Thursday, April 17, 2008

Starrynight Software

A view of the heavens from above in real time showing the current Earth-Sun-Mercury alignment. A daily event warning is displayed each day and a huge variety of functions are available.

If you have a deep interest in the stars and celestial goings on in general then Starrynight is the software package for you. I have not been using it for long but have been familiar with it for a number of years since I bought my first goto telescope the Meade ETX 100. Now you can buy the starrynight software online but if you are crafty enough there are ways around forking out the cash.

One way might be to go to this page here:

Follow the instructions for installing the software that have been left in the comments section. If you have a reasonably fast machine the install should work perfectly. You will need to go and download the daemon lite package for mounting virtual drives.

So download it via utorrent or some other download client from the linked to page above.

Then follow the instructions for installing that have been left in the comments section. Don't mind the naysayers it works perfectly. There is a step by step 14 point guide and it is correct.

For those of you who, like me, admire and take an interest in the work of Goroadachi you will find this to be an eye opening piece of kit to add to the arsenal of information gathering tech which you no doubt already possess.
Here is some information included with the package on the subject of the Zodiac...I just thought I would include it here as it contains some rather pertinent facts on the subject of synchronization...
"The twelve constellations through which the ecliptic passes form the Zodiac. The name is derived from the Greek term zodiakos kyklos meaning “circle of animals”, and comes from the fact that most of these constellations are named for animals, such as Leo the lion, Taurus the bull, and Cancer the crab. These names, readily identifiable on sky charts, are very familiar to the millions of people who read the daily horoscope in their newspaper, although many of them would probably be hard pressed to find them in the sky."

"If we could see the stars in the daytime, we would see the Sun slowly wander from one constellation of the Zodiac to the next, making one complete circle around the sky each year. Ancient astrologers were able to figure out where the Sun was in the Zodiac by noting the last constellation of the Zodiac to rise ahead of the Sun, or the first to set after it. Obviously, the Sun had to be somewhere in between. In this way, for each month a specific constellation was conferred the title House of the Sun, and in this manner each month-long period of the year was given its own sign in the Zodiac."

"Interestingly, the sign assigned to a given month in our modern horoscopes is not where the Sun actually is in that particular month, but where it would have been thousands of years ago! This loss of synchronization is due to the wobble in the Earth’s axis known as precession, which slowly changes the location in the sky to which the Earth’s north pole points and so also changes the relative positions of all the stars. In spite of this, today’s astrologers—who believe that the Sun, Moon, and planets mysteriously direct our lives—continue to adhere to star positions that for all intents and purposes are out of date by thousands of years."

"The ecliptic also passes through a thirteenth constellation, Ophiuchus, which is not included among the signs of the Zodiac. In fact, the Sun spends more time traversing Ophiuchus than nearby Scorpius. During 2003 for example, the Sun technically resided in Scorpius for less than a week: from November 23-29. It then moved into Ophiuchus on November 30 and remained within its boundaries for more than two weeks, until December 17. Yet the venerable Serpent Bearer is not considered a member of the Zodiac and so must defer to Scorpius."

"Also, since astrology interprets the positions of the Moon and planets in relation to the constellations of the Zodiac, it’s important to know that the orientation of their orbits relative to the ecliptic allows them to sometimes appear within the boundaries of constellations entirely outside the Zodiac. For instance, from May 15 through June 5 of 2003, the planet Saturn was well within the boundaries of Orion, passing across the Hunter’s club. Other constellations that can be visited by the Moon and planets include Auriga the Charioteer, Cetus the Whale, and Sextans the Sextant."
The software also allows you to look at the Precession of the stars as viewed from the Earth so that you can check up on all those little statements (that are often taken as FACT)from the likes of Mr Bauval, Mr Hoagland and Mr Hanncock for yourself. You may find errors Big ERRORS so be warned.
"The signs of the Zodiac are counted eastward along the ecliptic (the plane of the planets) from the vernal equinox. The vernal equinox marks the first day of spring and occurs at the intersection of the ecliptic and the celestial equator. The vernal equinox also marks the zero point of the Zodiac."

