Friday, May 9, 2008

The Death Stars and the BBC

I was looking at some videos about Orgone. I seemed to have been drawn towards it as a way to counteract Mind Control due to the Reich connections..

The vid I have embedded below is one that I haven't even watched yet. I didn't need to watch it as I had a massive synch slap in the face in the first 5 seconds. The show is called Horizon and in my view is a show that has been controlling minds since it's inception. When the show logo disappears the following words appeared.


This my friends is my definition of synchronicity. It is the how and when you find things that is the synchronistic part. The actual symbols and archetypes have been embedded on purpose in order to control minds via the media. Most people have no idea about the symbols and split personalities they watch on TV everyday. They think they are just nice shows with good storylines. They couldn't be further from the truth.

Here is the link and the show embedded below

I was attracted to this you tube vid called Gamma ray Bursts & Tsunamis as in a book which is a favourite of mine called The Chilling Stars (its on the amazon link) they discuss the Cosmic radiation that bombards this planet and our solar system everyday. They directly link this cosmic radiation to our planets weather.

Oh MY...this is an astounding piece of signal language...this is not about the stars in the real sense..This is about the Occult 1000 points of must watch this if you have time..
Also note the names of the the people they interview. the one that really stands out is MR FISHMAN..and pay no attention to the red shift section..Red shift doesn't work imo and science cant measure the Mass of stars..imo
Isn't it strange that we use the term MASS to describe a form of worship and the objects that are worshipped i.e the Stars which have MASS. I am reminded of Ian Browns song My Stars
Note the Starwars music played over the voice over that is distinctly hypnotic.
Another massive synch was realised upon watching the last part, part5. In the comments section there is only one very perceptive person a
She has identified this vid from horizon as being a mind control exercise and if you go to her page she has posted a vid called Project Bluebeam
Here is an embed of the vid which postulates Mind Control tech in space and a massive faked event which will be use to convert people to One World Religion.

After watching this I went out to get some chips and beer. While standing beside my bike ( I dont drive) outside the shop, Taxi number 33337 pulled up beside me. Thats Checkered Cab number 33337. Make of that what you will.


Phiwizard said...

Great Post!

The idea of a giant hologram of the messiah reminds me of the last in movie in the "Omen" trilogy. The battle between Damian and the Nazarene. The image is of a huge Jesus projected into/onto the sky, if my mind serves me correctly. It seems to me that the idea was imagined, as to what Christ's return would look like, even back then.


Atlantean Times said...

Hi there..

it reminded me of a Richard Bandler lecture I saw.

I will write it up I think and post the lecture segment..

In it he talks about using Holograms on people who are supposedly multiples and scitzo.

bandler claims to have used a 60ft hologram of satan to comvince a fellow who said "satan talks to him" that in fact he doesnt.

Bandler invented neuro linguistic programming which is the basis for most of Derren Browns skills. I am fairly good in an amature way with the use of NLP. At one stage i thought it was the prime method for mind control but now realise its just a small part.

The hologram linked to the mentally ill is a fair coincidence when taken in the context of this vid about bluebird. It is claimed by bandler that he has worked with the CIA on hologram tech..


Michael Skaggs said...

Gavin bud,

This is a great synch piece indeed and nice vid post there! I had stumbled across bluebeam a year or so ago, explains the weird dream I had about it. There was a huge holographic "messiah" type angel in the sky and people were all running outside in awe, I kept yelling "don't go out there". Then a fast travelling low flying plane whizzes overhead and sprays weird silvery metal on everyone and everyone began to disintergrate. Was an awful dream. I digress, some awesome synchs and info my friend!

Thank you!