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Time Moving Masons on the Paper Thin Checkerboard of Alien life....

The top pic is my view from the brealfast table every morning for 2 weeks in the beautiful Alabama sun. The middle pic is me in my fathers lap at dinner in Minorca aged 3 and the bottom pic is me and my space girl Sarah Leech from Salt lake who was kind enough to kiss this Irish boy aged 17 that very day.

This is a colection of thoughts which sprang from 3 films that were on simultaneously last night.

The Paper, Independance Day and Men in Black. I saw the Paper for the first time on a flight to Atlanta....I was going to the SPACE CAMP in Alabama and Took part in training for shuttle missions in the space camp. I flew the shuttle on a 2 hour practice mission and played the role of CAPCOM the Comunications officer during our extended mission. Considering what I am about to say and Einsteins theories about relativity I feel that being in the air while I first watched THE PAPER was thougherly appropriate.

Here's a proposition for you. There exists a group that is aware of the existence of technology that is revolutionary. A technology that enables us to start over. The thing is this technology is not hidden from the rest of us. We are in fact totally aware of it every day of our lives. how could we not be aware of it? We are standing on it. The entity upon which you now stand is not what you think it is. That's right the Planet Earth. Synchronicities and Fuzzy logic prevail.

Now I know right now you are saying to yourself that this guy has lost it and maybe I have but the nature of this great machine is that i get another chance to get it back tomorrow. Each day we start afresh each day is an ocean of tomorrows a sky of tomorrows.
In this photo the papers form a tringle with keaton at the Top and Quaid pointing to the Heavens. The papers and the media were used to perpetrate 9/11. "The Mystery Mega Ritual". The papers also form towers five in total. Keaton sits atop the biggest tower and he is trying to rebuild the Sun newspaper while being courted by the enemy sentinels at "The Sentinel newspaper"... Keaton is the leader of the gang just like Dean Keaton or Gabriel Byrne in The Usual Suspects. Gabriel Byrne stared in The End of days alongside Christnegger as the Devil himself and Kaiser Soza is the Devil Criminal ghost Entity played by Kevin Spacey who manages the greatest magick trick of convincing the world that he doesnt exist just like Mr Darwin (Mr Evolution)the Canoeist who went missing to perpertrate a fraud by FAKING his death and convincing the world he no longer existed.
Keep the Darwin reference in mind for later it doesnt mean much here but it's important.
So where did I get this revolutionary notion from...revolution is the key to I write this i am listening and watching the film THE PAPER.

A truck passes by with large black lettering on all sides "TIME MOVERS" it says. Michael Keaton and his wife are arguing about whether or not something should be done Today or Tomorrow. The plot is linked to the Cindona P2 masonic conspiracy. Robert Duvall is the chief editor and has already stood looking out towards the Twin Towers with the pyramid shaped roof of another building perfectly capping his head...Keaton has now just proclaimed that he does not live in "This World" he lives in "fucking New York". He is talking from the offices of the "Sun newspaper" down the phone to the chief of the "Sentinel newspaper"....Just like the matrix the sentinel is the enemy in the race to get the scoop. He has just Stolen valuable information from the Sentinels..... Randy Quaid then fires a Bullet in to stack of newspapers he builds in the office as everyone is argueing around him. He was trying to sleep and wants to allow Keaton to speak to his pregnant wife.

Mr Keaton is also the name of a character in the Usual Suspects. A crooked cop who may or may not be the Devil Kaiser Soza (Dark Prince). Keaton is a bent cop who along with Kevin Spacey plans an Attack on the New York crooked cop (Christ) TAXI SERVICE. He is also a man who managed to convince the world that he didnt exist by faking his own death. Keaton spends most of the Usual Suspects thinking about and wanting to be with his fiancee Edie finneran. Michael Keaton or (Batman the crossbred human bat and Bettlegeuse the Soul named after a Star in the Constellation ORION where some conspiracy theorist think Aliens live)is faced with the decision about whether to stay with the Sun or switch sides for an easier life and more time with his wife by going over to the sentinel. Dean Keaton is faced with the decision to do one last JOB or just retire with his lovely fiancee.

