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The following takes place between 13:33 and 33:33.Time index "Day after Tomorrow.

The last thing we were talking about was the idea that the 3 main characters represented the Trinity of God, Son & Holy Goat sorry, sorry Ghost or was I right the first time. You see I have told you that I label Sam/Donnie Darko as a time travelling, stargate entering Jesus figure. So therefore we get...

SAM = Jesus = Time Traveler =Stargate Traveler.....

What I am going to suggest next is that the actual names of the characters themselves can also give us clues as to their "REAL" symbolic meanings..

The father in this case Quaid is given the name Jack and this works well as Jack = John and John the Baptist was just as much a member of this royal family as Jesus. By using synchronicities we can now propose.

Quaid =Jack = John the Baptist = God the Father = Father of Christ = John the Baptist

The mother who I have labeled up as our Mary/Diane figure is called Lucy. This is also no accident....Lucy becomes Lucifer and it has been suggested by certain conspiracy/theology theorists that the modern catholic church venerates Mary far more than it should. At least far more than it should if it actually follows the Bible which, by the way it doesn't. Pope JP2 was especially fond of MARY worship. It is suggested by said conspiracy "THEORIST" that the worship of Mary is actually worship of LUCIFER. Your own personal definition matters very much in how you interpret thissssssss information.

Mother = Mary = Diane = Apollo's Twin = Lucy = Lucifer.

It gets better...if you look below you will find the post I have written about Randy Quaid. In it I compare Quaid to a Christ like figure also, but the main focus was on Brad Davies the Wizard of Babylon himself. Brad also stars in a TV film called Child of Darkness, Child of Light (1991) and amazingly enough so does Dannie Darko's MUMMY. In it she plays a holy woman of god, a Sister ANNE. Nice ehh....
I feel we are making progress and we haven't even started yet. This next pic below shows us the name of the organisation that Quaid works for. The short version is NOAA which is pronounced NOAH. So God the Father works for NOAH. Noah is the starting point for this Egyptian Family in the biblical stories. Noah in my view landed his ships at one of 2 places...Either the K2 mountain range or the pyramounts at Giza...I lean toward the Pillarmids myself.

Below we have Quaid amidst the fog with a cross behind his head, Jacobs ladder to one side and the by now infamous RODS all around. It is at this point he realises that he is late for his promised meeting with his son and has to rush out. In doing so we get the first of many shots of the Emergency Exit sign over the door, more on that shortly. Time starts to become more and more important. Quaid looks at his watch as he rushes out.

Next we have yet another Taxi. It is hard to believe the total number of taxi shots and references in this film. You could be forgiven for thinking it was a film about taxi cabs there is that many shots of them. The point of this is that why should Jesus take a cab when his father God is around and of course God drives an electric car with AR on the licence plate which is RA backwards.

I have seen this a number of times in films and it usually leads to bad times. When the lead character misses a Taxi or for whatever reason was going to get in to one and doesn't watch carefully for what happens to them after that. Quaid shows up and pays the man with his third eye illuminated in the form of his Turban to go away. He then brings the son on a jaunt on the freeway passing another domed building.

In this car journey we learn that Sam only failed the math test because he didn't write out the solutions. The teacher tells him that if he cant figure them out in his head then he doesn't believe his student can. This is Jesus again showing off his knowledge to the Eldars. Whats slightly annoying about this is that maths is based on showing your work. The foundations of math are built upon 1 equation leading to the next but those rules don't apply to SAM. Its big headed and arrogant to presume that just because he can do it in head he doesn't have to show the rest of us how he arrived at his conclusions so that it can be checked. To me this is exactly like Jesus telling parabels and not explaining himself to the uninitiated. When asked what he said to explain this to the teacher Quaid says that, that is exactly what he would have said, showing that the father and son are of one mind.

Next we have our young prince entering the lightening storm in an aeroplane. We are told he is afraid of flying so he is facing his fears and he spends the flight nervously eating NUTS. He spends the flight alongside his love LauRA Chapman who also seems to represent Mary and Brian Parks the clever black kid. These two make up the first of Jesus disciples he gains more later. RAW "a disciple is an asshole looking for a person to attach it self to"

So where is this DECATHALON competition taking place well of course it's in NEW YORK. The good old big apple. We are treated to the genuine checker cabs and Jesus and his 2 disciples are sitting in one and they just happen to be outside a church. There is a shot which I have left out due to there being so many but it is of the international space station where particular focus is paid to the many flags. This is suggesting that when you are up in space it doesn't matter where the hell you're from on Earth. It is at this point where the concept of using every source of information at your disposal starts to come in to play. The guys up in the space station are feeding information to Quaid down below i.e he gets his info from the Heavens and young Darko outside the church here is just about to cop that the Birds are all getting the hell out of dodge and flying south for good this time.

I had to show you this shot of the I Love NewYork sigil. Notice that the heart is not shown and as I have said the heart was torn from NY on 9/11 so this makes perfect symbolic sense filmed as it was in 2003. This tramp also later becomes one of Jesus disciples so this is evidence that the film maker likes to throw in some Joycean coincidences as he is walking past Darko in the Checker Chariot in this shot.

Here is all the birds fleeing with the shot framed between the 2 towers or spires of 2 separate churches. Sam takes note of this strange bird behaviour using all of the sources of Info available to him.

This shot I include just for Jake, the Sealion sitting on the strange shaped rocks. The sealion has nothing to worry about as water and ice hold not fears for it.

Here we have the wolves of Fabianism waiting to be free to roam as they fight their war of attrition against humanity. This wolf will try to kill our hero later in a highly symbolic scene. I am going to mention the grid here too as it pops up later and this is the first shot where it may have relevance being broken as it is.

