Sunday, February 12, 2012

Houston Sacrifice The Star Whacking Continues!

LA Times reports..........................

Whitney Houston dead: She was spotted displaying erratic behavior on the anniversary of the death of  Bad News Brown

Whitney Houston, who found fame as one of pop’s biggest voices, has died. She was 48.
Houston died Saturday afternoon, a representative for the singer told the Associated Press. Houston’s death comes on the eve of the Grammys and on the night of Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy gala, at which she performed last year and was expected to attend this year.

No cause of death has been announced and law enforcement sources said the singer was found in a hotel room at the Beverly Hilton, where emergency medical personnel were called sometime Saturday.

So another star gets whacked...

VIDEO and LYRICS Randy Quaid performs self penned song “Star Whackers” live

Star Whackers
Arrest your a$$ only in DMZ
Just for being a celebrity
Steal your name so they can sell your ads
Make up lots of lies to drive you mad

Create a public scandal in your name
Tell the whole world that you’re to blame
Spin you like a load of dirty clothes
To everyone you’re life fully exposed

Knock off all your kids and all your heirs
Just so they can spend your money like it’s theirs
When it’s all gone and there’s no more
You’ll wonder what the hell it was all for

Those cheesy star whackers WHACKERS
To hell with fact checkers WHACKERS, those sleazy star whackers WHACKERS

Randy Quaid and The Fugitives perform "Star Whackers" live in Vancouver

If they have the need for you to die
That will be a cinch easy as pie
They have lots of ways for them to kill
Taken drug prescriptions can be filled

Or maybe squeeze your balls with a nylon rope
Hang you in the closet like an overcoat
Or take you and your lover for a ride
So they can stage a murder-suicide

Those cheesy star whackers WHACKERS
Career hijackers WHACKERS, those sleazy star whackers WHACKERS

When you feel your heart start to explode
You’ll be the number one you tip down low
When you’re more famous when you die
They’ll have more ways to suck you dry

Put your name and face on all the mags
Lots of pictures of your body bag
When you’re good and dead and have no say
They’ll sell your vital organs on eBay

Those cheesy star whackers, WHACKERS
They’re dirt toe taggers WHACKERS, those cheesy star whackers WHACKERS
Those sleazy star whackers, WHACKERS

Bad News Brown was found dead in an alley this day last year wiki "In 2004, he signed a management deal with E-Stunt Entertainment Group. In 2009, he established his own record label Trilateral Entertainment Inc and released his debut studio album Born 2 Sin. He was murdered in Montreal, Canada, and his body was found there on February 12, 2011. The long feature film BumRush featuring him in a leading role premiered on 1 April 2011."

So he made his own label and got whacked...ritualistic murders each and every celeb death when will people wake up...

Feb 11th feast day of Saint Benedict of Aniane (c. 747 – 11 February 821), born Witiza and called the Second Benedict, was a Benedictine monk and monastic reformer, who left a large imprint on the religious practice of the Carolingian Empire. His feast day is February 11.

In the directors commentary to"The Last Sin Eater" released as The Order the director specifically mentions the Carolingians. This was one of ledgers most prophetic films were he is portrayed as a sacrificial monarch and even has to witness the sacrifice of a virgin on a monarch embroidered pillow. Of course the director of that film and Mel Gibsons "Conspiracy Theory" was Brian Helgeland so he should fucking know the sniveling piece of ****.......It might surprise you to learn that Brian was born on January 17. Well i say born probably hatched..

Randy Quaid specifically mentions Ledger as a Star Whack..

They are whacking the celebs they bred...all our celebs are bred from noble lines...most of em are placed with parents..hidden among the common folk...Madeline McCann was bred in a clinic in Holland. She was invitro...there is no way of knowing who her real parents were..but my guess is she was Madonnas child..symbolically speaking its the only choice....

A case study of one celebrity ritual sacrifice is Brittany Murphy

Brittanys mother murdered both her and her husband. Her husband if you listen to the 911 calls helped murder Brittany then was killed via the same method soon after. MRS MURPHY you are a murderer..I know what you did last summer you bitch.....

