knights of Prosperity. Just another inocent little coincidence folks move along nothing to see here.

The Knights of Prosperity is a TV comedy series that premiered on ABC in the United States on Wednesday, January 3, 2007 and lasted less than one season. It was created by Rob Burnett and Jon Beckerman, who also created the NBC comedy-drama Ed. The show follows a group of misfits—the titular Knights—who attempt to rob various celebrities, the first being Mick Jagger.
Mick Jagger the famous rebel now a Knight of the Realm and follower of the teachings of one:

There is no getting away from it these people are exerting serious control over the way large numbers of people think in the 21st century. Just like the McCanns trying to change the way people think. On examination of the Freek Ate McCann website and the find Madeleine website it is easy to see the way they want you to think. There are multiple adds for methods of protecting your children, something that the McCanns seem to have been markedly bad at by the way. Then there is the adds for the Celebrity Madonna Divas of today with a full side strip of Angelina jolie britanny christina aguilra and all the other pointless sluts that grace our screens 24/7 featured on the gerry and kate blog.

These sites is aimed at people that are easily swayed and nothing gets posted that offends or implicates the McCanns in anything other than being the innocent parents who happen to be backed by The POPE The PM of UK Richard Brandson JK Rowling among many more I even saw that recently Laura Bush made an appeal on US TV for the safe return of poor little MADELEINE.

Changing opinions & Changing laws see link below:

"MEPs overwhelmingly support creating an EU-wide sex offenders register - and politicians across Europe want crimes involving children to be treated the same way in all member states",,91210-1280986,00.html

That's some serious hitting power in that line up. The question is, is it sinister? The answer is, of course it is, these people are twisted fucks who care nothing for the opinions of you or I.

Next on the agenda is the link I pointed out previously with the Mr Murat associated with the Templar's in the Messianic legacy. First it is interesting to note that Robert Murat was described as being an overly helpful man almost to the point of being annoying. A point he demonstrated by yet again offering his services to the police in Portugal as a translator. It is my suggestion to you that Mr R Murat of the Madeleine McCann case is himself a member of or is connected to a Chivalric order in existence today.

Chivalry is defined as: "The qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women." In other words being polite and helpful above and beyond the call of duty.

I have already shown that certain things the McCanns have gotten up to since the alleged abduction seem to coincide with events from the past i.e the talk of solidarity on a significant date in NATO's history, where for the first time it showed complete solidarity, in it's opinion that it should invade a sovereign country, that had in no way provoked or attacked it and had in fact been it's ally as demonstrated by Taliban visits to Texas.

This has also been demonstrated by having 2 Mr Murats giving deposition exactly 52 years apart.

What we seem to be looking at is a ritualistic reenactment of past events disguised as a child abduction. The McCanns have kept a detailed account of the Ritual online but it is now unavailable except for a few recent entries. The Templar's basically engineered NATO. The McCanns are engineering new modes of cross border cooperation in order to bring in new child protection laws.

To demonstrate the NATO connection and the Templar connection further I would like you to note some interesting little side order titbits from the ritual so far.

"Picture of blonde girl in Morocco is new twist in Madeleine case",,2177289,00.html

"Picture of blonde girl in Morocco is new twist in Madeleine case Rachel Williams Wednesday September 26, 2007 The Guardian
The photo taken by a tourist in Morocco who claims it may be of Madeleine McCann on the back of a woman."

"Speculation over the Madeleine McCann case was given new impetus last night after the emergence of a photograph taken in Morocco showing a small blonde girl bearing a resemblance to the missing four-year-old. The picture, of a girl being carried in a sling on a woman's back, was taken just over three weeks ago in Zinat, in the north of the country, by a Spanish holidaymaker. It has been passed to experts working on the investigation. It follows a series of reports of possible sightings of Madeleine in Morocco made public in recent days, but is the first time a photograph has come to light. There were two sightings of a blonde girl matching her description in Marrakech on May 9, and it was reported yesterday that there had been a third potential sighting in northern Morocco later that month. Another Spanish woman is convinced she saw Madeleine in the town of Zaio being led by a Moroccan woman in Muslim dress across a street."

"Spanish prime minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said on Monday his government is not worried about the US decision to designate Morocco a major non-NATO ally."

"A source in the NATO said that it will hold its first meeting in an Arab state in April as it will witness the talks with seven Mediterranean partners in Morocco."

