Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Who wants to be a Fake 911 Millionaire?

While doing research in to symbolism and archetypes recently I found myself looking into TV programmes that had been broadcast just before and just after 911. I was fairly surprised by what I found and it has lead me down a gigantic rabbit hole of synchs and high weirdness that involves fake fakery and people going insane due to believing they were being followed around by Freemasons.
Most people are familiar with the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.. It has been going for several years now and has been adopted by nearly every major TV market worldwide. The game show is run by Celador and has been hugely successful. The programme originated in the United Kingdom, where it is hosted by Chris Tarrant. It is based on a format devised by David Briggs, who, along with Steve Knight and Mike Whitehill, devised a number of the promotional games for Chris Tarrant's breakfast show on Capital FM radio. The original working title for the show was Cash Mountain. When it first aired in the UK on September 4, 1998, it was a surprising twist on the game show genre.
There has been one noticeable major blip in the game shows history though. That blip was called the Major Charles Ingram affair in detail. Major Charles Ingram conspired with his wife Diane and Tecwen Whittock to cheat their way to a million pounds by the ingenious system of Blatantly coughing out loud when the correct answer was mentioned. Now I am not particularly interested in how they did it. I am more interested in the names of the people who took part and the timing of the event within the global synchromesh.
I find it interesting that the greatest ever attempt to publicly steal a million pounds by faking a performance on a game show just happened to be filmed by complete chance the day before 911. It is startling that the names of the co-conspirators should match that of the former Royal couple Prince Charles and Princess Diane. Princess Diane being the subject of a very public human sacrifice and Diane Ingram having to declare bankruptcy on 11/11/01 after being involved in a game show that was originally to be titled Cash Mountain. these things are all very suspicious to a cynical man like myself.
I have embedded the show and included a link to the you tube page. The the show was heavily advertised and was shown much later than it was filmed. It was called Who wants to steal a Million? and was seen by nearly 20 million people on the night it was first broadcast. it was truly a consciousness focusing event. http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=cUHz2RSsS1k

My take on it is that the entire thing was a fake and was done with the knowledge and say so of the producers of the show in league with the Ingram's. It is beyond the pale that we should accept at face value the facts as presented to us when this case is taken within the symbolic context. For instance how is it possible that both Major Ingram's wife and her brother have both appeared on the show before Charles got his turn. It has been shown in the recent past that the channel ITV on which the show is aired has no qualms about fixing TV phone ins which is the method that applications for the show are accepted.
I feel that this was a fake from start to finish. It was designed to look like a shoddy attempt at cheating on TV. The method Ingram used is so simplistic it can only be described as laughable. I believe this was deliberately achieved in order to boost viewing figures and was carried out as part of a wider public deception in line with the events of 911.
We go from here to a programme called Have I Got News for You and one Paul Merton. I have always liked this programme but recently I have realised that it too is part of a wider news ritual designed to distort and obfuscate the truth. What I found out recently about Paul Merton astounded me. You see shortly before becoming a household name on Have I Got News for You, Merton had suffered a mental breakdown and booked himself into the Maudsley psychiatric hospital for six weeks,[4] about which he has since talked frankly, in an interview with The Guardian he was reported to have been "hallucinating conversations with friends, and became convinced he was a target for the Freemasons".[5]
He then ends up as part of a hugely popular programme that many have commented actually provides more news than the real news. It is true that many viewers feel that this programme provides them with a better model of real life than the actual news. When you take this information into account and then you find out from his wiki page that "he failed his eleven plus, and famously received an unclassified grade for metalwork at CSE before moving on to Wimbledon College, a Jesuit-run secondary school that had just become a comprehensive. His experience of victimisation there as a working-class boy became a frequent subject of his comedy. After leaving school, Merton worked at the Tooting Employment Office for seven years." Well that's another strange little fact isn't it. A Jesuit college eh. Of all the schools in all the world you just happened to walk in to mine said the Jesuit priest to the frightened little boy. Is it not a conspiracy fact that the Jesuits are head fuckers of the highest order.
The thing that really interested me about the have I got news for you programme is that it never discussed the events of 911. It was conveniently not on the air when it happened and when the show returned in October they talked about Osama and failed to mention the biggest news story of the century. Is this not ridiculous for a show which is meant to examine what is going on in the news. You would think that they at least would have mentioned the big buildings in New York that inexplicably fell down not 3 weeks before.
I have embedded the first show broadcast after 911 (series 22 episode 1) in this first embed and the second one contains the second last show pre911 (series21 episode 7). Notice the headlines above the heads of the participants especially Paul on the far right who has the word AntiChrist above his head in the show pre 911.
There are countless synchs in the show over the years, especially Pauls comments about the Queen and Prince Philip being arsonists and murderers. When the cutty sark burnt down Paul suggested that Prince Philip was responsible which is odd coming from a man who went mad as he thought he was being followed by Freemasons. He has also suggested on numerous occasions that it was the royal family who had Diane killed. I know this is a satirical comedy show but they are discussing serious things and the news stories they discuss are often interconnected with the people in the show and each other.

