Tuesday, September 21, 2010

911 Starline the Pope and Queen echos..The Plan is written in the Stars

Below is a video I've made to show how the stars perfectly echo the ground during all major events please give it a watch.

While watching the video remember that on 911 the military said they were performing what they themselves codenamed OPERATION AMALGAM VIRGO. We are all familiar with amalgams of mercury used for dental work. So Amalgam Virgo is the reconstitution of the virgin by mercury. Picture it as mercury inseminating the Queen who would normally then kill her mate alas Mercury is too clever and cuts her in two and removes the inseminated eggs.
The Virgin is cut in half by Mercury on the Horizon at the exact moment the 1st Tower was struck on 911 2001 at 845AM.
These eggs will become "the Children of the Gods". By naming the operation on 911 Amalgam Virgo they are also telling you that it's a trick a mercurial trick designed to fool and bedazzle you. Much the same way Orson Wells performed the sawing of the lady trick to amuse and bedazzle the troops at the site of the Old Mercury Theatre. Have you ever heard of the Black Dahlia?

Anna/Adria the reptilian Queen mates with a fit male and then devours him. As you can see he is forming a cross. This is a bloodline metaphor the bloodline and meridian line are one and the same.

It was confirmed long ago that Orson Wells was working in the morgue for a week before the killing of the Black Dahlia was performed, to gain experience in the gruesome was Wells excuse. The body of the Dahlia was also found on the 15 January which is 2 days before the feast of St Sulpice 17th Jan which celebrates the french rose line or former meridian line until London usurped the meridian status. Wells also left the US soon after the killing and didn't return for years.
By Jan 17 1947 the year Roswell happened The Black Dahlia was big news. Orson Wells said this.."no one saw a UFO before i did war of the worlds..after I did WotW everyone was seeing them"

The video below shows the star positions as seen from London and New York during a Popes ritualistic summoning of the Christ Archetype and during a Presidents summoning of a Baal or Satan archetype. In order to perform a summoning the stars must be in the correct positions which explains a Queens visit to the site of a former summoning portal i.e (the 911 Twin Towers Interstellar Monolithic Hotel) when Saturn or Satan is directly overhead on the Meridian line echo at the exact moment she touches the Wreath..

"We must have Peace" Says reptilian representative on Earth


So as one reptilian Queen appeals for Peace above the cities of the world another reptilian Queen appeals for peace at the site of the old Twin Towers.

"They eat Humans" not my words but the words of poor Gabriela Rico Jimenez.

Back we come to the Mercurial Orson Wells the ultimate faker who was related to Queen Elizardbeth. He didnt believe in coincidence, encouraged endless war and seemed to be fascinated with Howard Hughes. He was the John Carpenter of his day with his last role being the planet killing voice of a transformer/shapeshifter. But hey its all just coincidence isnt it.

Incidentally when the Pope left Britain during his astronomically alligned trip which included a furthest elongation of mercury his plane took off at the exact moment that the sting in the tail of the constellation scorpius was perfectly in the cross hairs of the meridian and horizion lines. The star that is the Sting in the Tail is called Shuala and you will just love this baby from wiki:

"The fictional planet of Cybertron (in The Transformers comics continuity by IDW Publishing) orbits Lambda Scorpii or "Shaula". Orson you genius you.

I am The Joker and I will have the last laugh. hohoho.

This time the virgin is cut in two on the horizon by Mars.This is the exact moment of the culmination of the mass in Hyde park. As the pope was holding the body of Christ in his hands and praying under the stars a virgin was being sacrificed on the horizon after being inseminated by Mars. Mercury was at its furthest elongation from the sun and was starting on its return journey.

See this article over at Toolonginthisplace for more great synchs to do with The Black Dahlia and Twins.


Alex Robinson said...

Well that's interesting Gavin -we synced up :)
I'd never heard of the Black Dahlia until about a month ago - I came across a site that said that Orson Welles may have murdered her & had to follow up on it. I do not have your star knowledge so very interesting to see how they play out 'behind/above the scenes'.

I'll give you a link to the article that features the Dahlia in case you want a look

Am not up on chinese spam, so can't include any of that :)
I hope you are very well - it's good to see you back

aferrismoon said...

HI Gav

Looks like you're getting a visit from Queen Lizard Breath - Defender of the Faith :)

Well I guess the Pope did come too.


Mother said...

Since reading this post, I've been trying to understand the why behind the church's need to sycnronise their events to astral alignments, and I think I found a big piece of that puzzle in this guy's videos. He points out very clearly that the Orion Nebula is recreated in some of the most important catholic churches. One is in St. Peter's, above the Cathedra Petri, enshrined 16 Jan 1666. Another is in the Church of the Gesu, Rome. Why? Seems they concur with the Mayans that the Orion Nebula is the womb of creation.

Mother said...

Came across a disturbing article in our diocesan newspaper.

[In one of those happy liturgical coincidences, Feb. 6 brought the following reading from the First Book of Kings at Mass: "The elders of Israel and all the leaders of the tribes, the princes in the ancestral houses of the children of Israel, came to King Solomon in Jerusalem, to bring up the ark of the Lord's covenant from the City of David, which is Zion.

"All the people of Israel assembled before King Solomon during the festival in the month of Ethanim (the seventh month). When all the elders of Israel had arrived, the priests took up the ark; they carried the ark of the Lord and the meeting tent with all the sacred vessels that were in the tent. (The priests and Levites carried them.)

"King Solomon and the entire community of Israel present for the occasion sacrificed before the ark sheep and oxen too many to number or count."

It was providential, for Feb. 6 marked 60 years since the young Princess Elizabeth, then only 25, became queen upon the death of her father, King George VI. The biblical scene of the great king, Solomon, surrounded by the all of the children of Israel in Jerusalem, offering sacrifices beyond number to God is impressive - an enormous number engaged in one of the great episodes of biblical worship.]

England is the New Jerusalem, the Olympic logo spells Zion, the Olympics start in the seventh month, and there will be plenty of “sheep” attending, to be sacrificed? Are you able to see what the star alignments will be for the opening ceremonies?