Monday, February 20, 2012

Beyond the Brain: The Experiential Implications of Neurotheology - United Nations 9/11/2008

Now ladies and gents. This is one extremely suspicious conference. Held in the United Nations on the anniversary of 9/11. I'm not going to comment on it apart from to say the nature of reality is discussed.

A 9/11 stargate was again reopened. There are other videos by this Nour foundation on you tube again very suspicious choices of content. Their videos on synchronicity with the aged "scientists" is pathetic although some of their comments of their own experiences are mildly interesting. One chap talks about receiving clues which strikes me as very PKD. Anyway i have just embedded the 9/11 echo vid you can find the rest yourself very easily at the tube.

Here's a synch for you guys at NOUR..holding a conference on the nature of reality on the anniversary of the event which woke people up to the fact that reality was not what it seemed to be. Holding this event in the UN of all places when many included myself have pointed out their links in monolithic fashion.

Can these people be Sirius. Some of them must have seen the film 2001 a space oddity. A film about the nature of human consciousness, a monolithic film. They should maybe watch that film again I would suggest just watching the start. The UN of the 2001 film discuss the nature of reality in a meeting room. In this room they decide to lie to the public about the monolithic black stones true purpose.

Also note that the 1st few mins of 2001 happen in the Hilton space hotel a discussion is also had there about the nature of reality. The millennium Hilton monolithic hotel looked on at the twins on 911. Deciding their fate perhaps.

Ok i cant embed this but here is the scene from 2001 a space odyssey

I rest my case.

After writing this I have just had a very strange thought. It occured to me that if the sacrifice of 9/11 had not happened that this conference may very well have taken place in the towers in fact I got a sudden flash of that being the case. I got a flash of the participants leaving the millenium hilton hotel opposite the towers making their way towards the towers to have this talk.

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