So it would seem that the Morocco conection has been around since day one and that Morocco seems to be a special case in Africa as far as NATO is concerned. it would appear to me that NATO is trying to incorporate Africa in to it's set up and Morocco is the steping stone for that aim.

Next we have another sighting and this time it just happens to be in the Stronghold of another rather famous group of Knights The ORDER of MALTA.

From BBC:

"A number of UK tourists have reported seeing a child resembling the missing four-year-old in the island's capital, Valletta, and the resort of Sliema."

"Her parents, from Rothley in Leicestershire, will release 50 yellow balloons from the resort's beach today to mark the 50 days since her disappearance. Supporters in countries including Ireland, Argentina, the US, Singapore and Australia will then follow suit. In Afghanistan, campaigners will fly 50 kites emblazoned with pictures of the missing four-year-old, a report on the FindMadeleine website said. And in California, 50 white doves will be released. "

It is interesting to note that the sighting was in Valletta and one of the major players in UFO history and a man mentioned a lot when it comes to faking things is one Jacques Vallee who wrote Revealations, Alien contact and Human Deception. Just like a UFO sighting nothing would come of it.

This was day 50. On day 27 the McCanns met the Pope.

"It was very important for us to deliver Madeleine's photo and when the Pope bless her it was a very emotive moment because we now that his touch will help us in going through this difficult times"

Now we seem to have two contradictory concepts at play here. One being the involvement of freemasonary and the other the involvement of the Order of Malta two institutions that historically have not been allies. I think that this is the primary key to the mystery of MM. It is the joining of forces to create one super powerfull institution.

I see the New World Order consisting of a joining together of the old advarsraies. Freemasonary, the Catholic Church the Jesuits the Mormons the Shriners the Jews and yes even the Nazi's in a war against the Muslims and Black people of Space Ship Earth. They intend to imprison their own populations within the new super state and regard all the good land as of limits because of environmental preservation. The systematic wiping out of the so called lesser races will follow and remember it is the NINE that have decreed all this via contact with PSYCHICS who seem to have the ear of the most powerfull people on the planet.

Lets side step again in to some more odd little titbits.

I have stated that there is a band called Alpha galates which has a lead singer with the initials MW. It is interesting to note that the owner of the resort also had the initals MW for Mark Warner. On the subject of Mr Matthew Wagner of the Band Alpha Galates. It is interesting to note that Hitler's favourite composer was also a Wilhelm Richard Wagner (22 May 181313 February 1883) was a German composer, conductor, music theorist, and essayist, primarily known for his operas or "music dramas".

Unlike most other great opera composers, Wagner always wrote the scenario and libretto for his works himself. So we the inverse of MM cipher with WW, as above so below. Mr Hitler also had a goal of a United Europe under the control of a Nazi Death Cult who believed they were decended from Atlantis and that they carried the genes of the Alteans. Note:He also allied himself with the Catholic Church notably so here in Ireland as we refused to join the war against the Germans as quiet frankly anybody who wanted to fuck up the Brits was a friend to the Irish but primarily De Valera refused to enter the war because of the Church. Now I'm sorry but i've heard that one before and so have you. That was basically the exact message of the mysterious Alien Council of NINE. Round and round we go and back we come to the same shit. Wagner was interested in harmonics and so was Puharich but ostebsibly so that he could use them to manipulate people using low frequency sound.

Just as Wagner controled the scenario and libretto so the McCanns have controled the Scenario and Liberetto of their 15minutes(seems like 15 years).

Vatican Forgives Templars:

So what do these people who keep promoting these agenda's want. It would seem it is the dismanteling of life and free will as we know it. They want us to accept at the same time the existance of people on earth with special powers to contact the Gods, that the Gods themselves are Aliens and that the want us to exist in harmony with the planet but with a whole raft of new rules that if we dont follow results in death. It results in death as we are only lowly life forms and should be subordinate to the gods that created us. If you cant have respect for your creator Alien God when he stands before you, you will pay the ultimate price.

Why should they keep their plan of a master race just for the Germans. If Hitler could delude the German people in to thinking they had some divine rite to walk the planet and are descended fron the builders of Atlantis, why can't they convince (Vaincre)the whole world but half a century later.

“In May 2001, when he was prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger sent a letter to all Catholic Bishops declaring that the Church’s investigations into claims of child sex abuse were subject to the pontifical secret and were not to be reported to law enforcement until investigations were completed, on pain of excommunication.” - Wikipedia Roman Catholic Sex Abuse Cases

It comes down to this. If they're selling it I'm not buying it.

