Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The History of Oil...Rob Newman

I like Rob he appears to be a stand up kinda guy. I dont agree with everything he has to say but then again I havent been known to agree with many people about many many things.

Please watch this as it hasnt gotten half enough attention. For instance did you know that the first world war began with an engagement in Iraq specifically Basra.


Ben said...

Hi Gavin, this is Ben.

I've lost your e-mail address and mine has changed. I don't want to give it out here due to problems I've had this week, so please remind me of your address via Skype or here and I'll send you the edited version of your JTB article.

The blogs should be back online shortly.

Hope you're well,

Atlantean Times said...

Hi ben..

I was wandering what happened ya...I have had email and pc problems myself. I lost lots of stuff It wasnt plesant..I got back some docs but lost everything else.


regards gav