Monday, February 25, 2008

Loose Change Larceny or Lunacy

Below are two excerpts. One is from the Internet movie database and the other from wiki and both are on the topic of Loose Change. It would appear that Dylan Avery and Co have knowingly pulled off a massive coup over the general public. What I think has happened here is that Avery had seen the original movie called "Loose Change" and used it's overall plot as a basis for his story and docufilm. Avery is now an international conspiracy celeb who has also gone mainstream and it is all based on a multi faceted multi layered lie. Read the two excerpts and you will see what I mean and I will comment further at the bottom.

"The salesman, the criminal and the mama's boy; for Dean, Jake and Tommy times are tough, jobs are scarce and the money is tight. Three friends living in an ordinary town with ordinary lives have an extraordinary idea only it's the most ridiculous thing they have ever attempted. With Dean's exceptional skills of persuasion, and the help of Jake's criminally eccentric partners, Lendo and Cornelius, they decide to change the rules of opportunity with the possibility of riches in the most unexpected of places. Within the Inner City Shopping Mall is the score of the century; maybe. Armed with conventional supplies, black face paint and their skewed sense of loyalty they focus their energy on the blue rippling water of the Mall's wishing fountain, and the treasure laying at the bottom. Loose Change, what do you wish for?"
The Wishing well is the Stargate folks...

"Dylan Avery, the writer, director and editor of the Loose Change films, is from Oneonta, New York. After being denied admission twice by Purchase College's film school, Avery planned to make a movie about a group of friends who discover the September 11, 2001 attacks were an "inside job". Along the way Avery himself stated that he had become convinced of this theory."

"In May 2002, Dylan Avery began writing a fictional story about him and his friends discovering that the 9/11 attacks were not a terrorist attack involving only members of al Qaeda, but that they were, rather, an attack orchestrated by members of the United States government. While researching the events of 9/11 for the movie, Avery came to the view that his subject matter may not have been entirely fiction, and so he decided to turn his movie into a documentary. "
"The first edition of Loose Change was given a limited DVD release, and made available for free on the Internet, in April 2005. It cost around $2000 to make, and was made primarily on Avery's laptop computer, featuring a distinctive soundtrack produced by DJ Skooly. Avery's childhood friend, Korey Rowe, left the service of the U.S. military in June 2005 to assist with the marketing of the movie."

"Soon after this, Avery decided that "there were inconsistencies that needed to be fixed and improvements made", and so began creating Loose Change 2nd Edition. Korey Rowe assumed the role of producer, and Jason Bermas, a graphic designer, worked as production assistant. The movie cost around $6000 was originally released in December 2005, but was re-released in June 2006 as Loose Change 2nd Edition Recut. Avery, Rowe and Bermas set up an independent movie production company called Louder than Words before the release of this edition, an organization that identifies with the 9/11 Truth Movement."

Avery certainly got back at those "Experts" who wouldn't let him in to film school didn't he. In the process he has become a faux expert on the subject of all things conspiratorial and the voice of a misguided movement. It's such an easy deception to see through when you know about the existence of the 1999 film actually called Loose Change. Did you ever stop to ask yourself why they chose that name for a film about September 11th 2001. I did otherwise I wouldn't be writing this. Just like the lads in the original version Avery & Co preyed on the empathy and good nature and stupidity of the public at large. The wishing well has been well and truly cleaned out. The original film is such a beautifull metaphor for what Avery and his two acomplices have achieved.

This tale also has a rather odd link back to Stargates and the returning Goddess theme as the original Loose Change stared Kate Hewlett who co-starred alongside her brother David Hewlett in "Stargate: Atlantis". In Atlantis she is also Davids character Rodneys sister. I have already identified Rodney who's real name turns out to be MERidith Mckay or MM as a Jesus Christ resonator. It is therefore very fitting that the first episode that Kate stars in called McKay and Mrs. Miller should see our Jesus resonator end up with a twin of himself arriving via a bridge between Universes. I have already stated many times that every time you have a Jesus resonator there is always a weird twin scenario involved. It is remarkable that yet again we should have multiple actors resonating with Stargates, 911, Jesus and Mary.

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Been meaning to thank you for finding "an" answer to something that had been bugging me about the Loose Change crew. My "it just doesn't feel right" reply was never a satisfactory enough for the truther set.