Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Afterlife Investigations 1 - Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake is a very interesting man. I seen some of his work a few years back to do with mobile phones and telepathy and his genetic research. Someone tried to kill him once nothing like an attempted murder to make you interesting at parties.

It really does seem at times as if there is a war for our souls currently in progress. I am adding the video below of Christopher Hitchens "god bless him" sorry Chris i couldn't resist that. I add this video in one way to balance the video above but also to point out that I'm fucked if i can tell which of these men makes more sense or is "right" but that if i was to go out and have a drink with each of them id end up liking Hitchens more than the other two.

Plus id like to point out that an Irishman who believes in nothing and investigates everything and a Jew who doesn't believe in heaven but does because his religion tells him it exists in a pub together would be hilarious.

So from one mans version of the afterlife to another. Take it away Mr Hitchens...

A quote from hitchens i think of some merit and relevance.

"Stars had to die so we could live"

We seem to live in a fucked up world were ritualistic behaviour on a massive scale seems to be leading to more and more "Star" deaths every year. The "death star" just wont stop trying to devour worlds.

With that in mind thank fuck we don't live in a whacked out society were half the world believe in the uber good guy and the other half believe in the uber bad guy and both side perform mass and individual sacrifices to their respective "guy"..and well thank fuck people like David icke aren't getting to have his 2 cents when he talks about certain "guys" that spoke to him and others in telepathic sessions.

So which "guy" or "guys" do you believe in.

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