Quaid shoots the stack of newspapers and gets everyones ATTENTION. I have already compared the stack of papers to the Towers in NewYork. This is an incarnation or invokation of the 911 Ritual. The 911 Ritual of shooting fake planes in to the two towers certainly got my attention and i have outlined how i feel about that in this post Please notice that the I luv NY photo that I use in my earlier article is used on a coffee cup in The Paper cover art.....................................................

Chasing the scoop is the Christ like Randy Quaid....Quaid the former Alien abductee has just been beamed in to my living room as the time machines saviour alongside Will Smith & Jeff Goldblum in the film Independance day... In the "climax" of the film Quaid is flying his fighter jet battling the aliens in their enormous saucers....There is a few different shots of the different pilots including the heroic president and Quaid is the only one who has the Black and Yellow checkers behind his head. He then in an incredibly symbolistic act enters the female mothership with his male F14 . The reason he had to commit suicide in this self sacrificial act was because he was firing blanks. He tried to fire his last missile but it wouldn't go off. The saucer and plane represent the mushroom and the process or regeneration. He enters the saucer from below in the act of creation/destruction the Alien life is sacrificed so that Human life can continue in the continum.

Also please note that in Independance day the President is a common man and a fighter pilot who is popularily elected. Quaid is the Chosen one of the Royal line should have been the one to sacrifice himself. Quaid is more senior in the hierarchy. He will probably get more senior roles now he is older and has more recently stared in the film Going back through the presidents career we can see that he started his career on a path that could only have lead him hereRocket Gibraltar (1988) - Crow Black The Pillars of Hercules
The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988) - Dennis Alan The Dna Helix and Light
Spaceballs (1987) - Lone Starr Do I need to comment........

Back at the paper Micheal Keaton has just sent Quaid to get the scoop and save his ass...he is arguing with his wife and experiencing TIME in slow motion. The whole plot revolves around the concept of time and having to get the story and the paper out.... Duvall in a bar "90% of your Time and energy go in to your work your life and your family" Cut to photographer going through a revolving door..."she got the shot"......

Quaid is on the story. He overheard on a police scanner that the bust of the 2 black kids for the murder of the two rich bankers is a fake, he is trying to save the day by getting the evidence on "The Cindona

Thing"... Cindona always makes me think of cidonia.....Keaton is screaming about Time to a New York cop...."I'm outa Time God Damn Time Motherfucking Time" I quote you silly....

Quaid has an extremely interesting career with his latest film being the orgasmically synchrotastic: Real Time (2007)

Ball’s Out: The Gary Houseman Story (2008)
Goya's Ghosts (2007)
Last Flag Flying (2007) Masons love flags
Category 7: The End of the World (2005) The world ends AGAIN
The Ice Harvest (2005) Water is not what you think it is.
Brokeback Mountain (2005)
Category 6: Day of Destruction (2004) Opps it's the end of the world and you know it.
Milwaukee, Minnesota (2003) or is it Milky Way
Black Cadillac (2003)
Frank McKlusky, C.I. (2002)
The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002) Which Planet God shall I be today.
George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire (2000 documentary)
The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns (1999)Ahh the magical Irish Mushroom Men I have one in my shed.
P.U.N.K.S. (1999)
Purgatory (1999) I'm going to Hell
' Bug Buster (1998) Killing those pesky bugs just like Savior Will Smith in MIB
Hard Rain (1998)
Vegas Vacation (1997) vegas or VEGA
Independence Day (1996) Our CHRIST SAVIOR penetrates the Mushroom of Life.
Kingpin (1996) he meets Ishmail.
The Paper (1994)
Curse of the Starving Class (1994)
Freaked (1993)
Frankenstein (1992)
Cold Dog Soup (1990)
Martians Go Home (1990) Do I need to say any more
Days of Thunder (1990)
Texasville (1990)
Parents (1989)
Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989)
Dead Solid Perfect (1988)
Caddyshack II (1988)
Sweet Country (1987)
No Man's Land (1987)
The Wraith (1986) The Atlanteans enemy who can such the life force from a human

So why is TIME so important.....Welllllllll that's a Long Story but we have plenty of Time....

