Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Heathcliff Ledgers Death Stars

There were 2 major planetary events the day Heathcliff Andrew Ledger died. What I am about to tell you may shake to its foundation your belief system. Depending upon how many coincidences you can take before your belief system cracks asunder will determine how you feel about what I am about to tell you.

Ladies and gentlemen for you viewing pleasure courtesy of Starrynight pro plus version 6, I would like to present the stars on the day Heathcliff died. I know that the pics aren't that easy to see but I am also going to include the written event section so you can be sure I am in no way fluffing the numbers or otherwise trying to mislead you.

Lets begin.

This quote below is taken from the software's event calender. The time is 1422 the day Heath died i.e 22 Jan 2008. The location is approx Central Park New York.

The important astro event is "The furthest Eastern Elongation of the planet Mercury as viewed from Earth".
"Mercury will reappear in your local sky (i.e New York) when it rises Tuesday, January 22, 2008 at 09:11 and will look best Tuesday January22, 2008 at 14:22."

Do I need to say anymore. What are the chances of that number popping up by chance. The number in question being the mythical 911..

From wiki..
At about 2:45 PM on January 22, 2008, Ledger was found unconscious in his fourth-floor loft apartment, at 421 Broome Street, in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan.[1][2] Emergency crews arrived soon after but were unable to revive him.[1][75] He was pronounced dead at 3:36 PM, and his body removed from the apartment, while crowds of onlookers began gathering outside throughout that night.[1][75]

So he was found by the masonicly named Mrs SOLOMON at 14:45 which was just at the right moment to be viewing the Mercury event according to the software. Of course it way day time so nobody actually saw the event.

This shot below shows the exact moment that mercury rose above the horizon as viewed from New York and only New York. It rose at precisely 9:11 and 52 seconds as viewed from Central Park. It set at precisely 19:33 and 51 seconds. Note that Neptune rose with Mercury.

This next shot below shows the moment mercury was at its optimum viewing point according o the starrynight software. The time is 1422 and Mercury is at its furthest elongation from the Sun as viewed from Earth.
The other major event was the full moon which rose at 18:14, 14 minutes after the sun set at exactly six o'clock.

Other points of note are.

Uranus and thus it's moon Oberon were in Aquarius that day and all that month.
Saturn rose just below Leo the sphinx.
The Moon was in Cancer
Mars was between the horns of Taurus.


wise woman said...

God I see what you mean - great synchs Gavin - Id been reading about Titania's husband but hadn't thought to mention him. I wondering what the stars were like at 2.10pm on 7th May 1915

Atlantean Times said...

Go on then Ill have a look

can you give me the exact time and location to the nearest established facts..

Then if you email me i will try and send them on to you although i am having big problems Zipping pics to send in emails..if i cant i will upload them to atlantean group which you can then download them from.. maybe you could write it up if I pass on the pics..

ill do it tired its half 3 in morning here ...

cheers WW

wise woman said...

Time of impact 2.10pm on May 7, 1915. Ship took 18 minutes to sink. About 8 miles off Old Head of Kinsale, Cork.
U20 sank 3 other ships 5-6 May - one having Roman name of 'Centurion'. Definitely Roman feel to this.
Also might be worth looking at 1 May, 1915 the day she left New York.
Thanks Gav - sleep well.

Atlantean Times said...

ya beaut ya WW

no hits for kinsale but on the 1st may we have a Mercury Superior conjunction and the best part is that starrynight gives the best viewing time as exactly the same time as the ledger best viewing time for his event at 1422 in the afternoon as viewed from central park NY
mercury rose at 557am and set at 1950

with regard to Kinsale there is an event and its a Uranus eastern quadrature so not without its merit but the mercury alignement is your crucial factor imo

well done great instincts.

I will load the pics up on to my group and give everyone the address so all can be downloaded in the one file.

or if you want them sooner email me

kind regards gavin

wise woman said...

Brilliant thanks Gavin
I'm a bit thick on the astronomical front but even I can't fail to see a 'coincidence' when I see one.

Can I press my luck and ask you to look at The Dardanelles April 25 1915 - the start of Gallipoli (Troy). There's no particular time - landing were throughout the morning but perhaps around 6am which would be a dawnish time - just rather curious.