"Around 600 BC, when this system was set up, the zero point was in Aries and was called the “first point of Aries.” The constellation Aries encompassed the first 30 degrees of the ecliptic; from 30 to 60 degrees was Taurus; from 60 to 90 degrees was Gemini; and so on for all twelve constellations of the Zodiac."

"But long before the ancients did their measuring, the Earth has been wobbling slowly around its axis in a 25,800-year cycle. This wobble—called precession—is caused by the gravitational attraction of the Moon on Earth’s equatorial bulge."

"Over the past two-and-a-half millennia, this wobble has been sufficient to cause the intersection point between the celestial equator and the ecliptic to move west along that ecliptic by 36 degrees, or almost exactly one-tenth of the way around. Which means that since astrologers started casting horoscopes based on this system, the signs have slipped one-tenth—or almost one whole month—of the way around the sky to the west, relative to the stars beyond."

"Your morning newspaper horoscope ignores precession. If you were born between March 21 and April 19, your astrological sign is said to be Aries. But this was only true for a while, back when the system was set up in 600 BC. Today, the Sun is no longer within the constellation of Aries during much of that period. From March 11 to April 18, the Sun is actually in the constellation of Pisces!"


Anonymous said...

You are wicked. And a man after my own heart.

One of my favorite quotes is from a San Fran Experimental Band, Negativland whose slogan was, Copyright Infringement is your best entertainment Value.

Thanks for the tip.


Michael Skaggs said...

Shhh Gavin, don't give away all the secrets! LOL

I saw Hancock use this proggy in his Lost Civilizations piece, wonder what the errors are? Did Hancock make errors with precession? I'm puzzled now.

Thanks for reminding me about this proggy!

Just Me said...

This is so amazing because earlier today I discovered this shift for the first time. I was looking up for fun a personality description on my two sons, who were born two years and two weeks apart and, therefore, under two different signs. I noticed that the description I was reading on one son sounded exactly like the other one. At the end of the article was noted the shift and suddenly it made perfect sense. Now here you are bringing it up again. Wow.

Atlantean Times said...

Graham hancock Knows NOTHING about construction..he has no trade, he has never built a thing in his life he is neither an engineer or an architect yet he claims to know when, how and why the largest stone structures on earth were built.

forgive me if I stay skeptical with regard to his and others intentions.

he claims no modern building has been built to the same accuracy as the great thats complete bollocks. I have personally built things that are more accurate than the great pyramid, for example..the monorail in INTELs fab 14 is accurate to less than 1mm and it is several hundred metres long...

I am putting together a critical piece about those 3 aforementioned characters...some synchronauts will not like what i have to say but then again none of them will probably have ever built anything either...

a water level can achieve accuracy over hundreds of meters and is a simple device to construct..The Egyptians knew about water didnt they...

is it so hard for people to accept that people working together built those magnificent structures...why dont these people want the pyramids to be a sign for what can be achieved through working together towards a common aim. They want you to believe ALIENS built them.ooooohohohohohohoh..saps

they never state the margins of error...what are fact how long is the precessional cycle anyway as depending on what book you read its between 25500 and 25900 would think this would be accurately know for something which is a FACT!!!!!!

rant over.....its not really a rant its just that I am good at lie detection and well they fail every time I examine them..every time especially hoagland...

aferrismoon said...

I think is 2000 years out.
Jesus was a fisherman - Pisces but rose again at Easter like a RAM - The Ram of God, not the Lamb of God, just Lamb's a far tastier offering to the priests than tough old ram].
In my twisted speculative history I see this as the transition from Pisces to Aries as the 'opening' Zodiac.
If I'm correct then 2000 years After Jesus would be the Bull, though I am tempted that it could be 4000 years out and the present cycle is the Twin cycle.

Michael Skaggs said...


Hey great point! I never suspected that Aliens built the pyramids, I did suspect it was humans but with different technology, like using vibration to float the blocks or maybe reverse magnetism, I dunno.

Yes, I know there are tremendously accurate structures built around the world. One of my best friends is a civil engineer. I agree, I was a bit skeptical when I watch Lost Civilizations, hence why I said I was puzzled when you mentioned precession, guess I missed that one.

Can't wait to see your piece discecting these guys! Also, I don't submit to Aliens doing up the crop circles either, I bet that can be done by satellite technology or maybe vibrational technologies we don't know about, using sound! I know it..saps LOL


Atlantean Times said...

