Monday, November 19, 2007

Remote Viewing or Remote Control...

The subject of remote viewing seems to be popping up a lot. I tried it once, I thought why not give it a go. I had no idea what to do but I had seen Derren Brown try to demonstrate how it could be shown to work without actually really working. He did genuinely show that it was easy to replicate the phenomena by simply being in the room with the person while they tried. Another way was by the subtle use of the POWER of SUGGESTION implemented using speech patterns and word play. So when you take things like that on board and then read the accounts of people who have been involved in these types of experiments it is easy to see how the test subject can be influenced to say almost anything by the most innocuous of things that happen to them before the test.

Having established at least in my own mind that this is a phenomena that can be faked or imitated I would like to proceed and bash the crap out of my own theory. I have studied the principles of most the foundations of math and science and in doing so have become aware of a little thing called Quantum Mechanics.. I have also become aware of other elements of this grand puzzle in the form of syncronicities. These elements layered upon each other provides me with a cake universe that allows for the transmission of signals between vibrating crystals. If these crystals happened to be attached to some form of intelligence, that could make sense of the signals, then all sorts of things become possible.

Me and you both are forms of intelligentsia that have vibrating crystals in our heads (pineal Gland)so therefore at some point we may be able to send each other signals most likely in a situation when the crystals were vibrating in harmony with each other. When I tried it i chose the Whitehouse I had no knowledge of the rooms or layout but I suppose I had seen it in films. I drew a fairly good representation of the ground and 1st floors with the correct hall and large rooms. I seemed to be able to float around the building like a Veil of Smoke. I clung on to Cheney as he walked by me and he descended this spiral staircase. We entered a stainless steel lift and went down 26 floors in to an underground basement. That's it as far as i can remember. So if the Whitehouse has 26 sub floors then i will be a believer...if it doesn't that means nothing more than I did it wrong I suppose as it doesn't disprove anything.

Ergo; Remote Viewing is probably possible but Remote Controlling far more likely!

Crazy Rulers of the World Part 1

It would seem in sync land all roads lead to Rome...I have posted the first video in the series here ...but please vist the marvelously sychronistastic

Through the Looking Glass it certainly is, this link has the three videos in the series posted together...A Must watch for Remote Viewing enthusiasts although the conclusions are not good being even less favourable than I have been.


FilmNoir23 said...

I appreciate the nod. That is a very well done series on a fascinating topic that rarely garners much attention.

Atlantean Times said...

This series answers many questions...cheers for posting it...


AstroSphinx said...

Hej Gawin!

This men who stare at goats thing was very weird.. naturally they were trying to develop ablities they had no business of even having.. because in order to get anywhere near that stuff, you have to start operating in higher dimensions..

...and if you are going to stop the hearts of small animals or goats or people.. how evolved are you REALLY? This sounds like the pure version of death ritual and Sacrifice.

If I assume I have any "ablities" within that area, I certainly wouldn't be using it to kill things other than disease...and you can't dare even think "kill" but rather "heal".. but never mind.. maybe I'm nothing more than a hyper senstive human with the same abilities as some animals such as cats and dogs, with the complexity of being a person or creature who values things alive...

I have read books on the ninja mind techiniques, and basicly they use their awareness of the environment around them with understanding of inner peace and power and finally allot of PsyOp style rumour.. they have always functioned this way... so its nothing new, just not talked about much.