Monday, February 25, 2008

Remember the Mermaid on Mars

Cast your mind back to 2 days after ground zero. Ground zero in this case was the day Heathcliff Ledger departed space ship Earth. It was on the 24th of Jan that the photo of the Mermaid / Madonna on the Rocks of Mars hit the news and many blogs. I first saw it reported on the afternoon news and thought that the timing was odd for a story with such a symbolic reference frame to hit the news. The symbolism I speak of is that of both the falling and rising star. It is the symbolism of the Goddess and Lucifer. It is the symbolism of the Beast John the Baptist and the Beast Mary Mother.

Well it turns out that it's FAKE news. You see the picture above is actually a blow up from a very small area just in front of the rover shown below Here’s the image from NASA. If you look at the bottom left corner just in front of the rover and zoom in you can see that this picture could only be about 4" tall at the very most. It is also the case that this picture was taken years ago exactly where the rover landed as it hasn't moved from it base yet.

So ask yourself why did this suddenly pop up in the news? Why this female apparition on another planet two days after the stock market mini crash, Amy Winehouse smoking crack and Heath Ledger ascending to a higher plane? Strange that it got so much international attention when it was such a nothing story. A cursory glance at the original photo dismisses any doubts that this is less than nothing yet everyone was talking about it.

One can only deduce that the reason this story was endorsed by the mass media at large was because of it's symbolic reference frame. This can be the only reason. Now ask yourself if a small story like that can be manipulated without a hint of it being a fake what could be achieved with a sensational story like the untimely or depending how you look upon it "Timely" death of Heathcliff Andrew Ledger.

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Jessie said...

Sigh. You nub. I've looked at the nasa picture for like 30 minutes now, and based on your description, I cannot find the part which was blown up. Might want to check on that