Randy Quaid stars alongside Will Smith our former Fresh Prince BellAir in the Film Independance day. A brother of the bell no doubt. Mr Smith a name that reflects membership of the Craft. A Black Smith to save the day. A man with the Knowledge of the Elders. A man who fires a missile marked with a Skull & CrossBones enclosed in an Octogon in to a Mothership he has just infected with a Virus while Smoking a very phallic cigar along side chaos theorist Dyno hating, Fly evolving, Extremely Jewish Media man who has lost his fate in DOG Ie Jeff Goldblum Fly (1986) The Sentinel (1977)Welcome to Hollywood (1998)
The Prince of Egypt (1998)
Holy Man (1998)
Playmate Pajama Party (1999)
From Star Wars to Star Wars: The Story of Industrial Light & Magic (Made for TV) (1999)
Mad Dog Time (1996) Jurassic Park (1993)

Coincidence or fate you decide.

Mr Smith has also graced my screen tonight in Men in Black where he works from the Concrete Cube shaped offices of MIB from Battery Park. The park where those infamous camcorder shots of a plane hitting a pillarmid on 911 were supposedly filmed from. Mr Smith the Nemesis of Neo. Mr Smith Shoots down an alien saucer which happens to Crash straight in to the Earth Shpere in the Worlds Trade fair Park.

Here is a quote from the wiki

Also, parts of Universal Studios Florida in Orlando, Florida may have been inspired by the 1964 New York World's Fair. The entrance to the park has a globe that resembles the Unisphere with "Universal Studios" on it, and an area of the park called "World Expo" that features worldly music and flags of many nations. In 1999, the World Expo area expanded and opened the Men In Black: Alien Attack attraction with recreations of New York observatory towers in front of the building. The attraction itself is based on a fictional World's Fair pavilion, you enter as a tourist but soon you ride an elevator to the facility and learn that you are trying out to be a part of the Men In Black.

So the reptillians crash in to the UNISPHERE designed by MOSES in their mushroomesque saucer craft and their goal is to locate the GALAXY which is a whole universe trapped in a tiny time bubble. ISNT THAT INTERESTING.... And the galaxy hung from Orion the cats neck.

A UNISPHERE designed by one Robert Moses designer and Master Architect Mason of New York who built the bridges and expressways into the city causing an exodus from the slums that were built over. He also cleared the way while working for the Port authority for the towers to be Built after he retired. He was forced in to retirement and used as a scapegoat by the Rockerfellers.

A testament to the enduring nature of his impact can be found in the various locations and roadways in New York State that bear Moses's name. These include two state parks (one in Massena, New York, the other on Long Island), the Robert Moses Causeway on Long Island, the Robert Moses State Parkway in Niagara Falls, New York, and the Robert Moses Hydro-Electric Dam (source of much of New York City's electricity) also in Niagara Falls. Moses also has a school named after him in North Babylon, New York on Long Island. There are other signs of the surviving appreciation held for him by some circles of the public. A statue of Moses was erected next to the Village Hall in his long-time hometown, Babylon Village, New York, in 2003, as well as a bust on the Lincoln Center campus of Fordham University.

Coincidence or fate you decide.

While on the subject of Moses I would like to bring up the marvelously synctastic Bruce Willis and the Future seeing psychic nature of DIE HARD 3 Die hard with a vengance.

