Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sir Richard Dearlove Bilderberger Mi6 War Criminal.

This is from PollenB who posted it to Youtube. It is a public meeting where questions are asked but not answered. Sir Richard Dearlove former Head Mi6, also a former Bilderberg attendee, a fact he admits on this tape, does not react well to accusations laid against him that he is a War Criminal! Cheers Pollen for posting this he has also done some nice work on 911 videos available at
"Sir Richard Billing Dearlove, KCMG, OBE (born 23 January 1945) was head of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) from 1999 until 6 May 2004.
He was born in
Cornwall and attended Monkton Combe School near Bath and Queens' College, Cambridge. He joined the MI6 in 1966 and was posted to Nairobi in 1968. After being posted to Prague, Paris and Geneva he became head of Washington station in 1991, director of personnel and administration in 1993 and director of operations in 1994. He became chief in 1999."


AstroSphinx said...

You know you posted some tips on how to spot the lying.. well I see alot of those signals there; espeically that hesitation when they mentioned Bilderberg or what ever... it bothers me too about
Carl Bilt.. one end he usually is a great spokes person for the middle ground of Swedish opinion, but when the papers and other people bring up Bilderberg.. its funny how they get all uptight in body language. I'm not totally convinced that David Icke's verison of what Bilderberg is is true and accurate.. but there must be something very unnerving for the bodylanguage to go all like that.. what do you think? As if the lies were sufficiant enough.. I just turn the sound down and look at it.. go back to the parts of where the body language gets the most squeemish.. and pow, I think it was ON that Bilderberg question..

Atlantean Times said...

Funny as I write this I am watching startrek nemisis just at the bit where picard meets his clone...It's on E 4...amazing sync as he starts talking about the illness that affected both picards as children..Schelofs syndrome a hypersenseitiveity to sound..strange world we live in....

Picard the Man that Merged with The Cube to become Swedish (sorry Borg)gets Cloned by the Romulans or Romans and he has a hyperdimensional senseitivity to sound...i hate this one Data dies will he rise from the dead The Robot with the heart of gold reminds me of a line from the Usual Suspects..The Hooker with the heart of gold....

anyway i'm rambling yep he tells many untruths but he does do that for a living it's just he looks like such a dick in the process...He is a Master PsyOp opinion...cheeers astro hope you and your's are well....gav..

aferrismoon said...

Downloaded this , nice one
Have been watching Spooks lately.
even nice people kill, apparently

JM said...

Sir Richard Dearlove, 61, was Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service - MI6.
Salary: up to £200,000.
Role: Insisted to the Hutton Inquiry (the David Kelly whitewash) he was not aware of any unhappiness within the intelligence community over the 45-minute claim.
Now: Living in genteel retirement as Master of Pembroke College, Cambridge, on Civil Service pension of up to £100,000


Nice work if you can get it....

Check out -
- the guys asking the awkward questions. Some good podcasts there.

Atlantean Times said...

Thanks Jm,,

somehow i doubt that they were his only sources of income though...

I will check that out Cheers..gav

aferrismoon said...

The problem with the Bilders, CFR, and other RPGs is the paucity of information while at the same time making out like its just a stylish night out with the heads of their professions. If its all fairly innocent then lets have a wee peep. Obviously we're interested , can't we come along.
Often the idea is put forward that if u have nothing to hide u have nothing to fear from having multiple tiny electronic things placed in various body-parts or other security measures. So by this logic refusing to talk about the Bilders is the therefore admitting that one has something to hide.
Won't let us attend, won't talk about it, sorry mate , U R nicked.
The dismissive way that he reacts annoys me. As if the questioner should know that Rich finds it boring. The reason he's asking is because The Secret service keeps things secret and partakes of disin4mation, so we will probably repeat these question until we do.
The 'murderer' description - well, I guess that's the Brit.Intel guy doing a wrecking job by impersonating a guy who accuses someone of mass murder with no proof. Dumb move .
I wish that these questioners wouldn't be so accusing , screaming Witch at just about anything they predecided is BAAAAAAAAD. Sorry but , I have to think that they're or whatever.
Lounge Lizards - the New Album from the Cowboy Bilderburgs. All tracks are utterly secret, but u have to get a chip moulded to your eyelid if u wanna here their hot new 'recordings'
Now the Cardinals .
The Bilderberg Cardinals - The Baseball team that holds all the Bases
All the best

BTB said...

Dearlove is also the present Master of Pembroke College, Cambridge... My Alma Mater, as it happens.