Sunday, April 6, 2008

Death of an Omega Man, Heston dies aged 84...Cyrus Alert

I posted this video below to You Tube when I first registered. It contains Charlton Heston presenting a program about the origins of man. He talks about anomalous discoveries which point to an alien origin for man kind. The last part of this 6 part series talks about Atlantis.

I have to note the rather strange choice for Charlton Heston last film called My Father, Rua Alguem 5555 where he plays The father (Josef Mengele ).

"The actor died Saturday night at his home in Beverly Hills with his wife Lydia at his side, family spokesman Bill Powers said. He declined to comment on the cause of death or provide further details."


I had a quick glance in to Heston's past films and saw that he had recently stared in a film called The Order. When I looked it up here I came across this quote's about Templars and crusades so ties in well with the Ledger story where we finished up last time with the word Cyrus which was also brought up in the comments where Aferrismoon said "I note that CYRUS [ Persian King] is translated into Hebrew as Koresh [ KRVSh - 526]. "

"In the year 1099, during the Crusades in the 11th Century, Christian soldiers arrive in Jerusalem and slaughter the local population. Christian soldier Charles Le Vaillant becomes demoralized by the horrors of war and decides to create a new religious order. This new order brings together, in a peaceful manner, members from the three religions of the region: Christians, Jews, and Muslims. As a self-imposed leader and messiah, Charles writes the sacred texts of the Order. The Christian Crusaders accuse Charles of heresy, and attack him and his disciples. During the attack, the last chapter from the sacred texts becomes lost in the desert. Now, in modern-day Israel, a devout contingent of Le Vaillant's followers continues to practice his peaceful teachings. But a disciple named Cyrus has a distorted view of the Order's peaceful intention"
Heath Ledger also stared in a film called The Order where he is a priest who goes against the church. I plan to discuss this film in a future post. So it would seem that no matter where I look right now the Cosmic Coincidence Control Centre has a little surprise waiting for me.
Cyrus Alert...Is this the next Sacrifice for the Corn?

Updated update..................................

I decided to check and see who played the character of Cyrus in the Heston film the Order. It turned up some of the usual synchs. Brian Thompson is the actors name and you have probably seen him before as a big butch hero or bad guy. Here are some of the things Brian has done during his career.

Epoch: Evolution (2003) (TV) .... Tower

Oh My Goddess!: Part 1 (2003) TV episode .... Cronus

The Order (2001) .... Cyrus Jacob

"The X Files" .... Alien Bounty Hunter

"Alien Nation" .... Peter Rabbit and he started off along side the Christnegger in The Terminator

I knew there would be a Sirius connection. When I entered the name Cyrus into the movie database I got a few hits which included a character in a TV series called "Dog Days" (2002). The character in question is actually a Dog and it's called Cyrus. Hows that for an odd little twist. The dog days are the period when Sirius is supposed to be most active and the period when Robert Anton Wilson felt he was receiving telepathic communications from that double star system. Wilson regarded July 23 as the climax point of the dog days.

I also came across a film which has relevance to Aferrismoons point. King Cyrus (The Fall of Babylon (1919), George Siegmann) aka "Cyrus".

More Cyrus references:

"The term "Dog Days" was coined by the ancient Romans, who called these days caniculares dies (days of the dogs) after Sirius (the "Dog Star"), the brightest star in the heavens besides the Sun."

"The Old Farmer's Almanac lists the traditional timing of the Dog Days as the 40 days beginning July 3 and ending August 11, coinciding with the ancient heliacal (at sunrise) rising of the Dog Star, Sirius.
According to
The Book of Common Prayer (1552), the "Dog Daies" begin on July 6 and end on August 17."

Sometimes I do miss the obvious stuff. I just checked the films that Miley Ray Cyrus has been in and well her first proper role was in Big Fish. If thats not a dogon reference and Sirius connection I dont know what is.

Here is a nice Dogon piece by Synkronos 23


Anonymous said...

I really feel like this planet now is dominated by 'planet of the apes' (not actual monkeys, but I'm sure you know what I mean) - the broken up Statue of Liberty in the film is just like evolved people here & now looking at all the ancient ruined monuments around the world, and lamenting how the architects and builders and planners of those times are no longer the ones who decide on what gets built and how it looks and how it is sited (ie - with reference to & respect for the Earth).

Some light relief:

nb - the latter originally had no mention of bananas at all and read "irreversible" not "invisible", and the last paragraph about Pat Sharpe was added in later. I know because I wrote the originals, and someone else changed it!

wise woman said...

One the front page of NZ Herald today, is announcement 'Death of Hollywood Colossus'. The same term that was applied to Sir Edmund Hillary by Prime Minister Helen Clark earlier this year.

So Charlton Heston is the second 'titan' to die this year.

aferrismoon said...

That BIG FISH synch is wonderful, simple and powerful.
An odd film with 2 Brits taking the leads , but acting as Americans.

Cyrus sounds like Osiris too.

WISE WOMAN left a comment at my place, perhaps there's something of interest for u too.

Can't let synchronicity of Newspaceman's comments go uncommented on.
I don't follow news much (gives me indigestion). I know Prince Phillip was absent for the Hillary Memorial at St George's Chapel, Windsor on 2nd April. I'm presuming they have linked Hillary with the olympic torch going up Everest.
The numbers 1122 jumped out at me.
Hillary died Jan 11, his funeral service was held at 11.00am, 11 days later on 22 Jan (the day Heath Ledger died). I've been tracing synchronicity with the life of Hillary & you can check it out if interested -


Anonymous said...

I've had loads of Cyrus' crop up in my life here - someone I knew used to even talk about one; someone he knew, with that name. He'd say he was really psychic and would do things like thought-project colours and get him to guess what colours he was thinking of. Apparently he got jailed for intervening in a fight between two other people. So I was told anyway.

Always made me think of Osiris, and Sirius, did that name.

John Malkovich plays a character called Cyrus the Virus in Con Air.

Another thing that may be of interest - in the Exegesis, PKD wrote about "3-eyed builders from Sirius" - he had a kind of vision of these crab-people building things here, but always hiding so they wouldn't be seen. Sirius occurs in the Cancer (crab) sign, and the Egyptian zodiac at Denderrah begins with the Crab.

Atlantean Times said...

Cyrus the Virus of course...

you should start a blog zupa..

thanks gav

Just Me said...

OK, your "Koresh" translation really creeps me out. Because what's happening right now in El Dorado, TX is so much like what happened in Waco, where David Koresh, the pedophile polygamist cult leader in a big religious compound, was taken down - just like what's happening in El Dorado. Weird, don't you think?

aferrismoon said...

El Dorado - Waco- WAyCrOss