It is my opinion that this film pays many tributes to Robert Moses or just Moses. Robert Moses hydro electric dam and the truck chase through the hydro electric dam tunnels. This of course also clearly links the water with electricity. Then there is the Ploy used by Bruce to get his lightening bolt hurling black God Zeus to help. He tells him that there is a bomb in a park in Harlem but as any new yorker will tell you there is no parks in Harlem. There is no parks in harlem because Robert moses designed it that can be read from his wiki...I shit you not....The film told us it was a trick because the bomb was found in a different park when the real trick was that there was no parks in harlem because of robert Moses.

The film also shows us all the bridges that Moses built with the dumper trucks and car chases up and down the expressways designed yet again by MOSES. A large scene passing many sync buildings and monuments all over NewYork takes place with Samuel L Jackson and Brucie in the checker chariot of the gods or christ taxi.

Lets put this film in perspective......

Bombs cause a massive explosion in NY requiring a huge clean up effort = 911

A Bomb is exploded at a hydro electric plant = Robert Moses Hydro Electric Plant

A Bomb is planted at a school = a school is named after R Moses in Nth Babylon NY

A Trap is laid at a baseball park = freemasons designed and concieved Baseball (Planning & Tactics)

A booby Trap Bomb is left at a statue where the displacement of WATER is the calculation that is required to figure it out = The displacement of water is a common calculation encountered by builders and architects especially BRIDGE BUILDERS....

John McClane or Jesus McChrist and Zeus L Jackson both jump off a bridge to get on board the ship at the end of the film = R Moses was the architect on many of NewYork's Bridges connecting Manhattan island including Battery Park Bridge which connects directly back to Men in Black as they are stationed in battery park and use that bridge in the film.

Lawrence Fishburn or Morpheus was the original choice to play Zeus but turned it down only to reconsider when it was too late and Samuel L Jackson had been cast.

In the film the weights and quantities of the gold were quoted incorrectly...after 911 the ammount and therefore the total weight of gold was never disclosed satisfactorily......

One of the cops is played by the actor Graham Greene. He is the native American cop who has played many a spirt guide and in fact acts as a spirt guide in the film guiding the souls of the trapped children to safety...another Graham Greene was the author of the novel The Destructors which is mentioned in the film Donnie Darko as the cause of all the trouble at the school...Donnie darko is the son of Dennis Quaid in the film the Day after Tommorrow.

Then of course there is the robery of the gold and the similarity of the explosion to the terra we all saw on 911. I have always wondered about the gold that was supposed to be under the towers. there was reports initially that it was billions worth of gold and this was also mentioned in the first cuts of loose change and also by Alex Jones. When I tried to find out if there was actually any gold there I was unable to get an answer that satisfied. I have allways wondered could it have just been a massive robery and all the mumbo jumbo is just couldnt bee.....
It would seem All of the characters that have ever existed through time are facets of the ONE personality. Each one, each separate personality has existed many times and will continue to incarnate many more times over in shorter and shorter time periods, the cycle is gathering momentum.

This is some of what I can only call My Time Theory.... The Presses roll.....I think for the sake of clarity that I will approach this in point form, I will then address those points later in a separate articles followed by you lot telling me I'm wrong....

Randy Quaids Royal brother Denis Quaid stars in The Day after Tomorrow. In this film he risks his life to save his son Donnie Darko in a Library in NewYork....What is a Library only a storehouse of information for future generations. We encounter the water in the form of ICE and massive floods. The library ends up Frozen in Time.

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (1977)
Caveman (1981)
The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia (1981)
Tough Enough (1983)
Jaws 3-D (1983)
The Right Stuff (1983) He certainly is being of Celebrated Royal Stock
Dreamscape (1984) ah the power of dreams
Innerspace (1987)
Great Balls of Fire! (1989)
Come See The Paradise (1990) Paradise lost more like
Postcards from the Edge (1990) the comunication theme again
Flesh and Bone (1993) The building blocks of life.
Wyatt Earp (1994)
Something to Talk About (1995)
Dragonheart (1996) or maybe it should be Spelled DAgonheart.
Savior (1998) Ah well he is Royalty so this film is very appropriate.....
The Parent Trap (1998)
Playing by Heart (1998)
Any Given Sunday (1999) is a good day to pray to you Alien Dog
Frequency (2000) What frequency does your Pineal gland vibrate at
The Rookie (2002)
Far from Heaven (2002) It's heaven he is after is it.
The Alamo (2004)
The Day After Tomorrow (2004)
In Good Company (2004) or should it be in GODs company
Flight of the Phoenix (2004) The Mushroom is the Pheonix
The Horsemen (2007) His most recent film The Four Horse Men are coming people...everytning points to it but what are the four horsemen and is the apocolypse what we think it is.

