Friday, May 9, 2008

Paul McCartney is Dead Death Stars, Batman and the alternate 911 Stargate

So what are the chances that every occult event that I investigate turns up a planetary event at the time it happens. So far I am on a 100% hit rate. Even other peoples synchs are turning up the same types of events, thanks to Wise Woman for another little pearl involving sinking ships.
I was drawn to "The Paul McCartney is Dead" conspiracy due to it also containing the mythical 911. The US system for dating calls September 11th 911 but to us Europeans it reads 119. So I thought it strange that the "Paul is dead" story contained the inverse number with the date 9th November i.e 911.
On the back of this admittedly very basic observation I decided to investigate the time and locations on the date in question for planetary events. According to starrynight pro plus 6 there was a superior conjunction of VENUS at 1245 on 9th NOV 1966 as seen from London.
Before we look at the star pics I want to suggest some theories that crossed my mind. Firstly the possibility that Paul was actually sacrificed and the whole thing was kept secret obviously came to mind.
But what about option 2. Maybe he wasn't killed. Maybe the Paul we have now is still the same Paul but this doesn't explain the symbolism on all the album covers and in song lyrics and it certainly doesn't explain the 911 and the planetary conjunction. So what about the possibility that Paul died and was risen from the dead. I of course am not referring to an actual messiah event but I am talking about the Masonic raising ceremony. I think it is possible that the original Paul is still alive and just had some form of early plastic surgery. This option of Paul becoming indoctrinated does make sense or at least, it does to me. I of course admit that the Sacrifice model also makes a lot of sense with the wool being pulled over all the sheep's eyes. Interestingly John Lennon a man who was also sacrificed by A Mind Controlled assassin imo always denied that anything had happened to Paul.
There is also a synch connection back to Heath Ledger. As I have mentioned ledger was sacrificed during a conjunction of Mercury which rose over New York that fatefull morning at exactly 9:11 and 52 seconds. Below is the cover of Batman comic NR 222 and as you can see the Paul is dead story is on the paper that Robin is holding. 222 is 1422 by the 24 hr clock and this is the exact time the starrynight software recommended to view both the Ledger Mercury Alignment and the mercury alignment time of Wise Womans Titan resonating ship from New York. Its all just coincidence though isnt it. It is time the difference between synchronicities in the Jungian sense and Planned Sacrifices using Mind Altering Symbols was clearly stated.. It would seem the cosmic coincidence control centre has a SICK sense of humor wouldnt it. If you want to believe these things "just happen" go ahead. If you do though dont ever try and appeal to logic ever again as you are a lost soul. These are highly organised events and are planned well in advance is the only conclusion I can make. Just because I have spoken endlessly about synchs doesn't mean I think that these events are anything other than EVIL and no good has ever come from any evil act. Note GOOGLES motto Don't Be Evil contains the words BE EVIL this is how NLP or neuro linguistic programming works.
The event pane lists the time of the conjunction as 1245 on the 9th Nov. It was a superior conjunction of Venus and the viewing location is London.

This famous picture contains many occultists including Crowley.

The Paul is dead conspiracy explained.

This is a vid which says Paul is not dead and does some picture comparissons. Decide for yourself. Whatever reality tunnel you decide on I think its safe to say "Something Happened" that day.

A before and after picture of Paul. The one on the left is pre 66 and the one on the right is 68 I think.
Below is a collection of shots from Sunrise and Sunset. Pluto at the tail of Leo and Mars rising directly under leo may be significant. But if you look to the right of frame the asterpoid Ceres is positioned right on top of one of the legs of the Gemini constellation. Gemini being the twins and the second paul being a double or twin may be a super synch.

The alleged car accident happened at 5 am according to some reports.

A fullscreen version of the Venus Conjunction. I am forced to wonder about the significance of it being a Venus conjunction and not a Mercury conjunction as was the situation in Heath Ledgers, Berenger Saunieres and Madeleine Mccanns cases.


wise woman said...

Gavin, I found that interesting & plausible enough to put doubts in my mind that weren't there before - you have made me curious - thanks

Benjamin Singleton said...

Great read, really cleared up some stuff, the Paul is dead thing has confused me a lot.

His latest DVD "The McCartney Years" has a blue eye of Horus/Ra as its cover (and was beamed onto the London Eye apparently for its launch though I can't find a pic).

Cheers, keep it up!

wise woman said...

Hi Gavin
Are you up & running again?
If you get this can you check you emails - I have a query re a comment you made.

Atlantean Times said...

Hi there..yes im still here unfortunatly....compelled to investigate all these little wierd goings on..

I will check that for ya WW i never replied to your last request...I had to reinstall starry night as it was a bit buggy..all is well again

if you mean about the 14th of may comment i will be posting on it later but we have 2 planetary events and certain planets are nicely positioned in constellations which are similar if not the same as during previous dark events like the ledgmeister and such...


wise woman said...

Thanks Gavin
Hope to have something posted shortly that your comment started in motion
Ta very much

dano said...

I O N E I X H E ^ D I E. John Lennon died 12/08/1980>12+08+19+80=119 HE DIED