Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Parent Powers & Holy Blood.....

I would like to present you with the following argument for the NONEXISTENCE of any HOLY/ROYAL/ALIEN BLOODLINE......This is not my argument but it does represent a valid and scientific reasoning based on Fuzzy Logic.

One to Nine by Andrew Hodges.

"A typical genealogy, drawn this way, is a tree with ancestral roots.

Even ignoring the problem of tracing cousins, genealogical research quickly gets out of hand if every root line is followed.

two parents four grandparents and so on with (2) n+2 Great n-grandparents, add up to an ever growing problem. The index n here is a power or exponent and the proliferation of ancestors is an example of exponential growth.
Go back some 80 generations, to the year that ought to be numbered 0 (1 ad) and it is obvious that the world did not have enough room for your 2 to the 80th power of grandparents for that is about a trillion trillion people. The solution to this puzzle is apparent from the genealogies of Royal families, where cousin marriages of various degrees are commonplace. We are all inbred, in some it is more remote and others more common.
Exponential growth also puts in to question the antiquated notion of a family with a bloodline. There has recently been much interest in holyblood - direct descendants of Jesus - BUT after 80 generations, ancestral DNA is diluted to one part in 2(80) that's 2 to the 80th power or in other words as meaningless as a homeopathic remedy. In practice common usage relies on the PATRIARCHAL concept of sonship being the bloodline. It is indeed the carrier of the Y chromosome, but this carries only 23 proteins.
If Jesus existed, and had DNA,then there would exist cousins of some degree today, about 80 times removed who would effectively have as much shared DNA as any direct descendants would."
Basically you and me have as much chance of being related to auld Jeesy Creesy as any Queen, Nobleman or Freemason. Worth bearing in mind the next time someone tells you they have found the Bloodline of Christ.


aferrismoon said...

Worth remembering every time we ask who we are , or the usual foisted upon us, flags and special days.... but it's traditional
The whole bloodline idea is great for movies and books. The idea of a pure race = a race of inbreds . This seems to be the expanded version of the pure family bloodline.
Cheers for comments , have answered it.

BTB said...

True, Todd... Worth remembering the next time someone (or some people) try telling us they're 'The Chosen' as well.

Ain't that right, Mr Zion?

Atlantean Times said...

If you let it, coming across little passages like these can really mess with your head. I have to say i love it....Coincidence gets near breaking point, snaps and enters hyperspace./...

JB said...

I just wrote an article over at my sight, entitled "Knowledge truly IS power!", starting with your own article. It may bring some answers. Enjoy.

Not a Blogger said...

Just found this: http://conspiracycentral.net:6969/stats.html?info_hash=e8cbe74eec58229c9ff8d3adbe45fb340d797d28
its about the numbers 1 to 9 and vortexes. Really darn interesting.