What really pisses me off is hoagland...he lies constantly and then starts talking about how "the lie is different at every level"

say that last quote with a booming voice like an imaginary god....

then he goes on about having testimony analysed by a body language expert/lie detection expert...well I have studied body language and techniques for truth and lie detection...remember it is much easier to tell when someone is being truthfull than when they are lying....

every time I have analysed Hoagland he fails..miserably....

he claimed to have worked out that nasa was lying by doing an orbital calculation on a napkin for fuck sake...what a tosser...

Hoagland has been trained in body language techniques but I am afraid he just isnt very good at it... He may fool the average joe with his stare at the camera routine when asked an awkward question but his eyes give him away every he keeps touching his nose right when his answer really matters..Its always when under the most pressure to produce a convincing lie that his testimony falls down as manufactured bullshit...

It makes a great story but thats all it is. he makes a fortune for doctoring photos and thats it as far as i can see...

Atlantean Times said...

I have to say i wrote those comments in a very skeptical mood but its weird the things you come across when you are trying to prove someone either right or wrong.

I just realised that the Ulysses probe that Nasa sent up takes eactly the same route as the planet Nibiru where the aliens alledgedly come from.

if the aliens are the nephilim like some claim and they in turn created the titans who inturn got wiped out by god then it is very strange indeed that the mythical ulysses (spacecraft)should follow the same polar orbit of the sun that nibiru is said to have...

very strange indeed...

Newspaceman said...

Slaves built the pyramids ?


Atlantean Times said...

i never mentioned slaves...maybe they were slaves maybe they were not slaves..they were definatly people though....

i dont know but neither does anyone else..

Newspaceman said...

No,Gav, surely you implied that they were not when you wrote:

"is it so hard for people to accept that people working together built those magnificent structures...why dont these people want the pyramids to be a sign for what can be achieved through working together towards a common aim"

Slavery is not working together, it is working for, therefore you appeared to discount that possibility.


Atlantean Times said...

I dont discount any possibility...

I dont know who built them, John anthony west doesnt know Graham hancock doesnt know bauval doesnt know ralph ellis doesnt know and Hoagland definatly doesnt know..

nobody knows how and why they were built.

One thing is for certain...PEOPLE built them and what does it matter if they were slaves or your simplistic defination.

At least Im not claiming to know and Im also not claiming fucking ALIENS built them....which is the end point of most of their theories.

for a start convential egyptology claims that in fact they were not slaves and recieved a wage and accomodation...I dont know and i dont claim to know..

It is implied from your comment that you dont feel Slaves were capable of such a feat yet I wonder would you accept that people / slaves did build the great wall of china and every other structure currently on this earth.

you have never worked on a large construction project have you...If you had you would know there are many grades of crafts men...the lowest down the ladder are the general labourers who get treated like slaves...

next step up though is the tradesmen who are not treated like slaves and given some level of respect according to their skill and so on and so forth right up the management totem pole. Most top managers on building sites come from a carpentry background like my own. They are chosen due to their knowledge of materials and construction method.

Newspaceman said...

Sorry Gav,

"PEOPLE built them and what does it matter if they were slaves or your simplistic defination."

It matters to me, if they were built by slaves then then surely nothing to be proud of - in terms of humanity.

"If you had you would know there are many grades of crafts men..."

Actually, I have.

Are you a freemason perchance ?


aferrismoon said...

What's great about both of you are the great posts you write.
One thing we could ask is 'when' SLAVERY appeared.
Was there a transition from 'working' on something for all - to some 'authority' forcing people to work against their will

I find that when our 'comments' appear in text they sometimes lack the character of the speaker and words get interpreted in different ways - not that that's a 'bad' thing.
Also I try to write what I'm 'saying' and put it down in a shorter form which often doesn't say what I wanted it to, in retrospect - so things often appear sharper than they would with a 'voice' .

I shall now remove my nose


Newspaceman said...

Sorry Gav, I was not trying to pick a fight. I apologise if I came across that way, I appreciate that one whom is interested in building and architecture would appreciate the pyramids. I have never seen them but am aware that they need to me seen to be appreciated.

