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MM TIME WARP 2 The Day After Tomorrow is Today.

So here we are again. Back where we started.

What I am going to try to do here some people may see as being entirely BORING and without merit but it is the only way i can think of to explain what has lead me to some fascinating and startling Revelations about the nature of religion, the universe and space time as we currently broadly speaking know them.

First I am going to give a blow by blow account of 2 films in particular and try to explain how i see the narratives of both as being Identical as picture perfect twins. I will then throw in to the mix another film narrative which i also see as identical but more akin to an identical brother and sister rather than say 2 identical brothers i.e there are some differences.
I used to be a very logical person and in many ways i still am, but these days I am constantly seeing relationships between things that are supposed to be unrelated.

We shall begin with The Day After Tomorrow.

Below is a description of what this film is supposed to be about. This is a plot summary taken directly from the database. It is my intention to prove that this analysis is totally flawed and that the film is in fact about none of these concepts.

"At the center of the story is a paleoclimatologist (a scientist who studies the ways weather patterns changed in the past), Professor Jack Hall (Quaid), who tries to save the world from the effects of global warming while also trying to get to his son, Sam (Gyllenhaal), who was in New York City as part of a scholastic competition, when the city was overwhelmed by the chilling beginnings of the new Ice Age. In addition to all of the other challenges Dr. Hall faces, he's also going against the flow as humanity races south to warmer climes, and he's nearly the only one going north."

The Film begins with an opening sequence of a Helicopter fly over taking in the water of the ocean first and moving on to the ice cap of the north polar region with the shot finishing up on the Sun at Dennis Quaid's Ice Survey Camp.

So this is our starting point yet again in sync land we end up at the north pole. We see Yellow / Black as the main colour scheme with the Sun setting in the distance. It is my opinion that whenever you see the Yellow / Black colours it is an indicator that something important is being communicated. To my eyes the three different sized cone shaped tents to the right represent the 3 large pyramids at Giza and each one seems to have a black entrance portal. The Sun divides the scene and Quaid our or at least for the moment MY Christ identifier is safely tucked away analysing ICE through a microscope which is a tool that enable both eyes to see as one turning 2 eyes into 1.

In this picture we see our Hero Quaid adorned in the Yellow/Black colours which forevermore i shall refer to as simple Y/B colours and also he is wearing a red bobble hat. The hat to me indicates the mushroom specifically amonita and the microscope confirms this as he examines the ICE/WATER with the 1 eye of enlightenment. I would like also at this stage to point out the we have now been shown the three states of water/H2O i.e the liquid state in the form of the ocean then there is the Ice or solid state and as we enter the mobile lab we have the Ice Fog or vapour/gaseous state of water... please bear this in mind later.

The next incident is very important and brings in a Crowley Checker Chariot of the Gods Moment. Jake has described how Crowley tried to climb K2 and failed and that 1 year later he was meditating in the Giza Pyramids. Crowley would have required an Ice Pick in order to climb any frozen mountain let alone the extreme K2 the worlds toughest peak. So how does this reference come about. The ICE cracks in a replication of an actual Ice shelf breaking off a few years earlier. This was filmed in 2003 and in 2002 the Larsen B ice shelf which is actually at the South Pole broke off. So the film does reference factual events but it turns them literally 180 degrees about face having them happen at the north pole instead of the south.

So Quaid my Christ resonator and thus by association my Egyptian Sun King resonator performs a leap of FATE in order to save some Tubes or Rods of ICE and to do this he has to jump the chasm to get to the side where the pyramid resonating TENts are.
He succeeds but falls and has to save himself with his ICE PICK. Lets take a closer look at the Ice Pick that Quaid just happened to have on him at the time.

Well Well Well...what have we here. This is synchromystical gold my fellow Synchonauts. MR Sun King Quaid just happens to have an ICE pick in the Y/B colours with the word CHARIOT written large as life on it. So in order to Save himself he resorts to using the Checker Chariot of the Gods to get back from the Giza resonating other side of the broken ICE sheet.

