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Space Time Feynman The Electric Universe and Scientific Probability

Pyramid Solar Observatory in Tenerife beside a Volcano

What I am going to try to show in this article is that the extremely well founded theories about Light and Electricity called Quantum Electrodynamics and the new theories that are circulating about an electric universe are not really at odds with each other. I will also try to show that our theories about the Sun and gravitation are in scientific terms more likely to be found out to be wrong in some sense.

In order for me to explain what I think is going on to you the reader it is you the reader who will be doing most of the work. What I want you to do is watch the videos I have posted below. I will be making comment and direct reference to these videos and although it will be possible to discern my arguement without them you wont really have learned much if you dont watch the vids.

In order to keep the synchronauts interested here is a couple of interesting pics from a vid I have posted about the Sun. This vid was part of my Open University course on Quantum Physics and contains a rather interesting solar observatory on the island of Tenerife. By the way as part of the course you can sign up and spend 10 days actually observing on Tenerife using the telescopes seen in the video.

The observatory is Pyramid shaped and sits atop a spectacular location next to a Volcano. It would seem to me that the design and location of this Observatory is no accident and when you take in to account the measurements it takes a definate pattern emerges again. The vid makes reference to the Helioseismology experiments that have measured the way the sun vibrates in and out, contracting and expanding like a ringing Bell. My main point about this is to show you the extent of our knowledge about the sun and where that knowledge comes from. If you watch the vid you will see that our knowledge of the sun is very poor and even though this is a few years old we havent progressed much since it was filmed.

Pyramid Observatory @ Volcano measures the Sun ringing like a Bell......

I have posted the first in the series of lectures given by Feynman but I would like you to pay special attention to the 2 parts (Parts 3 +4) where feynman is explaining what it means to understand something. He makes a wonderfull analogy using the Mayans as an example. In it he compares what they did to what we do today. 500 years ago the Priest Mathematicians counted Beans in Jars to figure out the cycles of Venus among other things. Today we count photons and electrons. There is no difference apart from our use of a huge assortment of mathematical tricks in order to make the calculations easier.

Ok so what is my arguement I hear you cry. Well there exists such a thing that we the human race have decided to call the Fine Structure Constant. What its called doesnt matter. What it means is this. We have measured the interaction between light and Electrons and found SOME NUMBER. What the number is doesnt matter but for now lets call it 1/137. Now we have refined this number over the years with experiments that get more and more accurate down to 15 places of decimal or so. It turns out though that this extreme accuracy is not required and for a huge number of equations we simply use 0.01. We have built up an entire theory of Light and Electricity that has enabled you to read this on your computer there in front of you.
On the other hand we have also measured another force which attracts as a function of the square of the distance which we have called Gravity. In the case of gravity though there are no beans to count. We have found no gravitons that we can measure like the photons and electrons that we can measure. So we are stuck with this gravitational force that cant be explained. Einstein does his best at explaining it but in order to understand it we are forced to believe that there is an invisible valley that the earth is perpetually falling into. It's the old ball on a stretchy tarpaulin like Sagan demonstrated once upon a time.

Now the problem I have with gravity is this. The theory of gravity in no way whatsoever explains the way galaxies rotate. In our solar system the inner planets move around the sun a lot faster than the outer planets but the galaxy doesnt work that way. It appears that the outer stars in spiral arms are moving around the galaxy faster than the inner stars going completely against Keplers Laws.

Think about it this way. Imagine the galaxy as a rotating fan. Place a dot near the centre of a blade and another dot at the edge. If you measure the distance traveled by the outer tip you find that for the same time it travels a lot further. So distance = time * speed therefore the outer egde of the blade must must be traveling faster than the inner dot.

It is supposed that there is a blackhole at the centre of our galaxy (Sagittarius A) with a mass of approx 2.6 Million times the mass of our sun. I'm afraid that science has lost the plot when it tries to weigh things at large distances. This is patently wrong. They attempted to explain the clumping of matter using gravity but found that in order to do that blackholes and neutron stars were required. So all the mass is at the centre of the galaxy. But sadly for the scientific cult of the BLACKHOLE it was discovered that galaxies dont rotate as they should by their model. Now we are told that all the mass is invisible and lies outside the galaxies. You have to be good at bullshit to get a PHD these days.

There is NO EVIDENCE for Blackholes. There is only evidence that something is emitting electromagnetic waves. We have a good theory about these waves/particles yet science has rejected it when it comes to cosmology. As part of the physics course I recieved a dvd with numerous scientists giving their interpretation of massive blackholes and the imaginary dark matter. They all put their certainty that these theories are correct at 40%. When we compare that to our certainty that the QED theory is accurate with its experimental accuracy of 15 decimal places we can see an order of magnitude of UNCERTAINTY thats astonishing.

We counted the beans very accuratly in the case of quantum elecrodynamics and we got a number. In Cosmology we made a wild stab in the dark and have stuck to our guns no matter what the evidence suggests. We have invented Blackholes and Dark Matter and I havent even mentioned Dark Energy. We should have stuck to what we know and just carried on counting beans.

There is another theory called for want of a better description The Electric Universe. I feel that over time this is the model that will literally take us places in the universe. If a way can be found to travel along the magnetic field lines that exist within our Galaxy real stargates might not be that far away. For a general overview of this theory I have linked to a video below called Thunderbolts of the Gods. Is is definately worth a watch.

Another thing that's wrong with cosmology is the current understanding of Quasars or Quasi Stellar Bodies. The quasars were first discovered in 1962 when Maarten Schmidt first observed one at approx 3000million light years according to its redshift. The bodies appear to be star like and had been observed and noted as stars. It wasnt until the radio telescope at Parkes Australia exactly located the source of these astoundingly large radio emmissions using an occultation of the moon that we could actually observe one at Palomar observatory.

Unfortunately for the scientific blackhole cult though these objects presented more problems for their bigbang and blackhole theories. In order to explain their brightness they had to contain galaxy type masses yet they are tiny compared to a standard spiral or elyptical. Something that heavy shouldnt exist..they should be blackholes according to scientific models. Secondly there is a very fucked up paradox in play. These objects are very far away so they must be very old very few galaxy objects like spirals exist at these distances and times. There are only Quasars that far out i.e 10,000 Million light years but compared to galaxies they are small and there just simply isnt enough of them to explain the current universe if as is proposed they exploded and gave birth to galaxies.

Also there is another problem some quasars have been found that appear to be connected to galaxy like objects by dust lanes yet the redshift of the galaxy object is much much less than that of the quasar suggesting that the theory about redshift being a good guide for distance needs a serious rethink.
Unfortunatly I was forced to remove these wonderfull videos by a complete idiot who claims to be a scientist at the vega institute.....please visit the link at the side of the page.
Feynman talking about the Mayans and Priest Mathemicians

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