Below is the decathlon or ATEN/ATUM competion that Jesus must attend. This is the start of the trials and tribulations our hero must go through.

Notice the school crest. It is of course in the standard Atlantean colour scheme of white/red/black but it also appears to show the sun rising out of red waters with the black band of 3 crosses forming the top of the square and compass with what looks to me like the bible in between. The scoreboard is also made by a fictional company called DARKOTRONICS.

Below is the character know as JD who also becomes one of Darko's disciples.

Ok in this one we have the exit sign which pops up a lot from here on in. The sign is below a ticking clock and has been placed here deliberately as these signs are meant for emergency exits not the main entrance where this one is positioned. Trust me I'm a carpenter and have put up quite a few of those exact signs. It doesn't belong there.

If you look very carefully you can see that Sam's name tag doesn't say Sam it says "YODA". This is telling us that Sam is definitely who we suspect him of other words an ENLIGHTENED BEING. He is also surrounded by many rich kids which is commented on by his disciple.

SAM = Jesus = Yoda = Enlightened Being

This is the Groundhog Day shot but this time it's 10 to 7 not seven o'clock. I cant put my finger on exactly why this is important but I'm sure it is.

Quaid of course sleeps under the checkers as he is interrupted from his slumber by the disturbing news that the oceans are getting warmer and also the levels of salt are decreasing. The shot directly before this was of lightening storms and the very next thing we hear is the desalinisation story delivered by his information communication device or phone. He is getting his information directly from the SOURCE i.e Bilbo in the water temp monitoring station. This is an important concept and goes hand in hand with the film OUTBREAK where the entire film is based on looking for the SOURCE. The Source is also the focus of the 3rd film I intend to talk about which is the symbolic masterpiece The MATRIX. I have also realised that to fully examine this concept of misleading narratives I must include the film trilogy about Jason Bourne or J a SON Born or lets just call him JESUS Bourne because that's what he is. The focus of that trinity of films is also the search for the SOURCE.

This shot includes the checker Chariot of the lifeguard with what appears to be people holding up the lifeguard shack very reminiscent of the globe on Atlas shoulders except it takes many people to do the job of 1 superman/god.

This guy here is a plot tool. He is wearing a very interesting T shirt with Texas written up large and in smaller writing just visible are the numbers 3911. Texas and 911 hmmmmmm.

Another exit sign as people begin to listen to the Word of God.

Below practically invisible in this shot is the correct usage of an Emergency exit sign. That is actually on an emergency exit (its way in the distance out of focus and small). I am not going to go into the importance of these incorrectly placed signs until we discuss the matrix trilogy suffice to say that when they are seen they are usually very obvious and deliberately placed there.
The Jesus nut bearing Heliopocoptors are of course essential to any good retelling of the Egyptian legacy that still haunts us. Amazing the quality of footage you can get in movie land and I do believe these scenes to be a slap in the face to any 9/11 researcher as they contain exactly the type of footage we didn't see on 9/11. Where were all the nice close ups from Heliopocoptors that day....

So just in case you havent got the picture yet one of the computer graphic artists has very kindly turned this mountain here into a very nice Pyramid just for us synchonauts to feast upon.

It is quite beautiful isnt it....

Here we have our sacrificial 9/11 t shirt bearing stage prop. he is about to die but before he does the director has kindly inserted the graffiti MM on the wall behind him far left corner.

The point of this scene is that this guy was in bed when he should have been gathering information as he is the chief weather man. He bears the 9/11 so has to die along with his weather chum below who instead of monitoring the weather like he was supposed to decided that he would rather be screwing his girlfriend while on the job. He rings his boss while tornado's are on the ground and says " I think we MIGHT have to issue a tornado warning". The idea of this is to counterpoint these guys who cant read the info or just plain ignore it against Quaid the Ultimate Source of Info.

This guy gets smashed by the Masonic Sex Slave Woman in a Red Dress with the word TIME written large upon it.

Next on the Agenda we have the Vice President who seems to be the one running things. Again the ticking clock this time with pendulums attached. Then of course there is El President who gets sacrificed in a lovely helicoptor accident. It has been suggested recently that this might actually transpire in real life and that Bush will be sacrificed in a possible faked assination in order to impose martial law in the states. Cheers filmnoir as well for pointing this out in a recent post where he also highlight Quaid from his new film as the presidents protector. this film also includes the concept of using all sources of information to uncover the truth.

This guy starts talking about Grids. "all our Grid models are useless, I dont think Grid models are of any help to us now". The forecast or predictive models that are of use belong naturally to Quaid.

Heres an interesting shot with the MM of Monterey positioned above the New York. when ever I hear the word Monterey i always think of the Anagram in Sneakers where Monterey Bay is mentioned while using scrabble pieces that eventually firure out the words TOO MANY SECRETS.

An anagram of The Day after Tomorrow and in fact the only anagram that makes gramatical sense using all the letters is MOTHER OF RA WED IN TROY...hhmmmm

This ones below is a beaut. we have the A for ATUM written large over 1 shoulder with the pyramid topped light below. The exit sign is again incorrectly placed in shot.

Here is some rather more obvious symbolism. Our Mother Mary/Lucifer is pictured here with the Owl, Apple and Sun with the rainbows of light. The owl is especially transparent but whats even more transparent is the book the child is reading.

Visible in the bottom shot are the earings that look rather like Crowleys Lam heads and the band around her cuff contains letters that I couldnt get a shot of but just guess what they were.

Thats it for now and remember this is only the 1st 33 minutes of this film. The symbolism actually gets more and more blatent as evidenced by my new title pic where we can see our Egyptian King uncovering the name of another Egyptian King that of ATEN /Atum or Akhenaton or as some believe MOSES (Me Included) on a frozen ferry beside the frozen super Torch of the Statue of Liberty.


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