Wednesday, February 27, 2008

4.7 Mag Earthquake in UK

On this day in 1933 - Ground was broken for the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

It is currently being reported that there are tremors being felt all across the centre of the UK. Amazing reports on sky news describe people hearing loud bangs with others reporting that it felt and sounded like a Juggernaut. Interestingly enough current tectonic plate theory has the nearest plate to the UK somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. That theory may require a rethink. Check out Neal Adams website for an interesting look at the shaky ground on which tectonic plate theory sits.
The earth didn't shake for me over here in Dublin. Ah well.

"Tremors have been felt across England, according to Sky News witnesses this morning. The epicentre of the expected earthquake is believed to have been 15 miles from Lincoln."

The latest reports are that the epicentre was in Market Rasen. As a fan of horses and racing in general Market Rasen is well known to me and many others for it's race track. I have to say that the name is symbolic yet again.
Recently I have noticed a huge leap in the Mars symbolism and the RA symbolism is a constant synch magnet. So MARket RAsen fits like a Wonderbra.

This also comes on the back of another quake in the tsunami zone just 2 days ago.. The Earth will shake is one of my favourite Robert Anton Wilson novels. I miss bob...
Feast day of St. Alexander of Alexandria, St. Porphyry of Gaza, St. Nestor of Magydus, and St. Victor the Hermit.

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