This is the first show after the 911 ATTACKs and Rich Hall the American guest doesn't mention them at all. The only depiction is of the fake Osama face in the black smoke. There is on the other hand lots of shots of the genius mastermind Osama bin fall guy. It was while thinking about mind control and fall guys that I noticed that Osama bin Laden had something very strange in common with another famous fall guy in John F. Kennedy.

If you go to the wiki links on Osama and JFK you will find that they both suffer from the same brain chemical imbalance called Addison's disease that affects the adrenal gland. Also from the Manchurian candidate perspective JFK was missing from the public eye with illnesses that were lied about. He spends months at a time in private hospitals around the world and America. This brings me back to Paul Merton a comedian I have always liked. is there a chance that masons were in fact following him around and that something untoward did happen to him. if you read his wiki he seems to have had a rather unfortunate life. It makes you wonder...

This episode was the second last broadcast before 9/11 (s21ep07). Notice the anti christ above Pauls head and the headline Jet Blag above the guests head. Also please note that in the opening sequence the millenium dome the sister site to the twin towers is destroyed by a rocket covered in pentagrams and there is also a UFO thrown in there for good measure.

This episode also includes "Tony Blair talking about the Kult of Personality" instead of the word personality I would insert the alternative word "Archetype". Also please notice the background with the sheep symbolism overlayed ontop of Cherie Blairs head. The show also highlights the supposed battle between so called Reality TV shows like Big Brother and Survivor. Interesting to note that the climax for reality TV did esentially happen just prior to 911, that fake terrorist attack that was blamed on a fake terrorist that just happened to have the exact same extremely rare mental disorder as JFK.

The 2nd part also includes a story about a British politician (Peter Mandelson)who actually went to Brazil with his gay lover while in office and cast a Voodoo spell on another politician.

In the 3rd part Brittney is displayed in a game about connections and synchs of a sort. She is connected to 2 other significant candidates for mind control in Bill Clinton and Saddam the archetypal hanging man and sacrificial lamb if I may say so.


Anonymous said...

What!?!?! I'm only part way into this and I already had to comment. This is great, and soooo weird.


Anonymous said...


So what are we to make of this? Let's say we give power to the idea of the Matrix, and say we live in a world just like the one portrayed in the Matrix films, would this then be some kind of intentional distortion of reality around the 9/11 event? Warping the Matrix around the event? Your comment about reality TV reaching it's zenith during this time is spot on, and poignant.

I'd love your opinion. You've uncovered a lot here, and I'm having trouble digesting it all, or coming to some kind of conclusion. Not as to whether or not it's real. . .it is. But rather as to what the next step is? What does this mean? What does it tell us about the process used to create reality? Maybe by the BBC not talking about 9-11 they are able to deny culpability? Something like that? Even though it had repercussions that affected the world, perhaps 9-11 was really meant for the American Consciousness? So they try and keep it out of the British collective?

Great stuff here. You've definitely tumbled a little further down the rabbit hole.



Michael Skaggs said...

WOW, talk about snagging this from the ether! How the heck did you connect these? Just WOW! Thanks for sharing Gav! I am gonna have to read this one again!!

Peace bro!

Anonymous said...

I think you're right, for a number of reasons. Someone I know, not my fault - through my family, is one of those 'trigger phraser' people that are programmed to plant ideas into peoples heads, and he was OBSESSED with telling me about that cheating Millionaire episode - which I couldn't give a monkey's about.
He was even trying to get me to put in to go on it! Like I'd ever go on anything like that.

Also, noticed a lot of people doing fake coughs when they walked by me, like really obviously fake (they sounded like real coughs - but it was always The Same Cough), after that aired.

And I hate reality TV, I hate it so very much.
It's Warhole's 15 minutes of fame prediction, dragging its own rotted carcas through the TV schedules, and filming it, then doing an Extra show about having filmed it later.

Not that I watch any of them. I just hate how they flood the schedules with these no-brain shows. Big Brother for example is such a ridiculous premise - people tuning in to watch people they don't know, not even for any crude chatshow reason ("my half-aunts sister had another baby by another man and he's a tranny"), compete with one another to see what viewers vote for who gets the money, and they aren't allowed to have a TV themselves. Presumably that last part is to have prevented the show being cancelled on its first airing, when all contestants sat around watching themselves on TV watching themselves on TV watching themselves on TV, until the whole thing imploded into a feedback loop that cut out the national grid.

