Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Occult Event Warning Today 14th May!

Today there are two planetary events taking place and one of them is identical to the event that happened during Heath Ledgers death on the 22nd Jan.

The first event is a Western Quadrature of Neptune which is taking place right now and the second more important event is another Furthest Eastern Elongation of Mercury.

Neptune Western Quadrature at 1136 in NY

During this event mercury will be in position directly on top of the imaginary line joining 2 of the stars in Taurus. Saturn will also spend the day passing by directly in Leo at its base line.

Saturn at the base of Leo.

So watch out for any echo events that might look like a human sacrifice or death be media.

This view shows mercury at its Zenith at 222 in the afternoon over New York. Leo has just risen to the left of shot with Saturn at it's base line.Venus is to the right of the Sun and Uranus is about to set on the right of shot.

Mercury rises at 644 over New York so watch out for its influence today.

Mercury Rising in Taurus

If "something" does transpire it will be obvious.


AstroSphinx said...

ah when it comes to the movements of Mercury and Neptune.. (being that both are direct opposites in quality) there is a confusing that is massive.. including the mass media confusion which is concerning exactly the hows and whys.. thanks for the heads up on that I will look it up.. strangely enough it is the Sun that is now in opposition to my natal Neptune which is driving my dreaming mind absolutely loopy!

With the mighty Mercury (ruler over the words and message and most written and communicative media) you can expect Disinformation when it hits Neptune's confused, deceptive, idealistic, and hazy state of seeing things..

Hope you are well.. I just got over the flu myself!

Michael Skaggs said...


I spotted on Yahoo the Vatican announced it is ok to believe in Aliens...Odd things are afoot my friend! Nice post!