Thursday, May 8, 2008

Berenger Saunieres Death Star

This is gonna be a continuation of a whole series of Death Star pieces. The Death star brought destruction on Alderbran in Star Wars in what can only be described as a massive human sacrifice in order to show the strength of the dark side of the force. You may or may not believe that such a force exists but by the time im finished with you ,you will have Sirius reality tunnel vision.

If you have been following the plot and the articles I wrote about Heath Ledger and his interconnectedness with Merovingian concepts and bloodlines both direct and indirect I believe it will interest you to see the star configurations at the time and location of Saunieres death.

I have noticed a definite pattern and it revolves around the planet Mercury. I am probably not the first to notice this pattern but I may be the first to express my views on it in this way. I know about and treasure the work of Goro and I hope I am not stepping on his toes. If so it is not intended to be malicious and in fact I would give fair mention to the man as he did put me on to the course I now find myself taking.

Bérenger Saunière, died on the 22 Jan 1917, he suffered a major stroke on the 17th jan after last appearing in public on the 12th jan. He like ledger was found by his housekeeper.

According to my copy of starrynight pro 6 there were 2 major planetary events during the period of 17th to 22nd jan in 1917. Those two events concerned the planets Saturn and more importantly I feel, Mercury.

It should be noted again that Sauniere desecrated the tomb of the Grandmaster of the Templar's Daughter one Marie de Blanchefort who also died on 17th jan the feast day of St Sulpice which is also the day that Bobby Fischer died. In the davinci Code we discover that it is Sauniere who is the Grandmaster of a goddess cult and that he has stolen Audrey Tautou aka Amelie ( Madeleine Mccanns sisters name) Aka Miss Neveu the cryptographer. She was 4 just like MM when she was stolen.

Here are 2 pics of star configs on the 17th and19th of Jan 1917.
First on the 17th Jan the feast day of St Sulpice 1917 (the day of the heart attack) there was an "Opposition of the Planet Saturn"

For those of you who arent up on the astronomical terms here is a chart from the wiki on Opposition (astronomy), also please note please pllllllease please note that OPPOSITION is also a term used in every game of chess and it refers to the kings being opposite each other on the checkered board i.e the forces of good (the Light or White or Snow white and the seven planets) opposing the forces of darkness or the black pieces. Opposition (chess).

Here is the Inferior conjunction of Mercury on the 19th of Jan 1917, 3 days before Sauniere actually died. At this point the reality tunnel I would like to suggest to you is as follows. Heath Ledger was born and bred to be sacrificed in a recreation or reenactment of Saunieres death many years later. The time of death was to coincide with certain astronomical events as well and this is why 2008 was picked. Ledger was prepared for his sacrifice by appearing in many goddess worship films and he was mentally prepared by the use of tarot Archetypes. He was mind controlled in order to accomplish something that I would suggest can only be a very dark purpose. he may or may not have been possessed by an entity that forced him to kill himself. this entity may have been inserted into Heath by the use of archetypes and rituals.

His final ritual was the Dark Knight where he plays the Joker (comics), who resonates with John the Baptist in a very straightforward way. The Baptist, baptised his victims in the Jordan and thus you are reborn. The Joker was reborn as the Joker due to his baptism in ACID/chemicals which is the common name for the stargate opening drug LSD.

I will say no more as I have said enough.


aferrismoon said...

Really well worked posts + I don't care if they're TRUE or not 'coz I've got my own mind.
It's not just the 'things' in the post , it's the movement between them.
At present I fail to understand ' anonymous' or 'name with no return address' comments that tend to offer little but 'I think you're wrong' + making damn sure u can't comment or even look at 'their' ideas
All great scientists got things wrong , that's how they got things right
I personally go for the Laurence Olivier - Heath Ledger thang as LH and O = Lee Harvey Oswald.

Kasparov got his 'ass' kicked out of the Russian elections this year. He had some party or other, so influential enough to have a few backers.

In Czech Republic [ perhaps other places] they call the BISHOP = The SHOOTER which is why my mind went for the L,H & O connection

Also its like the 'anonymous' comments that [when they do] sit picking off peoples ideas [ fucking assassins

Atlantean Times said...

Hi there Af

Thanks for the support..

listen im sorry i didnt send those on to you but everytime I try to zip and attach to an email it just wont work

very annoying..if its not one thing with my emails its another these days..

i was probably a bit harsh with that nameless person but to me it looked like a typical government ploy of compliment you on the one hand but take it back with the other.

im not saying he/she is government im making a comparison.

Anyway I have a google group were i can upload images and other can down load a high quality file. I will be sorting that out soon so anyone who wants to see good quality images will be able to do so...

sorry again..

ttfn Gawain

wise woman said...

You mentioned Alan Davies a few posts back. I was surprised about the Masonic connections.
'Jonathan Creek' came out here on DVD a little while ago & I thought my son would enjoy it. I couldn't help but notice that Caroline Quentin plays 'Maddie Magellan'.
I will pay more attention to future episodes.

Atlantean Times said...

I have to say i actually wasnt surprised. I had noted certain odd things about davies and went searching for stuff that would connect him to masonry.

I was only stunned to watch that programme he made. it was on google video but when i searched for it while writing the article it was no longer there..

remember davies also stars in Midsomer Murders were ritual killing are the norm which reminds me I just saw a part of the new series in UK called Midnight Man and the bit I saw was about a ritual killing..Nesbit mr MM in the plot said

"I dont think this is a ritual Killing"

the bastards have put this programme out there to discredit people who do investigate ritual killings its a sick joke..

people see a fictional programme like that with the lead actor being a personality they trust who sells them telephones and SKY TV in his spare time and they then dismiss the concept of modern day ritual killing because they were discredited on some fucking fictional tv programme designed exactly for that purpose..IMO