Mind Control is not just about Manchurian Candidates. In the end it would not surprise me one little bit to see Madeleine either return under miricalous circumstances or be found by the use of a medium or psychic of some sort. Gerry McCann has already gone on record saying he heard the voice of God telling him to keep looking for his daughter in his Valis episode that Ben fairhall has documented. Gerry has also gone back to work, it looks like he is going to rely on the high powered detective agency to keep up the search for his daughter. Maybe God told him to use the million odd in donations in order to fund a Private Security Agency. £300,000 has been spent already.

What a waste of time & money when it's obvious by the lack of clues that Madeleine was ABDUCTED BY ALIENS.

I will continue to add to this post.............

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And Bens latest blog is astoundingly about Elvis being an Indigo and being abducted by is very strange....

The Stargate Conspiracy Website....highly recommended...


Anonymous said...

Hi another major group of nine was the Egyptian ennead which was a group of nine gods. One of them was Isis which links with the pyramid photo, other groups of nine and statues of Isis/Magdalene. There seems to be some serious sun worship going on here.

JB said...

Gavin, my latest article over at the Meta-Logic Café is about THIS article, it is entitled "The NINE", and I think its info might help you in your most impressive research.

Michael said...

This is such a great post! "If they're selling, I'm not buying".

I have a friend who says (rather wildy) that the JFK assassination was in fact a ritual that declared the takeover of the Catholic church by the Templars/Illuminati. That may or may not be true, but your connections drawn in the MM case are very shrewd. The one world government already exists, or very nearly so. They only need to "justify" it.

Atlantean Times said...

Thank you Michael,

Lots of michael's in my family,father + brother......

I think of JFK as being a Ritual and that would seem to fit the MO in that the rituals always seem to commemorate an event or passing....the passing of the trumpets for 911111111...I have always had sympathy for the Bush involvement in jfk he was there after all...photographed outside the morgue. Bush skull and bones takes out kennedy order of malta the irish line is removed from the power structures and Vatican control amputated. The bush british line reinstated. mcnamara the irish traitor conducts vietnam and gets his reward by taking control of the world bank....what a racket...

AstroSphinx said...

I very much agree with allot of your syncratic findings.. save for the "indigo child" thing... I find this is from my own perspective that I can feel another kind of involvement going on there.

The actions and activities of this case is at best "fishy" from the very start. When I was allerted to all this talk of "Maddie" via news, television, radio, news papers, google and various other media members I couldn't help but think "how on earth did they do this media blitz without friends in high places..?"

In the past of cases very similar with similar media stances, it was ALWAYS the parents who were the ones responsible.. but in this case to say that, to point the finger or even ASK was intolerable.. this varified my feeling of a "fishy" story.

Another thing is the idea of a person breaking into an apartment and carrying off a sleeping child and that child not waking up.. must be someone who either KNEW something, or for example knew this child may be drugged, or this is one of the most dangerous preditory creatures known to humanity.. because child abductors would not usually risk so much unless their state of mind was so uniquely disturbed that they were obsessed, which COULD happen but was also highly unlikely as child preditors ARE by nature rather like their prey in many ways.. otherwise wouldn't they have more success with OLDER children ect.. Percentages tell me that the likelyhood of the parents involvment is more likely than that of a raving loony roaming around just snatching children from their parents room while they were left alone.. (in spite of the parental access to babysitting services I might add!!)

Now, back in June, I noted that the parents were both doctors.. that they were not accustomed to having their children with them on the day to day.. so why why why on earth did they not access a childminding service??? Because the children (all of them) were likely drugged.. this is incriminating on the grounds of child neglect. Any mother (and father) leaving their precious children alone no matter how long is under extreme scrutiny, but for some reason this pair could "justify" everything..

Doesn't that just ring a little too easy?

Even recently when things keep popping up.. hair samples with seditive traces (did anyone sample the twin's hair too?) the "scent" of "corpse" found in a car (rented AFTER the missing girl went missing).. these people are either a part of it, or were very very very set up.. which also Could happen but is also HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

I really liked the connection with the "9" situation AND lastly the M. KULT RA: That is fucking brilliant that is!!!

Best wishes and thanks for that!


Atlantean Times said...

Thanks Dorian..your second name isnt Grey is it...

Anonymous said...

Is Von Wagner then using his album and his site to distribute secret info? Has anyone been able to access the secret part of his site? I KNOW Masonic symbols. There is something here. Check out one of the symbols on the Mayan Calendar.