Brittany was even put in a prophetic film before she was sacked..The Dead Girl + The Prophecy II

Aferrismoon has made a comment and in response to the comment i have decided to add the Frank Zappa senate hearings on music censorship. If you look into the career of Zappa and his "teachings" on "the industry" i think all becomes crystal clear. You may note that the senate hearing in question has actually lead to the labeling of music by ages. This censor basically has the ability to control lyrical content.

The long term planing of these people is obvious on viewing the vid and guess who was responsible. Tipper Gore.

I mean seriously tipper gore is one of the most leacherous people on the surface of planet earth. If ever 2 people epitomised what can be gained from selling your soul its tipper and Al the vampire gore...who listens to a person named Gore only in america...

I'M WIDE AWAKE, I'M Wide awake.........i'm not sleeeeping.............

Heres a vid i came across today. I would like to point out that i have basically figured out most of what this guy says for myself long before now..but i essentially agree with most of his points. I spoke about the electric universe model in a nr of past posts 3 years ago. I am saying this so no one thinks that im just spouting what someone else has allready said..The fact that numerous people are coming to these conclusions is basically further evidence that all the interconnected threads we have all been working on can lead to "proofs"..and not just speculation...


Anonymous said...

wow can u give us more about madeline mcann,madonna connection.starwhackers eh which one is next my word.

Mother said...

From comments I've been reading at Vigilant Citizen, it's pretty clear that Whitney was sacrificed, tying in with Madonna's Superbowl ritual, and Nicki Minaj is the new initiate. Have you seen her photo in the red cape with bishop accessory?

Mother said...

Funny you mention Bad News Brown who died in Canada. Apparently Wikipedia was posting that Whitney died in Canada.

aferrismoon said...

Personally it seems difficult to believe all the lucre tied up in artist contracts can be left to go to chance.

The next day the media were in semi-orgasm as all of Amy Winehouse's record sales 'soared'. how did she day , oh yeah! alcohol withdrawel - could be but I doubt it.

She was supposed to have been 'well' for her Euro tour but the first gig she was pissed up and couldn't perform. So management must have let her, and the media went with 'she's fucked again' story. Within a few months she's dead and everybody claiming they loved her.

If one is 'out of control' - while living it sells records and any ensuing death is not unlikely. Then come the rereleases and obituary-albums etc.

Foul really

I note many of the twittering stars knew Whitney had 'issues', none of course question if its true or not.

Anyhow she allegedly , while going for a wash, managed to run a bath, do so many pills that she fell asleep in the bath. Crapola!

Therse doctors just administer anything they like and rarely [ unless convenient] do they have their prescriptions questioned by the medical authorities.

Have you read Dave McGowan's writings on Laurel Canyon?

Awful , satanic, materialistic, vicious industry and our children are cajoled into feeling its somehow worthy.


Mother said...

I need to thank Whitney Houston. I wanted to thank Whitney, because when I wrote ‘Born this Way,’ I imagined she was singing it – because I wasn’t secure enough in myself to imagine I was a superstar. So, Whitney, I imagined you were singing ‘Born This Way’ when I wrote it.

From Lady Gaga’s 2011 Grammy speech. “Born This Way” the single was released on February 11th, 2011. Whitney Houston died on February 11th, 2012 on the Eve of the 2012 Grammy awards.

Looks like some more long term planning being realized.

Atlantean Times said...

Hi folks in response to your comments i have added the Frank Zappa senate hearings. Very interesting viewing and a classic example of elite fukheads waving their cocks about....

Thanks for the comments interesting stuff there mother...did you note that only a few days ago i mentioned the benedictine monls to you and a couple of days later we have a celeb sacked on the feast of St Benedicked..


Mother said...

I never listened to Frank Zappa’s music, but that video made me smile. Will try to listen to some of his interviews sometime. The points he raises about school we have known for a long time. The history of institutional schooling is one of the very first areas we looked at when exploring all that is wrong with this world and is the reason why our kids have never been in school, and never will be.

I’m wondering if you saw the stargate on stage at the Grammys? I haven’t looked into why it was there, but I’m sure there was a reason.

Mother said...

Thank you so much for embedding the Red Ice Radio show. I think that is the greatest paradigm altering discussion we have ever listened to, because it takes things way back to the very beginning of our human nature. It makes so much sense. As above, so below. An electric universe, an electric physical being. Not to mention explaining so much about all things Saturnalian.