Yesterday is a sun gone down, A bucket of ashes.

On the Subject of Quaids Quaid was also the name of the character that our beloved Christnegger player in the Film Total Recall a film title that rather backs up my hypothesis if you think about it. A total recall of the programmed information makes perfect sense in this context. Also bringing in the idea of beating the time Loop by passing information in the form of a code that can unravel in the next incarnation of the TIMELOOP.
The movie is set in the year 2084. Douglas Quaid is a construction worker who has been experiencing dreams about exploring the planet Mars with a sexy brunette. After seeing an ad from Rekall, a company that sells imaginary adventures by implanting memories, he decides to buy a “vacation” on Mars from them, one in which he will take a vacation from himself by becoming a spy. Rekall calls it an “ego trip.” Before buying the vacation, Quaid is cautioned by a co-worker that Rekall are “lobotomizing people”, in reference to failed memory implants which caused the recipients to suffer permanent brain damage. Quaid disregards this warning.

REKALL is ALL KER backwards.... Arnie is a Bohemian grove regular as Governer of CALI...

Oh ask yourself this...Wasnt it very CONvenient the way Alex Jones just strolled into the Bohemian would have thought of all the people to try and be inconspicous ALEX JONES was the least likely candidate for that job.hhhhmmmm.....

1/ The Planet Earth is in fact a Time Machine. It has to be a time machine as it is composed of electrons and all electrons are tiny time machines.

As I write this Keaton is arguing again about it being "Today or Tomorrow".

The Planet is a Time machine and so are you. Every thing in this Universe is an integral part of the machine but this Planet is special. This planet is a Waterworld and water is not what you think it is. Maybe!

2/ Water is the intergalactic expressway that Kpax Spacey told us about and arrives here via cosmic rays.

"Keaton walks in front of Dagostinos a clear dagon reference. His wife is pregnant, bleeding and allergic to penicillin."

Water comes to this Planet by an intergalactic hyperspace route that CURRENTLY takes it to the planet Earth. I say Currently because that's how it works. We live in an electric universe. Oxygen is the eight element...that's why octagonal geometry is so important to US...we are 95% WATER...The human body has 10 times more Bacterial Cells than Human Cells. The word cell is so very appropriate as the Wachowsky brothers pointed out so well. Maybe!

3/ This planet is Growing. There is no such thing as SUBDUCTION. Continents do not collide that just crazy talk. All the continents of the earth fit together PERFECTLY on a smaller Globe...EVERY Child can see this why cant you.....oh and Planets can EXPLODE>>>>Maybe!

4/ This planet is surrounded by an electro magnetic shield that prevents biological entities from leaving. We have never been to the Moon. That remains just a dream. The space programme has always been about trying to develop a shield that will enable us to actually go beyond our time capsule planet out in to the NEW World. Maybe!

5/ The Giza Pyramids were an Antennae that drained power from the shield. The shield exists around all planetary Bodies in order to allow life to carry on. It shields us from super acceelerated particles that travel in a constant spiral around the centre of our galaxy. The Channels of magnetic wave lines that form the spiral arms or our galaxy allow energy to be transported thus lighting our Sun as the major centre of mass in this system. The planet saturn may also have the ability to be ignited in a plasma reaction like the one the powers our current lightbearer. Maybe!
"Keaton wakes... It's a new day the clock ticks over to 7.00 exactly like the clock in groundhog day."
6/ A ancient race existed on a destroyed planet like us now, stranded on the planet. They could not penetrate their shield anymore than we can penetrate ours. They devised a plan to save themselves and it involved the use of a genetic code. That code was written in to the only biological substance that could pass through the shield unharmed... The Spores of Mushrooms. Maybe!