Breaking away for a second it is my opinion that the Checker chariot is also a resonator for Thor's HAMMER which in an SG1 episode also came to the rescue. Thor's hammer was both a pillar shaped transportation device for aliens that essentially sent them to a prison where they met a Hologram of a Norse god i.e Thor and a space ship. We find out Thor who looks Human is just a Hologram and eventually meet the real Thor who comes in his space ship also called Thor's Hammer which has very powerful beam weapons and destroys a pyramid shaped Alien Space Ship. The Thor's Hammer which was the pillar transportation device is also destroyed in this episode. A hologram is nothing more than laser light.

Link to Thor's hammer Episode guide and transcript.

Thors Hammer at Stargate is a teleportation device to the GODs

So lets do a Literal Equation....

Checker Chariot = Thor's Hammer = Hologram = Laser Light = Beam Weapons = Destroyed Pyramid = Destroyed Pillarmid = Alien Space Ship.

I would also like to draw your attention to the similarity in the shapes of the 2 objects i.e the Ice Pick and the Thor's Hammer Pillarmid. Both having a shaft and a T shaped head.

I am going to use these Literal Equations from now on as I have found them to be a useful tool when examining symbolism.

Getting back on track I would like to suggest to you now that the Crack in the Ice is actually a metaphor for a crack in the fabric of space time. This may actually indicate that the planet earth has been caught in a Loop of time since the end of the last ice age and that somehow someway water in it's 3 states is either a causal factor or a result of these loops in time.
If you know your pyramid conspiracies you will know that the kings Chamber is also cracked and probably broken for good. The fracturing of the kings chamber may have either started or ended a particular loop of time. I am going also to suggest now that certain parties may have traveled in time in order to try to repair the damage but found it to be unfixable. Those entities may have ended up starting certain global religions.

Ok so next on the agenda is A UN SuMMit Meeting that King Quaid attends to Lecture the world as he tries to save us from this awful FATE. Like Jesus or back further Akenaten he is the Soul voice expressing these views. He tries to explain the paradox of Global warming actually causing an Ice age due to the Current Flow coming to a sudden halt due to hitting a Critical Desalinisation point. This is an actual "REAL" scientific theory by the way. He presents this to a small room of people yet his face is displayed on one of those TV GRIDS for all to see just in case they cant make him out ten yards in front of them I suppose. The meeting is chaired by the US vice President who Mocks Quaid for his outlandish theories of heat creating an Ice Age.

This to me represents Jesus coming in to the Temple to tell his Eldars how they should be running their show. He is criticised by the UN High Priests for his lack of KNOWLEDGE in Economic matters. The SuMMit is after all held in INDIA in a Temple pictured below and the first shot is of an Indian Checkered Y/B taxi in front of the Temple. While outside after the SuMMit he meets Ian Holm or dear auld Bilbo the former Ring Bearer who asks him to T and then proceeds to go and Hail one of the aforementioned Indian Y/B Checker Chariots. we are again confronted with water in it's fro ZEN state as it Snows in India.

So we end this scene with the 2 lads both stargate resonators in their own way heading off in the Christ taxi.

We go from here to Bilbos Water Temple(Temperature) Monitoring station and in the picture we can see a flock of sheep and the station decked out in communication devices or satellite dishes which have of course a mushroom shape. IMO these sheep represent the Arians of the Hyksos line of Egyptian Pharaohs. A line that NOAH/ABRAHAM/MOSES/JESUS were all descended from. The Sheppard Kings of the Bible. The dishes represent the idea yet again that this is what is being communicated.

The next scene is a cutaway to Tokyo where we see giant hailstones of ICE caused by a massive tornado. The Ice is raining down in huge chunks and in the picture below we see one of those chunks hit a power line. This is again connecting the water in it's Fro ZEN state to electricity.

Check out the red and white symbol clearly visible bottom right. This appears to be the cross of Christ rising out of the Waters of Life. This is a Symbol for the Mushroom. So doing a literal Equation we get.
Water Ice = Electricity = Mushroom = GOD

The next important shot is of a man being Struck from the Heavens on the head by the ICE as he is on his INFORMATION COMMUNICATION DEVICE which we see is a PANasonic. The man is killed and the phone tumbles to the ground to end the scene.
Water ICE = Electricity = Mushroom = Communication of Information = GOD.

This scene is based in Tokyo which is one of the locations used in the film Babel. It is my view that the location is chosen as it represents a PORTAL akin to the Bermuda Triangle Portal...I will try to explain what i mean by this better and more fully later but it doesn't jive right here and now.

