Monday, April 7, 2008

Cyrus Alert part 2 even weirder!!

Well I couldn't believe my eyes last night. There I am talking about the Cosmic Coincidence Control Centre a wholly Wilsonian subject in my last post and an unholy coincidence happens to me while reading a book about coincidence.

Lets firstly reel this backwards in time and go back to the ending of In this post I ended by quickly mentioning Miley Cyrus. Now I had never heard of Miss Cyrus before the southpark episode about Brittney and the sacrifice for the corn. I only mentioned it because I noticed that Heath Ledger made his big film debut in The Patriot by walking through a corn field.

It was an afterthought that lead me to imply a possible Sirius connection. I then go on to write about Heston and in doing so come across that word Cyrus in the context of a review about a film called The Order a film title that Ledger has also stared in. I then find more Cyrus connections including one which connects the name Cyrus to the Dog Days. Therefore connecting Cyrus with Sirius. I had not expected to see the word Cyrus again soon without deliberately looking for it. I mean what were the odds of accidentally coming across it in the context I did to begin with.

So there I am last night with my copy of Illuminatus by Robert Anton Wilson. I have had a Pdf version of the book for years but never had the patience or eye strength to actually read it. I bought the paperback a few months back and only recently decided to read the tome. On page 59 which is the page I stopped reading and therefore the page I began to read from again I was astounded to come across this.

"Saul Goodman rubbed tired eyes in New York city as dawn crept over the windowsill, and read a memo about Charlemagne and the Courts of the Illuminated; Rebbecca Goodman meanwhile, read how the jealous priests of Bel Marduk betrayed Babylon to the invading armies of Cyrus because their young King, Belshazzar had embraced the love cult of the Goddess Ishtar."

So there you go folks. I had never come across Cyrus before a few days ago. Now it's feckin everywhere I look. Incidentally Saul Goodman is a cop who has been drawn into investigating the Occult nature of a crime. I have also recently found myself investigating possible occult links into a certain famous actors death and his connections to the Goddess Ishtar. In my eyes it was Ledger not Belshazzar who had embraced the Goddess Cult.


Just Me said...

That you mention Cyrus is so weird because Cyrus just popped up today in my searches, too. Over the past several months I've been tracking down a lot of links to a very intricate pattern of synchs related to Nightmare on Elm Street, Kennedy, and Lincoln, all tightly woven in with black/white symbolism including strong race issues. There's definitely a strong tie-in with bladed fingers, including Edward Scissorhands (and, therefore, Johnny Depp), Wolverine (and, therefore, Hugh Jackman) - a topic of discussion by Jake Kotze today (another amazing coincidence), and I just discovered today, even tied in with ancient Babylon's King Nebuchadnezzar, who went mad for 7 years and grew long nails and ate grass like a wild animal. He was just today discussed at Gosporn - such a bizarre mass of connections here. Which led me to this:

Nebuchadnezzar is the name of one of the characters in Jules Verne's novel The Mysterious Island. "Neb," as he's called, is a black servant (very meaningful in my synch web) of Cyrus Harding and they travel with three men and a dog named Top, by balloon (so Oz-like), to a deserted island they name “Lincoln Island.”

This, like Verne's other work, is very synchromystically significant. As Goro has hinted, and I've dug deeper on, Verne's work is all wrapped up in time travel and Back to the Future.

I've found way too much now to even post any of this anywhere (I've got 24 pages of notes now on the Nightmare/JFK/Lincoln synch alone). I'd email it if anyone wanted to look it over and talk about it, though.

Atlantean Times said...

It's funny you bring up Verne. I was re reading cosmic trigger 1 and 3 and I read the section about Verne and the faked moon landing scenario. I was also reading the sections about the second OZwald and the Jfk assassination...


Michael said...
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Michael said...

Oops, I messed up the previous post. This is what I meant to say:

Nebuchadnezzar was also the name of the hover ship thing in The Matrix.

The creator of the peace symbol, named his son Darius. Darius the Great Having ascended to power amidst controversy and bloodshed that claimed two sons of Cyrus the Great.

Also... Darius the Mede named as "King of Babylon" in the Book of Daniel. --wikipedia

I'm totally down with Verne, he was tapping into something.

aferrismoon said...

I'm pretty sure there was a CYRUS in Daniel, and I don't know, but the Hebrews were renamed by the Babylonians and I think Daniel copped Belshazzar.

eveserpent said...

Happy birthday to you...

Just Me said...

Cyrus is named in the book of Isaiah as the one who would overthrow Babylon and liberate the captive Israelites.