In a last ditch attempt to preserve their genetic blueprint the 5 limbed approach to living that daVinci recognised they launched their spores out in to the solar system. The spores took hold on every planet. On the ones that could support biological life similar forms to the original designer race evolved eventually over time. The spores were designed to overwrite the genetic code of any life form it encountered and many different types had to be programmed in order to create an environment that would produce the necessities of survival for the new host.. The dynos were killed by a virus...a virus that tried to rewrite their genetic code. If the code could not be rewritten the host died. Many reptilians died at this time. Those that survived had a new gene sequence inserted in to the next generation of their genetic code. Now you know why you are obsessed with reptilians and mushrooms. You used to be a dyno and you are a mushroom. MAybe!

7/ There are 23 chromosomes from each parent used to create copies of DNA. Yet we all appear to be able to present 24 distinct and different personalities to the world. The extra personality is GOD. The ancient race downloaded the consciousness (Souls) of 23 of its best into the designer mushroom virus. The effect was a combination of all those traits which evolved in to the one singular consciousness that exists in your head. The whole turned out to be more than the sum of it;'s parts. Data tells us this just before he dies in Startrek Nemesis... he also downloads his consciousness in to his brother "B4" so that he may survive in some way in to the future. Maybe!

8/ The SHIELD is about to FAIL or rather be realigned. Comet Holmes is showing us the Effect of the Intergalactic expressway on anything that enters its path... The comet is merely exithibiting the effects of the matter stream forming a Time Bubble around any object that enters it's path. It is my suspicion that this stream of life forming and preserving energy will shift position on 2012 during the galactic alignment of the Earth and Sun at the 19.47 degree axis. The calender was changed in order to properly calculate the time at which this event will take place. We are in a race to find a way to preserve our genetic code and get the fuck of this planet B4 it gets fried. "MAYBE".

I think that's enough for now... Lets see what you lot make of this....I will continue to write. There is god knows how many syncs that point to this scenario. I am going to address each point with syncs in separate articles. Feel free to yell bullshit at the top of your lungs after all it's just a theory but it's one that explains a lot..who's wife got turned in to a pillar of salt. salt a substance that allows electrolysis to occur in water... water a liquid that conducts Electricity fairly well if I remember correctly.....

I believe every electron is a time machine and at one stage every electron was in the same place. At the beginning of the Universe all electrons stood side by side in a very small space indeed. A space smaller than 10 to the minus 42mm wide. The shortest distance measurable. The Planck length. Every electron knew every other electron intimately and then one electron decided to break free from the pack causing a chain reaction called The Universe. That's why we all feel connected. We were and this is why the New age Movement loves Bells Theorem so much.

Trust an Irish man to spin that YARN.


JB said...

Bloody brilliant, man. Especially the "reptilian-spores" bit. Did you take "mind-altering substances" to get your brain working on such a high level? Wow.

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yeah about the expanding earth theory... sometimes I feel this too is much more plausible than the idea of earth's continants colliding.. funny how some theories get though while others don't and isn't it just biased? That's Entertainment by The Jam is on the tele right resonates something of this with me.

Atlantean Times said...

cheers lads..I kinda have a fully formed idea but there is plenty of holes to fill any help is much appreciated...Sorry about all the spelling mistakes....

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Very groovy stuff, thanks.

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Mind blowing, yet functional! Sweet stuff, thanks for the work!

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I've decided I have to start at the beginning. You offer so much - I know my time will be well spent. I am wondering though if you will publish my comments as I add them to these old posts (like for the Bobby Fisher post)? No point in writing them if you don't. Just want to let you know that I am indebted to you for putting all your work out there.

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