This entire Tokyo scene is wrapped neatly in between 2 Christ Taxi's as the very next scene or the coming home of Christ begins again with the Christ Checker Cab.
We start the next scene in Washington with a pan shot from the Dome of the Rock sorry, sorry Whitehouse to the Checker Taxi with the Y/B colours as Quaid arrives home.

So Quaid returns home to his empty house as he is away for so long that his wife has left him. This to me is the return of Jesus after his 18 years away at the Heliopolan Temples of Egypt. He enters his house an immediately touches his tree of life which is dying due again to his absence. He straight away tends to his flock by doing 2 things. He picks up his phone or INFORMATION COMMUNICATION DEVICE forever more to be known as ICD and also picks up a water sprayer to nourish his near dead house plants.
He also turns on another ICD in the form of his TV only to find out that there is a massive Hurricane called NOAH tearing some part of the country to shreds. He has called his wife who is a medical DR and wants to find out why his SON Donnie DARKO (Jake Gyllenhall) known as SAM in the film is failing CALCULUS. SAM is a straight A student and doesn't fail Math.

So the phone rings at Sam's end but he refuses to pick it up and instead continues to watch his TV ICD while drinking of the Milk and eating the Honey. His Mother answers the phone to the FATHER instead. We can see the BRASS pot which i believe relates to Hiram of Tyre.

The young prince Sam watches the destruction of Houses or I think we can actually call them MANSIONS instead. These would then represent the mansions of the zodiac and if you look below we see the BULL symbolism on the milk carton. The father is made to promise that he will come and straighten things out with the son. He is to collect him the next day so that he doesn't have to get a Christ TAXI. This makes perfect sense. The mother actually mentions this and says "please don't be late I don't want him to have to take a TAXI again"

Also during the conversation there is an interesting TIME reference. "Sam is a straight a student, he doesnt fail classes. I dont have TIME to talk about this NOW, well maybe you should MAKE TIME"

Then comes the promises to be there. It's kinda like Jim Carey in LIAR LIAR always promising to be with his son but never showing up. We all know where auld JC ended up, playing God alongside Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman is crucial to this entire discussion and he will be along later as i tear to sunder the MYTH that the film Outbreak was about some lethal VIRUS. outbreak is the second major film i mentioned earlier and will be discussed later.
I now want to change my tack just a bit. We have now met the 3 main players as well as a few of the bit parters. I have labeled up Quaid as Christ but I am now going to refine that hypotheses.

Quaid actually represents GOD the FATHER for the purposes of this film. I believe it to be something like this. Quaid is the FATHER who promises to save the son and resurrect him from the Dead when the TIME is right. He sends the Son on a mission to save the people. All the while he provides the Son with the INFORMATION he needs to survive but that's it apart from his promise to be there when it really matters at the end to guide him to salvation. He is missing from his son life but provides for him in absence through the MOTHER. This notion i think can be proven as we get deeper in to the plot. The final scenes of the film i feel conclusively show this to be true.
Sam is the one who represents the Messiah Jesus and also Adam i feel but mainly Christ. He joins a team for the sake of his love of a woman and although not initially team leader he becomes the leader over time. He is put on a plane to New YORK to compete in a DECATHLON (10) or (ATEN) or (ATUM) competion to see who is the best and brightest. He constantly reminds the father that he can look after himself and that his DAD should look after his own problems and let him to sort out his own. The father complies with this request but still promises to be there when it really matters.

The mother obviously then represents MARY or DIANE the GODDESS. I say Diane the goddess as this is where things begin to really get strange. You see I have come to a point where certain very vivid syncs are indicating that Jesus did not just have a TWIN who was his brother and Identical but he also had a third. A triplete who was not identical but very similar. The reason the third was not identical was because SHE couldnt BEE. The DIANE was the twin sister of APollo and the syncs that point to this will im afraid have to wait.

So far we are a mere 13min and 33 seconds into this film. Consider this to be part 1 of a very long piece which I feel needs to be done, if not for you I at the very least need to do this for me.

Literal Equations:

Quaid = God the FATHER

Sam = Jesus the SUN

Mother = MARY/Diane Goddess



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