Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Damiani Beast Bank Job

On the back of a french trader allegedly loosing billions who just happened to have the highly symbolic anagrammatic name of JE ROME KER EVIL by changing 2 letters around we now have the Damiani Jewelery Heist.

The symbolism of the Beast is getting stronger and stronger. It is everywhere you look these days and is exemplified by this latest criminal enterprise which echos the world of fiction to perfection. The Bank Job just released last week includes a plot to rob a jewelery store by tunneling in from the basement next door. The Damiani jewelery heist in Milan is an exact copy of the films plot. The two cities of London and Milan are joined by Lay Lines. I say "the beast" symbolism for a few reasons the first being that Damaini suggests Damien who was the Beast of The Omen films.

But it runs deeper than that. Tilda Swinton the White Witch recently collected an ORANGE Bafta while adorned with ORANGE hair and jewels from Damiani. She also collected an Oscar also adorned with a bracelet from Damaini pictured below. Swinton was not the only one to be wearing Damaini glitter as Miss Hilton and many others just happened to have it on them as the place was being robbed.

"An Italian jeweller to Hollywood's A-list stars was robbed while its owners attended the Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles. At least four thieves broke into the showroom owned by Giorgio and Silvia Damiani in Milan's fashion district. The extent of the robbery is believed to be huge, although a full inventory of missing items has yet to be completed. The Damianis can take minor comfort from the fact some of their most precious creations were at the awards ceremony."
Interestingly this beast symbolism always comes with a male and female part. The news is just breaking that the Black Goddess Naomi Cambell is ill in Brazil. Jason Stratham born on the 12th September stars in the Bank Job and is due to star in The Brazilian Job (2009). So as one star rises another is always falling.


Anonymous said...

maybe "sexy beast" with sir ben king sley

Atlantean Times said...

\Sir Anthony Hopkins stayed at home to wear a fez.ah god bless Tommy Cooper. Tilda looks beastly to me..

americlone said...

enjoyed you post and your site. loved tildas fez. sir anthony was offered the role don logan...

Vapo said...

Hello Gav ~ The picture of Tilda looks very Masonic in nature .. another one I found interesting was the picture of Diablo Cody ( Oscar for best original screenplay for Juno/J-UNO.. wearing a Egyptian hair style and a fairly large earring with Skulls & Bones.

Have a great day!


Atlantean Times said...

cheers mate.how have you been..I hope all is well....gav

Vapo said...

Hello Gav ~ Sorry I have not been around lately.. had a slightly heavier load building websites as of late.. seems people here in the states are looking to make any extra money they can(everything is rising in price daily)..I see you had a Quake & Shake as I did..been sooo long I almost thought I was

Cheers from across the Pond!

Have a great day!