YOu never know what has been created manually, and now is "hidden". For example, between Scotland and Ireland, a volume of people could eventually fill in the sea utilising rocks from a mountain.Or the other way I suppose. .

Afeerismoon, are you a Diplomat perchance ?


Atlantean Times said...

I am in no way trying to pick a fight...but I do have strong opinions on a group of people who seem to me to be misguided at best and outright liars and manipulators at worst.

I quote from one Richard Hoagland...

"The masons are the good Guys"

no I am not a mason...i have no intention of ever becoming a mason and i quite frankly cant stand the masons that i know within the construction industry..they are greedy self promoting fuck heads who seek to destroy this country (ireland)from within by paying each other large sums of money to keep it in the family..wankers all of them..

if being a mason is such a wonderfull thing i have to enquire why they do not speak about being a mason openly..for instance Peter Ebdon the snooker player has failed to mention it in every interview he has ever given..yet he talks about his love of horse breeding...while fixing matchs so the next mason in line can become world snooker champion...

you have worked in construction then surely you would know that things get built by the slaves (lowly paid serfs) and organised by the the more qualified. Has this not always been the way..

i am proud of my construction achievements.. There is a structure called the board walk in dublin that runs along the liffey. I drilled every god damned hole in the timber used..over 500,000 seperate drilling operations..I handled every piece of timber which totaled over 10,000. I did all this in 3 months. i was an apprentice at the time and so where the other 2 carpenters with me. there was one professional and 3 apprentices and I maintained the quality.

I was not a slave but i was also not given the respect that a professional would be accorded...should I not be proud of my achievement..should my parents not be proud just because i wasnt paid very much for it...

on my last big job we put in semi circular concrete bases for timber frame houses. The frames came out to site and fit the bases to perfection with no error. not even one millimetre. they were for all intents and purposes perfect. you could place a straight edge from the concrete to the timber with zero tollerance...

according to hancock, bauval and hoagland that was impossible without the interference of only took 3 men and some slaves, sorry i mean labourers of which there was 3 or 4

I fully accept that all is not as it seems within the ancient world and ancient egypt in particular. All is not as it seems all around us but resorting to aliens and aliens as gods is just substituting one bullshit belief system for another.

I admit to being a bit riled by using my comment against me. I didnt like it i responded harshly and appologise for that. Cheers Aferrismoon you are indeed a dipshit lololo i mean diplomat..

Kind regards gavin

Atlantean Times said...

I have found out some very strange stuff indeed while using this software.

for instance when madeline mcCann went missing venus was exactly halfway between the horns of taurus in the west setting on the horizon. I think this could be significant..

when kennedy was shot mercury was at an inferior conjunction i.e aligned with the earth..

when diane was buried the sun rose in leo and there was a partial eclipse that week.

I plan to do a very large piece on this and combine it with the rest of what i have to say about ledger.

I have also found some absolute beauts and one in particular that directly links princess di with heath ledger. I promise you it is even better than mel and 9lb 11oz...better by a light year..

ps aferris you know i was taking the piss right...

aferrismoon said...

The Big and Little Dipshits are those constellations that all the 'best' researchers fail to notice.
If u drink a bottle of Whisky while following it through the night sky all questions will be answered or forgotten

Dipshit/Diplomat - eberything has its complement. And if I wanna put my nose into others business then I should expect a true reaction.
Long Story short - CHEERS

The events now updated look fairly mouthwatering , used Sun rising in Leo, that's in a post, 2 or 3 ago [ its Crowley's Rising sun , and because I've now 'converted' to Sepher Yetsira the 9th and 11th cards are Leo [ strength] and Sun

Steve Willneers latest has a deal on Scorpio and in this post it gets mentioned quite a bit.

U can't make omelettes without having the Crack

Atlantean Times said...

Hi lads...

Cheers aferris,, can I ask you something..

If i gave you some information would you have a go at interpreting it in terms of the tarot. i am no expert on tarot and even though i can see some significance in some of what I have found quite frankly i dont get it...

If you could email me i will mail you back with some of what i have at some stage over the next couple of days.

its cool if you dont want to but i could do with the help...

thanks gav...stick your gonker in any time..

Anonymous said...

it really eludes me how obviously intelligent people can resort to a quack science like astrology...