Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mercury Rising as Israel parties and the Queen Builds Bridges in Turkey

On a day when there is 2 planetary events (see article below) Israel celebrates.

Saturn at the base of Leo joins Saturn or EL to Ra. Leo being the Sphinx in Egypt being the RA connection. The Queen or ISIS is visiting Turkey or Northern Babylon. Thus we have


If you are looking for Occult transactions on this day I would suggest looking no further than the near east. The Queen is visiting Turkey and has described the country as a bridge between East and West and at the same time the people of Israel are celebrating the 60th anniversary of their theft of Jerusalem.

"Israel has thrown a huge birthday bash to celebrate 60 tumultuous years of the Jewish state.

Army bases opened their gates to the public to show off some of the arsenal used by a force well tested in six decades of conflicts. Thousands of Israelis prepared picnics and barbecues and were expected to consume an estimated 13 million burgers, steaks, and kebabs."
According to Sky there is also a row developing in Israel about the excavation of tunnels under the city.

Also there is this story about a girl that most of you will never have heard of but I can say I have indeed heard of her. The girl is called Joana Cipriano and disappeared a couple of years ago in Portugal.
"The family of a girl who vanished just seven miles from the Portuguese resort where Madeleine McCann disappeared are convinced the cases are connected."

"On the day of Madeleine's fifth birthday, Joana Cipriano's relatives have urged detectives to investigate links between the two disappearances - saying there are too many disturbing similarities for the evidence to be ignored. Joana, eight, was sent to buy some groceries from a village store near her home in Figueira, at around 8pm on September 12, 2004. She bought a tin of tuna and some milk from the Ofelia store, and was last seen by a neighbour walking back near the village church, some 200 yards from her home. Joana never returned and, like the McCanns, her mother Leonor mounted a campaign to find her. Like them, she and her brother Joao became suspects."

I have an unpublished article from just after ledger died called The John the Baptist Murders which connected these two events.. It is odd that on this day she should be again wheeled out by the media.

If you go to this page on Sky's site you can see stories about the UFO info released by the military. Ask yourself why are they giving you this information...Its like getting betting advice from a bookmaker..If they are telling you to back it whatever you do DONT.....

"The MoD is lifting the lid on well-kept extra-terrestial information with the release of all its documents on reported UFO sightings in the UK."


Michael Skaggs said...

That last sentence you added was coupled in the Yahoo frontpage (check my blog for screenshot) about Vatican saying belief in Aliens ok...said Britain releasing UFO info!

Go figure.

wise woman said...

In the southern hemisphere there was the 'el' connection re 'El'ton John in his 'Mercury resonationg' concert in Auckland last night (14th).
Thanks for putting me on to this date.