Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Attack of the Clones & Identity Theft!

Separated at Birth, A Clone or an Identity Thief?

Well it looks like today is the day when the killing blow has been landed and Gordon Brown British PM is the Victim. In an incredible move the elites have engineered a disaster that will effect 25million British people, leaving them vulnerable to Identity Theft. I intend to be Blunt.
"Industry figures unite in condemnation of the Government's handling of the loss of 25 million child benefit records - thought to include the name and address of every child in Britain, and bank account details of carers and parents."
So Dave is to be the Clone that benifits from the Loss of Childrens Records. The Age of the Child is Upon us people be on the look out for lots more child related symbolism and symbolistic acts like this one.

This my friends is a perfect example of Elite power manipulation. The package that went missing contains the personal details of 25million familes. That's 25 million families who will not be voting labour in the next selection. The day I first clapped eyes on the privileged piece of shit that is to be the next fascist leader of Britain one David Cameron, I said to myself " My he looks remarkably like Tony Blair". Cameron is the engineered chosen replacement for the New World Orders operations in Britain.

The Following are quotes from the wiki on Cameron & a link to the wiki.

"David Cameron was born in London, but brought up at Peasemore, near Newbury, in the English county of Berkshire,[7] the son of stockbroker Ian Donald Cameron and Mary Fleur Mount the second daughter of Sir William Malcolm Mount, 2nd Baronet.[8] His father was born at Blairmore House near Huntly, Aberdeenshire,[9] which was built by Cameron's grandfather Ewen Donald Cameron's maternal grandfather Alexander Geddes[10] who had made a fortune in the grain business in Chicago and had returned to Scotland in the 1880s.[11] The Cameron family were originally from the Inverness area of the Scottish Highlands.[12]

His father's family had a long history in the world of finance: David Cameron's great grandfather Arthur Francis Levita (brother of Sir Cecil Levita)[13] of Panmure Gordon stockbrokers and his great-great grandfather Sir Ewen Cameron,[12] London head of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank played key roles in discussions led by the Rothschilds with the Japanese central banker (later Prime Minister) Takahashi Korekiyo concerning the selling of war bonds during the Russo-Japanese war.[14]

At the age of seven, Cameron was sent to Heatherdown Preparatory School at Winkfield in Berkshire, which counts Prince Andrew and Prince Edward among its alumni. A feature on Cameron in The Mail on Sunday of 18 March 2007[18] reported that in July 1978, when Cameron was 11, Mrs Gordon Getty flew her son Peter, grandson of the oil billionaire John Paul Getty and four of his classmates to the United States to celebrate his birthday. Cameron was one of the classmates chosen to accompany him.

Cameron married Samantha Sheffield, daughter of Sir Reginald Sheffield, 8th Baronet and Annabel Astor, Viscountess Astor, on 1 June 1996 at Ginge Manor in Oxfordshire. Among the guests at the wedding were Jade Jagger, a friend of the Sheffield family.

While at Oxford, Cameron was captain of Brasenose College's tennis team.[2] He was also a member of the student dining society the Bullingdon Club,[28] which recently has obtained a reputation for a drinking culture associated with boisterous behaviour and damaging property usually in the private rooms of restaurants and pubs hired out to the club.
Bullingdon Club this is a painting of the original photo.
Cameron used the courts to prevent anyone using the original photo.

So as you can see he comes out of a Royal line and his family cut their teeth alongside the Rothschilds......A man of the doesn't seem right to call him that though, A Man that is. More of a leech or better yet a reptilian bloodsucker but definitely not a man. His father was born in Blairmore House and that's exactly what the British people will get. MORE BLAIR.
It looks to me like Dave Cameron stole Tony Blair's Identity a long time ago.


BTB said...

Tony Blair is a practicising Satanist... I've been quite encouraged by Cameron's stance on ID cards, however, though I agree with your article in principle. Great research on the family connections.

You wanted some assistance with an article on Maddy?

My e-mail is

Cheers Gav,

Waiting for deliverance said...

It all seems like we are brought up in a world where the majority is brainwashed zombies controlled by satanist waiting to kill some of us when they're done with their plans.

Britain is the covenant, the pope gave the crown ruling power over the planet in the middle ages. The planet Earth is their dominion and the people are sold out before they are born as a subject that is why they don't care about our personal data.

From pope, to kings, to bankers and so on. We have two options:

It looks like its a cycle of death, slavery, revolution, then slavery, then revolution.

Just like groundhog day, what other options, suicide? No, you get to reincarnate. Is there any end to this?

Atlantean Times said...

hi ben

Cheers I will send that on when I write a short first draft. Still trying to get my head around it and have had pc trouble all day...

It would be an easy thing to agree to not use identity cards and then arrange an event which will prove their usefullness. After the fact say if we had ID cards this wouldnt have fact if you think about it this would be the perfect excuse to have everyone change their details and incorporate this into a new scheme for ID....that just crossed my mind as i wrote.

Cameron cant even manage to be as Blairesque as he would like...Maybe he was chosen so that brown would remain in the british people really want another blair....I totally agree with blair being a satanist although it depends on your definition of satanist.

if I was a betting man & I am The money goes on Cameron to win any future election...the slick shyster that he is....

Anonymous said...

From the alt.freemasonry Yahoo board -
Allan Parkinson
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More options 3 Jul 2003, 22:54
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry
From: "Allan Parkinson"
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 22:53:27 +0000 (UTC)
Local: Thurs 3 Jul 2003 22:53
Subject: David Cameron MP

I'd like to congratulate my local Masonic lodge member, David Cameron MP for
Witney, on his promotion to Deputy Speaker for the Conservative Party. As an extremely young MP (thirties) I expect him to be party leader by the end of his political career...

The hyperlink goes on forever (too long/difficult to post here) - he was always going to be their man...

Atlantean Times said...

Thanks for your input there anonymous.....hhhmmmm

AstroSphinx said...

This Identity theft thing.. brutal and obviously a flaw built into the system... no doubt you are on to something about with that.... every child in the UK's identity stolen.

When I was a small child, about the age of my son, maybe even younger I used to have very strange thoughts and would often think about "what if the people you know, wern't the people you know, but rather REPLACEMENTS.." but of course that would be thought of today as an offence to be charged with PARANIOA and to be locked up for life within the world of pharmisutical medications to make you less imaginative and far more easily accepting of the will of others... as today where so many children are placed on useless drugs.. which only alter them making them too, more complient to the needs of the system in place.

I'm seeing more than just a "age of the child" idea here I suspect a generation who was intentionally seperated from a world of nature...

There is another thing that comes to mind which may or may not be related; the tests which have been made in the UK under project Artichoke.. where the government has intentionally made people sick....some will be subseptable.. some will not.. gentetic background.. searching for the ones who get sick OR searching for the one's who stay well, I don't know; no matter what, this is documented, and is still on going as far as I know.. and this is scary to me because so many countries are effected, and so many have been denied access to this information.. but I see that this angle is a part of a scheme of possibly trying to do something which aflicts a large number of the population, say for example all the children in Brittian.

Some people talk of reptilians.. (still not seeing it) some people speak of bloodlines, (its plausible to a point) but shadow actions from secret branches of outwardly flawed governments.. who are supposed to "protect".. this is very very much going on.. you only need to look beyond the facade to see what's happening.

Brilliant writing Gav!!