Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hollywoods collusion in the the aftermath of oh I forget the date!!!!

I have posted this before but I think it is especially relevant now.
We have spoken all of us together about the inclusion of countless symbols sacred or otherwise in a multitude of Hollywood films. The debate for me centres around whether or not these symbols have a nefarious purpose or if they can "enlighten us" in some sense. I have found myself arguing both sides of the case at times and this I feel is only natural.
In this video Rob Newman the comedian / activist talks about the meeting between the Pentagon military planners and the heads of production/scriptwriters of Hollywood that took place in the Pentagon after 9/11. It was a "Closed Door" meeting which was discussed later in a press conference. Now it is obvious to me that this meeting was the SOURCE for films like the Jim Sheridan directed In America (2002).
"An aspiring Irish actor and his family illegally immigrate in the United States with the dreams of the father breaking into the New York City theatrical scene."
The question I have been asking myself is what if this closed door meeting also discussed more than creating soppy family stories. You see things like this are in fact direct evidence that the military interferes with Hollywood and that Hollywood is all too happy to oblige them.
Interestingly Rob has picked up on the whole Time Travel synch theme as he mentions back to the Future and Terminator in his satirical review of American policy.

As a result of this meeting a new government department was set up called "The office of Global Communications"
Here is a quote from a wordpress article on this subject and the link to the rest of the article .
"Last month on the floor of the House of Representatives, Republican Congressman Henry Hyde asked: “How is it that the country that invented Hollywood and Madison Avenue has such trouble promoting a positive image of itself overseas?”

"His president and brother-in-arms, George W. Bush, has responded to this question with the creation of the Office of Global Communications (OGC), a beauty salon of sorts through which the ugly image of the-U.S.-as-empire will begin passing this October."

"The announcement coincided with the publication of a report by the Council on Foreign Relations, which criticized the White House for its inability to counteract growing resentment toward the United States throughout the world."
So the question remains. Do you believe that the entire purpose of this meeting was to entice Hollywood to produce soppy family films or is there a chance that far more subtle methods of persuasion could have been discussed? For instance the implantation of symbols and archetypes into the public consciousness via the film and TV industries.


Michael said...

“How is it that the country that invented Hollywood and Madison Avenue has such trouble promoting a positive image of itself overseas?”

I guess the magic doesn't work as well when you're doing an excellent Nazi storm trooper imitation in Iraq, killing and bombing innocents, publicly and gleefully torturing... go figure.

That whole "polishing the image while the USA rapes, pillages and murders" thing was so unbelievably stupid that I can't help but think a hidden agenda was at play.

Michael Skaggs said...

Gavin buddy!

Nice one! Good catch my friend! I did not know of this. Glad that I checked your blog before heading out to work. Gives me something to think about tonight while there! I honestly think it's harder to program people that have not been brought up on the type of society the West has. They can see more through the b.s. because they are more in tune with "awareness".

This should be entertaining to see how the U.S./Hollywood "polishes" up the USA image.

Thanks bud, keep up the OUT-STAND-ING work!


Atlantean Times said...

To Mick nr 1 :::he is indeed a bastard..what can i say other than thats politics for ya...

to Mick nr 2 I thought youd like that..Listening to rob newman is like listening to a funny chomsky combined with "peak oil" Ruppert with a dash of anarchist madman thrown in for good measure..he does check his fact though..

polishing their knobs is about all they are up to..