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Introducing Randy Christ on the Midnight EXpress(amended)

Ok sync people get a load of this...

I would like to draw your attention towards the film Midnight Express.

for the film.

In particular I am going to talk about Randy Quaid and his personal relationship with Christ I will also be talking about his co star for the film the now deceased Brad Davis.

While watching this film I was stunned when I noticed a tattoo on Quaids shoulder. A tattoo you say, gav you must be easily stunned.. At this stage it takes quite a lot to shock me but this tattoo takes the biscuit. Tattooed on to Randy Christs right shoulder were two 3 dimensional cubes exactly like Jake's new website logo. They were hard to make out but definitely 2 cubes underscored with a flowing ribbon with writing on that could not be read.

Quaid is also seen sporting a checkered bobble hat in the incredibly warm climate the film is set the hat is surely masonic signal wear.

The plot of the film is simple "Billy Hayes is caught attempting to smuggle drugs out of Turkey. The Turkish courts decide to make an example of him, sentencing him to more than 30 years in prison. Hayes has two opportunities for release: the appeals made by his lawyer, his family, and the American government, or the "Midnight Express".

The plot is based on a true story and Brad Davis plays Billy Hayes and Quaid plays Jimmy Booth his accomplice in attempts to escape the Turkish prison they find themselves in. The film was directed by Alan Parker..
Quaid is tortured multiple times and also stabbed in the ass during the film. He comes up with an ingenious plan to escape. Exactly the same as the Clint in the great escape actually so pretty predictable. While disclosing his plan he tells billy that the will be escaping in to christian catacombs long buried under the prison....The funny thing is that the film is not shot in Turkey it is actually shot in Fort st Elmo Valletta Malta... Now if you have been following my blog you will already know where this leads as we have already come across Valletta Malta on our sync Travels.

Valletta was one of the places that Madeline McCann was supposedly is a stronghold for the Order of Malta in the film when they go down in to the catacombs to escape only to find the path blocked by new walls they are actually in the catacombs of the Knights of Malta.... So our double CUBE adorned Christ like Quaid goes back to visit some old friends.

Now I could talk about Quaid all day but I have rooted out something even better. It comes to us in the form of the films star Brad Davis...

"Davis was born in Tallahassee, Florida, to Eugene Davis, a dentist whose career declined due to alcoholism, and his wife, the former Anne Creel. His brother, Gene, is also an actor. According to an article in The New York Times published in 1987, Davis' mother sexually abused him as a child. As an adult, he was an alcoholic and an intravenous drug user before becoming sober in 1981.[1] Davis was known as "Bobby" during his youth, but took Brad as his stage name in 1973."

- Elegy for a Mad Dog his first screen appearance EL egy for a MAD GOD is how that should read.
Midnight Express (1978) .... Billy Hayes
The Greatest Man in the World (1980) (TV) .... Jimmy Schmurch
The Rainbow Warrior Conspiracy (1989) (TV) .... Neil Travers
Child of Darkness, Child of Light (1991) (TV) .... Dr. Phinney
The Plot to Kill Hitler (1990) (TV) .... Count Claus von Stauffenberg
Unspeakable Acts (1990) (TV) .... Joseph Braga
"Robert Kennedy & His Times" (1985) (mini) TV mini-series .... Robert Kennedy

But the most important titles are the last two I will show you.

His last film before he died of aids was the stunningly entitles
The Habitation of Dragons (1992) (TV) .... George Tolliver

And the film I consider the most important to our discussion as he is in fact playing himself is/ drumroll please.

Bauer von Babylon - Rainer Werner Fassbinder dreht Querelle, Der (1983) .... Himself... aka The Wizard of Babylon (USA)

Now it can be quite successfully argued that the majority of syncs that we see arise from unconscious actions on the part of Directors and Set Dressers but and this is a very BIG BUT, the actors choose these roles for themselves. Do not attempt to argue on that score as it's a slippery slope if they dont.

So after being Habitated by Dragons he dies...If you have been following the plot you will have realised by now that he was in fact Habitated by DAGON not DRAGON.
So answers on a postcard....WHY ARE THESE ACTORS Choosing these ROLES...

If you wanna get really far out it could be suggested that they are in fact possessed by spirits and it is the spirit who chooses the role due to it's emotional connotation's. Spirits it seem can only experience HUMAN EMOTION while in Human form thus they fill their careers with roles that they have reprised before in the sands of TIME in order to experience the EMOTIONS again.

Gene Roddenberry x cop and 33 Degree Mason knew this due to his contact with Puharich and the NINE and wrote it in to the plot of Startrek as the Alien Character Spook who can not experience emotion until he gets in touch with his human side.

If you go to the pictures of Quaid on the IMDB database and flip to pic nr 26 you will see Mr Christ standing in front of a sign with the name of one of his relatives on one Tutankhamen.

If you think like me this confirms our little theory....

If you don't think like me it's just another discardable damned coincidence. Yeah Right!

A final thought or just more evidence of who Quaid believes himself and his family are descended from.

In the film Kingpin Quaid shows use his 4 leaf clover tat mid chest and a four leaf clover is a metaphor for the CROSS. His name in the film is Ishmael Boorg. Is that in the Swedish Borg or The Delta Quadrant Borg Mr Christ? Also if you follow this link you will read that the scene where Quaid and Woody Harrelson hit the road is filmed at the exact same spot recently used in the film Evan Almighty (2007) but of course that means nothing and the directors just picked it by accident.

"Buck's Elbow MountainYou can actually sleep right on the mountain top, at Buck's Elbow Mountain Cottage. But if you just want the view without engaging in any pesky commercial transactions, you can head a short distance over to the Blue Ridge Parkway, by far this area's most popular attraction. Evan has a spiritual awakening at the Parkway's spectacular Rockfish Valley Overlook. (You might recognize this setting from the Farrelly Brothers' great comedy Kingpin, when Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid hit the road in search of bowling glory.) Buck's Elbow Mountain Cottage, atop Buck's Elbow Mountain; 434-979-7264."


One thing i forgot to mention. There is a scene in this film where our star Brad is told that he is simply a malfunctioning MACHINE. he is told this by a Child Molester who also happens to be a psychologist. The scene happens after Billy/Brad kills a man in the prison. He is then sent to the insane asylum which turns him insane for a time. The scene occurs when they are walking around a stone pillar for exercise. Eventually billy rebels against this control matrix of being fed anti psychotic drugs and having to always walk around the pillar the same way.

He was told that the machine makers have sent him here because he is a faulty machine. At the end he screams that he is one of the MACHINE MAKERS and that he is not a FAULTY MACHINE like the rest of the inmates. Ne manages to free himself using the TALISMANIC 100 dollars bills that his wife gives him stashed in a book. There is a lingering shot on the All Seeing EYE uncapped pillarmid on the money.

He of course returns home to JFK Airport in NEW YORK.

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