On the TV news show - what about what happened to the original host? That was some major ritual embarrassment thing they did. Maybe he wasn't playing by their rules?
It's another show I don't like - although I used to watch it when it first aired, cause I liked Merton's take on things, and his comments were always surreal, and it was really refreshing to hear anything like that on the TV.
Without him it's just ugly smarm really. That Eleanor Roosevelt quote about how the smallest minds discuss people.

wise woman said...

Tremendous Gavin, really good mind stretch.
I tried to comment on your last post to say that 'spot on' but it vanished. Hope you get this.

dedroidify said...

I'm still digesting this amazing post man! I'll comment back later as well.

Btw, incredibly, in that article about Paul Merton and the "masonic" psychiatry , incredible they spell television... televi SION spaced.


here's the paragraph:
'I was starting to frighten people and they were starting to frighten me,' he smiles wryly. His stay at the Maudsley wasn't entirely without laughs. A psychiatrist felt he had to humour him when he said he appeared on the ***televi sion*** ('Like I'd said I'd gone to Jupiter to buy a jumper') and Merton had to show him a tape to prove it. Since then, he's done a bit here and there for mental health charities.

eris said...

LOL all that BS about transmitters from the 'surveillance experts', they'd be better off asking the 'Millionaire' production team about how 3 members of the same family got to be contestants, you're right about that.

It sounds strangely like how many closely related people get to be US President (out of a country of how many million?) Just a coincidence, nothing to worry about.

As for Paul Merton, I used to sign on at the Tooting jobcentre at about the time he was there - I wonder if he ever took my signature...
Merton could be acting out a Court Jester part, telling the truth as he sees it, but of course since it's a 'comedy' programme, nobody would take it seriously (cue studio audience laughter track).

pissed-off said...

Watched the WWTBAM programme with interest because I had not viewed it all before. I don't know if the Major cheated either with the help of Celador or without..? I know I wrote to him and offered help with evidence against Celador and he did not answer. I note all the other interesting things you say... what I do know is this.
I created 'Millionaire' in 1982 and another game based on Telephone calls called the BT Lottery in 1990. Paul Smith of Celador stole my formats for 'Millionaire' along with his so called friends(?) Briggs, Whitehill, Knight and Rosencrantz of ITV. They did have a document known as 'The Cash Mountain', written by Briggs wife, then renamed 'Cash Mountain' then they drew-up a list of thirty seven other possible names, for my game 'Millionaire' which, was not on the list although, Who wants to be a Millionaire? was. 'The Cash Mountain' had no substance that was in WWTBAM and was plain rubbish. Because they stole and plagiarised my concepts I took them all to the High Courts of Justice in London where I won the right to a trial at a Summary Judgement.
Through a life threatening illness I could not continue with the trial. Their Lawyers made several offers for me to settle out of court and later told the press I was not allowed to discuss it... they call their game of WWTBAM Millionaire, because they feel they have bought it from me.
They are a lot of no talented pieces of shit and even now,ten years on, I still have not finished with them. I was given two years to live and had to take a breather but now I am fine and fighting fit again. Believe me Celador are capable of anything, read my/the book (Who stole my Millions?), all £250 of them, which will be out on WWTBAM's tenth birthday, 4th Sept 2008 also, see Arief v Celador or Baccini v Celador, ITV and Others.
ITV also stole my idea for all of the stupid Telephone Texting skill competions too, bastards! I'm glad they have just been fined £5,000,000 although it is not enough. Keep up the good work. John Bachini.

Atlantean Times said...


I am indeed surprised to read your comment that you have never viewed the programme before. It would have been a prerequisite for offering advice to Major Ingram one would have thought.

Anyway. If what you say is true and you are who you claim to be well then i am truly sorry to hear what you have been through by having your creation stolen. also having to face an illness at the same time as fighting the battle must have been hard to bear.

One of the main reasons i think they cheated is because it was a manipulation of public thinking. i think it highly unlikely that it just happens to be a Major involved and that his family just happen to have a penchant for getting on to the show in the first place.

If as you say they are a bunch of lying bastards then this would be just what one would expect from them in order to hype the show.

Combine this by the fact that Tecwen Whittcock is quite happy to play the fool having requested to go on Have I got news for you specifically so he could be slagged off by Paul Perton and Ian Hislop. It stinks from start to finish. I even think the Egg Head Judith is it? who one the million was a plant as she is the worst of the Eggheads. She just happened to visit places about which questions were asked on 3 occasions..how fortunate..too fortunate.

nice to hear from you as someone who has been directly affected by the Media scum and has a genuine tale to tell.

regards gavin...